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Thread: what do you think guys

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    Cool what do you think guys

    I have been pondering a question about Saponi "regalia " for so very long now . but I don't know what to do about it or think about it .
    what are the rest of you doing?
    or are you wearing cherokee or shawnee or what ?
    I have chickasaw and choctaw blood . so I might go that way.

    but but but it just don't feel right I guess .....
    I been pondering the whole idea of mixed leather and cloth as being what it is said is mostly what our ancestors wore after contact , but mostly I am ponding the ideas around how all my ancestors seemed to never wasted on scrap of cloth and turned it into something usually by quilting something with all those scraps of cloth .. did anyone else ancestors save every thread of old clothing?
    if nothing else to make rugs or blankets lots of these blankets and rugs actually ..... can we use those same ideas for our regalia? you know they had to be using those scraps of cloth and leather for just these same kinds of things to wear ?
    can some of you maybe give that one a thought or two for awhile and let it work around in the empty and rattling places :P then maybe let me know what a mixed quilt/patch work/ rugged or felted like regalia might look like in the olden days or in the not so olden days? or if you ever saw anything that looked like might work for these ideas somehow?

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    As you can see in my photo, I dance in cloth. It's because my great great grandmother was a Person county farmer's wife...and one of my lines comes from her. She was found in Orange county, NC by her I patterned my dress after what she would have worn. I wear a tradecloth shirt with a cloth skirt.

    Interesting that you should mention the quilting...I have a quilt top that belonged to Ken's great grandma and a lot of the women worked on it. I have been thinking a while about making it into a skirt..just haven't figured out the parameters for it yet. It's my personal opinion that our ancestors wasted nothing...and regalia is what is important to you. There is no one right's an individual thing. Just depends on your ancestors and the time frame from which you wish to pattern your regalia. Also depends on where you are on the east coast is much different from the west coast or even in the west.

    My skirt for my "Sunday" dancing is actually the 1860s skirt that was made by a suttler for my wedding & bonding. My third outfit is homespun fabric that I got at Walmart and made a skirt...still using the tradecloth shirt. Hope this helps....will be interesting to see what you make....lots of luck.
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    thanks for the response !
    well I thought about making two quilted turtles (patches ) for my shawl first! then maybe a rug( type of rug don't know yet ?) like breech clothes for the boys.
    but I was sure that our Saponi Ancestors were taught these clothing making skill at Christianna .. as these skills were so very important to the white ladies who had to have taught them this .
    so every one knows "cherokee" clothing and everyone knows the 'choctaw" clothing and so on.. I just wondered if it was possible , if we might not be able to create something quite traditional of our own that would say to people looking OH that is the 'saponi's ' regalia .
    but not only for the regalia but it might come in handy to be teaching those skills to our offspring you know ?
    because I got a sneaky suspicion that we're all going third or fourth world way too soon I suspect , because our greedy government has spent us into the poor house and china is going to be taking it all back here soon enough.
    who knows these may become very important skills once again you know ?
    WELL with little bits of leather , skin or cloth well there will be
    designer clothes in our future yet , no matter what china does :P

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    oh on the turtles I was thinking of putting the mahanips band patch as the head or as part of the head of the turtle then a beak for a sort of snapping turtle look somehow . something like that maybe?

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