Ok I was seeing this was in surry county.....does anyone have more info about this and surry county??? or maybe surnames?


Sarah Elizabeth Little is my direct blood line.....I have not done much of anything with this surname in my family tree.....but that site lists the family tree....and it goes to surry county Va....

Ani-Stohini/Unami a small Native American tribe located in seven counties of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and one county of North Carolina. One of the oldest petitioners for federal recognition through the Bureau of Acknowledgement and Research in the Interior Department, the tribe is one of nine tribes in Virginia and one of the tribes of North Carolina. The tribe first petitioned the federal government in 1968 and then petitioned again in the 1990s after being told that their original petition had been destroyed during the 1971 takeover of the Bureau of Indian Affairs by Native American activists members of the American Indian Movement. The tribe was represented at all six of the White House Conferences for non-federally recognized tribes, helped to save the Indian Child Welfare Act, successfully lobbied for federal protection of the Appalachian Mountain Bog Turtle.
Most recently the tribe participated in the making of the motion picture Morning Song Way starring Jennifer Redbird(Ani-Stohini/Unami), Glenda Bean(Catawa/Lumbee), Jeff Anderson(Creek/Seminole), and Elvus Kishketon, Jr.(Kickapoo).[1]
Called over forty different names in history including Tutera, Tutelo, Moheton, Mohigan, the Salt Indians, the White Top Cherokee, Saura, and the guardians of the sacred hunting grounds, the people have been known for their height. George Washington referred to some of the Indians from Twin Rivers Village who were visiting the Susquehannock in Pennsylvania as "giants". The Ani-Stohini/Unami live in mountainous rural communities primarily employed in factories, agriculture, and food services. The presence of diabetes is higher among the Ani-Stohini/Unami than in populations of the dominant culture and other ethnic groups surrounding them.