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Thread: Shifflett Name

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    My mother's grandfather had told my mom that she was part Tuscarora. My father's mother and and his family said that we were Saponi Cherokee.
    You need to appreciate how precious it is that these tribal identifications were passed down in your family. They are telling you more than most Indian descendants in this region will ever have. I may be wrong here, but, I believe the story I've heard is that the state-recognized group, the Monacan, back 70 years ago knew they were Indian, and were living through pure hell because they wouldn't abandon the identity, but didn't have much idea what kind. An historian came along and researched them and dubbed them Monacan, though that may be a bit arbitrary since it's hard to KNOW what became of most of the tribes. There's kind of a 50 year blackout from the colonial records about the tribes, till we start seeing what we now know to be isolate communities with tribal origins. It's always a bit of a leap of faith to assign what tribe they really harken from. (Truth probably is that they're of blend of people who got thrown in together to one degree or another.) Or look at all the confusion among the Lumbee as to who they're derived from. You've got one group claiming they're Tuscarora, another claiming they're Siouan (I forget which tribe is often cited.)

    If you've got some tribes actually named within your family then you've got more certainty than most of the tribal people you're ever going to ask. I guess the Pamunkey have a pretty clear idea of who they are, and the Chickahominy, they were documented early on and then stayed exactly in place, but most of the other groups in the Upper South live with a certain degree of undocumentability.

    The Haliwa are in such a plight. These are VERY Indian people who've clung with total tenacity to their tight-knit community no matter how hard or poor life would be in that isolated neck of the woods, but there's no defining paper trail. No clear line I've heard of saying tribal Saponi Indian Joe Blow ca 1720 begat Joe Blow Jr, who begat etc etc etc who's now living on Hwy 58 in Warren county. The only people I've come across with a clear line back to tribal Saponi have been accepted as white for many generations and most of these descendants have only a passing interest in this heritage.

    The government passed legislation, I believe still in the 18th century, mandating that there were only TWO races in the south, white or black, and that's what happened to all the Indian and mixed blooded people, the census taker took a look at them and listed them one way or the other. And that's what you find in the records. You don't find them listed as Tuscarora, or Saponi or even as Indian. You'll find them recorded as black or white, and that applies also to the ancestors of most of the people now carrying state recognized cards.

    So, appreciate what you've got and trust it. You have no idea how rare it is. It's one reason why I won't give up on the Blackfoot ID. There is NO historical mention of a Blackfoot tribe in Virginia/North Carolina and it's often ridiculed as a real identity. I believe we've explained what's going on there, ( and I won't give it up because it is something that specific that was passed down for generations. It's like asking Alex Haley to say it was just some nonsense word passed down in his family and not the word for drum in any real language.

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    Roni...... just want to say that you have changed a lot since you first arrived at Saponitown..... much more relaxed and peaceful ;-) Many of us have lived with frustration, confusion and anger all our lives...especially me, .. never fitting in and not knowing why. And then we discover the TRUTH about who we are and it all makes sense. We don't want to prove anything to anybody.... just peace of mind from knowing who we are and where we came from..... sometimes that is enough to bring peace.

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    I see your point and you are right. I do appreciate the history my family has taught me and consider myself lucky that I know what I do, but like Dreaminghawk said, it is very frustrating, especially about never fitting in and not knowing why. Kids in school used to seriously make fun of me because of my skin color, they used to call me "Squaw" all the time, etc... I was, and still am proud of being Indian, but when asked, I would still like to know, the proper answer..I mean with my family history of the tribes, which is more prominent? I don't go down the list, so I usually tell them Saponi Cherokee, but then again, maybe I should ask people what kind of Italian, German or Irish they are....

    P-Shifflett, Wilfong, Self, Herron, Tenney, Chocahy,Hicks
    M-Cropp, Wiseman, Stallworth, Etheridge, Stout

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda
    You need to appreciate how precious it is that these tribal identifications were passed down in your family.
    Ain't it the truth...So many of us have a handful of family rumors that we were told never to talk about again. Having tribal identifications is a very precious set of family traditions.

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    I am retired and live in Vallejo, California. My ancestors made it from VA to CA in 300 years+
    Was your Peachy Self in Fannin Co., TX or were her descendants there. The Selfs lived close to my Williams there.
    Clydene Williams Cannon

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    Aww, Dreaminghawk thank you! Yea I know....but I've been helped a lot by the comments people on here have made, and being around my grandma more. It has helped me to understand what's important.

    I'm a spit-fire at times like my Blackfoot descended great-grandma Ida Mayo. She was a loud-mouthed hot tempered lady, who was known through the local streets. She'd come riding into town on her big black horse carrying her black bag. Once she punched a white insurance man right in the nose cause she didn't like (no offense cousins ). She loved to smoke pipes too.

    But yes I've cooled down quite a bit.

    Hey Suncerae...I actually go down my list of tribes! It's funny really. I don't always claim my caucasian affiliations... but people will only believe what they want to about you, anywayz. To them...I'm still the black girl down the street.

    DAD: Waller, Mayo, Holmes, Young, Braxton, Key(s), Conway, Street, Morris, Law(s), Jackson, Lee

    MOM: Green, Whiting, Richardson, Kemp, Harris, King, Jones, Reade

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    I'm a Shifflett

    Quote Originally Posted by Suncerae View Post
    Hello. I was wondering if anybody on this forum knew of or are related to the Shifflett family from Virginia, ... Thanks, Suncerae
    I'm a Shifflett (Shiflet, Shifflet, Shiflett, Shifflette, Sheplette) over and over again. We're from Albemarle and surrounding counties in VA. So far, it's been pert near impossible to determine NA heritage. I've tracked Powhatan through my mother's side, but she is not a Shiflett!


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    Re: I'm a Shifflet


    P: Bruce, Shiflet, Walton, Madison, Adams, Keaton, Wood(s), Davis, Hazelrigg,
    M: Clendaniel, Gordon, Edmonds, Fitzhugh, White, Bolling, Collins, Poythress, Crowshaw, Brashear, Randolph, Tucker, Watts, Higman, Bryant, Brent


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