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05-27-2004, 01:16 PM
Hau Bill!!

You seem to be the individual that plucks the lost fruit from the trees. I'd be interested to know which data bases' your using. I have been at this for quite some time now like many here. And like many here have come up agains those brick walls. I dont have the luxury of traveling across the East to each state library of archives. Lo there is a genealogical place here in town, for which I have yet to visit, being in Missouri my guess is that most their records will pertain to this state and adjacent states. But I will give them a shot anyway.

Like I have said before I have watched this site for nearly a year now and have watched you uncover missing leads and or helped individuals look in the correct dirrection, KUDDOS to you!!!! But I guess if you knew where to look the answers would soon be evident. Thats where Im needing the help... where to look. Like many here I have been thru countless census, death, birth and SS records. I have been to the local JCoLDS church here in MO to search their records as well. HA and wouldnt you know very few of my ancestors show up at all.

Before I venture into the grueling details of dates, places, events and names, I will give you a short breakdown of the surnames involved and where the trouble spots are.
(Mind you, this is only one side of my Fathers family, a rather huge family at that, very fertile and prolific family too each having between 5 and 12 kids a piece)
Starting with my generation leading back into history.....

Generation Surname
1 Arnette
2 White/ Arnette
3 Elkins/ White
4 Elkins/Vaughn and White/Huff
5 Vaughn/McCarty - Estep/White - Huff/Witt - Elkins/Craiger
6 Vaughn/ May - McCarty/McFarland - Crager/? - Witt/Kelly
Huff/Creech - White/?
7 McFarland/Golden (uncertian on Golden)

Your gonna hate this but nearly all these names and dates that I have are located in Kentucky ~yes the black whole of genealogy~
but interestingly enough many reach back into Virginia. Those that I already have documented reaching back to Virginia are Elkins, May, Crager, Vaughn, Witt and Kelly. A couple off my Surname list are noted in Tenn for a long time too.

I have some neato stories connected with individual families. Some stories are pretty heart breaking too. I would not have these historical family memories if it wasnt for my Great great Auntie, another great great great Auntie who is cresting her 90's and my Great Uncle.

Btw if you are intersted, my great Uncle happened to be the first to write down or document anything about being Blackfoot, that I know of yet...thats a big yet, cause I just sent him a letter asking him how he got that knowledge. Where he first documented the words "Blackfoot Indain", was on an old tin plate photo of my g g g grandma Nancy Armilda McCarty/Vaughn (Vaughn being the married name).

Just so I dont overwelm anyone with more then they can handle...the two biggest trouble spots for me right at this moment are 1. my oldest Elkins and 2. trying to reach beyond Margaret McFarland. Ok so let me start with David Clarence Elkins
David Clarence Elkins
B. 05 March 1886 in Norton, Wise Co. VA
M: 25 March 1909 in Congo, Laurel Co. KY
D: 27 September 1960 Crossville, TN
Father: unknown Elkins
Mother: Possibly a Sarah Craiger daughter of Samuel Crager and Mary J. Unknown.
Samuel Crager born: Dec 1829 in Virginia / M: 1864
Mary J. Unknown born:Feb 1829 in Virginia

Quick Note: GggAuntie Fay told me that David made mention that he was Apache Indain. One wonders if he was just joking, but I do know that there were boarding schools in VA, where he could have been adopted out. I have an Ojibwe friend who is also part Dene' (Navaho) he has friends and family ties to Elkins who are Appache Indian.

Ok I'll leave it at that for now, One person at a time, thats my policy anyway hehehe. I hope that I layed everything out clearly and smoothly without confusing you too much. I would greatly appreciate any help you may offer.


Brenda Collins Dillon
05-27-2004, 01:36 PM

Most of the surnames you posted I have come across in my journey for the truth. The one name that I have nothing on is ARNETTE. My great grandfather had a sister ( only girl so they decided to load her with names) I have always listed as Arnetta Collins Mullins. In my great grandma's bible she was given the name of Arnetta "Nettie" Aimes Kelly Collins. She later married or took up with Harvey Mullins and had a total of 11 children. I have never figured out where the Aimes Kelly came from.


05-27-2004, 02:24 PM
Aye, most likely you will not find that name amounst the names of Saponi or related Siouian folks. Though my Arnettes hail from NC and VA as well as a few from TN, those are my Tsa-la-gi family as well as many other surnames that fall behind Arnette. Im still picking at my grandpa (he is 72 this year) to relinquish more detail on the family.

Lo I have a story I can tell you. This is from my grandpa that was passed to him from his father. Back when the French ran the roost in those hills many Indians where abliged to take on an anglican name, primarily French names. Story has it that many Frenchmen who ran ration stations would only hand out foods and supplies to those Indians who showed alliegance with the French. Names where changed in the process.
This lil story may be bogus but when I looked up in an old French Dictonary the word Arnette, I found the root word Arnet which meant Eagle and ette or ett the root for Little. I dont know how to speak french I do know that Arnette is a characteristicaly French name though some have said it has its first apperance somewhere in England.

My Arnette's and beyond where amounst the 1,000 Cherokee that fled to the hills thru Clingman Dome and Mount Guyot east of Porters Gap, nearly impassable without serious attention.
My grandpa showed me those rugged hills from the Tenn. side of the boarder. I was only about 9 yrs old, when he told me, "and on the other side of those hills is where our family comes from. Thats the Cherokee of NC. My home."


Bill Childs
05-28-2004, 09:13 AM
Hau Waciwin !
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
I have a 2 inch stack of ones I'm still trying to find :)

I use databases at ancestry.com and genealogy.com, sometimes usgenweb/rootsweb, and a large library of gen-books for Va, NC, Tenn, Ky, and a fair sampling of CDs with marriage records for all over depending on the time frame.

I see you found the Samuel Crager link to David on the 1900 Harlan Co., Ky census.
Did you notice the Joseph Elkins (b.Nov 1877), next door to them at William Jenkins (b.Nov 1859) ? Joseph is David's older brother.
"Joe" was living with David and Dora in 1930 and listed as David's "brother". Next door to David in 1920 Laurel Co., an Aaron Elkins (divorced) was living with this Joe Elkins and listed as Joe's "brother". Just to complicate things, there is a 2nd Joe Elkins working at William H. North's about 20 houses away, but this may be a 2nd listing for the same Joe (I hope).
Aaron & Joseph Elkins should be on the 1880 census at familysearch.org but I haven't been able to isolate them there, nor do ancestry/gen.com indexs pull them or Samuel Crager up in Va or Ky which may only mean they were somewhere else. Hopefully they'll be living with their parents - and if we can ever find them those would be David's parents as well, if the "brother" listings are correct.
(an Aaron Elkins, 52, is working at James Garland's, next door to David's house on the 1910 Laurel Co Ky census. Joseph Elkins is working at Jesse Jones's place, the next house after the Garlands.
The Aaron & Joseph Elkins mirror the names of Samuel Crager's 2 sons.
Did your David Elkins marry Dora (Vaughn?) ?

Bill Childs
05-28-2004, 09:42 AM
In 1880 Wise Co., Va, Richmond Twp, p.292A:
Aron (Aaron) Elkins, 21, was living with his "cousin" Doctor F. Wells, 29, b.abt.1851, wife Francis V., 20, b.abt. 1860 with son Owen, 2, b.abt. 1878; all born Va.

Two doors before them is a James H. Elkins, b.abt. 1834 Va and wife Annie (nee: DAVIS), b.abt. 1844 Va; children all b.Va: Isaac N. b.abt. 1854, Julie E. b.abt. 1877 and Elnora b. Apr 1880, and living with them is "mother-in-law" Delitha DAVIS, b.abt. 1808 Va.

On page 292B, 14 houses further along:
John Elkins Sr., 83 (b.abt.1797), Va, Va (father), NY (mother).
Eliza E., 68, wife, NC, Va, Va.
Margarett, 33, dau, Va, Va, NC.
Patrick, 6, grandson, Va, Va, Va.

p.293A, 15 houses after John Sr:
John M. Elkins, 44 (b.abt.1836), Va, Va, Va.
Elisa A., 43, wife, Va, Va, Va.
Ellen, 22, dau, Va.
Patton, 19, son, Va.
Ardela, 17, dau, Va.
Julia, 14, dau, Va.
Frances E., 11, dau, Va.
James B., 9, son, Va.
Margarett M., 6, dau, Va.
Mary B., 2, dau, Va.
Elnora, 2 months b."Mar.", dau, Va.
Lots of Kelly & Creech and a couple McFarland families around here.

05-28-2004, 01:50 PM

You are amazing!!! hehe Many of those data bases that you mentioned are infact the ones I have used. Lo I do not have the books or CD that you have. Btw the parts higlighted by the astrics are the important information for you... the rest is just ramble you dont need even read if you dont want to LOL.
Aye Creech and Craiger are abundant in the area but I have it here from my g uncle that Samuel and Mary J Craiger where his grandparents, he was living with them for a short time, his uncles Aaron and Josheph both born in VA. Aaron in March of 1865 and Joe in March 1867. Shows Joe as a Widower later on. Btw this was in the 1900 Census records for Poor Fork, Harlan Co. KY #134/ 136.
I have MANY old photo's. My great uncle Buford sent me a book of photo's that he gathered thruout the years.

Yes David and Dora where married in 1909 and had 7 children
Laurel Elkins
David Elkins Jr
These two children dont show up anywhere else so I belive that they died at an early age. My cousin in Ohio told me that she found a record for David Jr but after that there is non. One only assumes that he was grown and gone by the time the my ggAutnie Fay could remember (David would have been her oldest Brother) Or infact he died as a child. We do not know.

Bertha Ann Elkins (my g grandma)
Daisy Elkins
Frank Elkins (who died at the age of 21 from a sudden heart attack)
James Elkins
Georgia Fay Elkins (the one I refer to as Auntie Fay)
She is still alive and lives near Crossville Tenn. under the last name Gilley.

I have dates on all these Elkins, who they married and how many children and grandchildren each have, As a matter of fact I found out that I have a cousin with my same name hehe. They are a closer family link and some are still alive to share information.

My Grandmother Nellie Loval White (Arnette) was born when her momma (Bertha Ann Elkins) was only 16yrs old, my grandma was oldest of 12 children. Ggaunti Fay and my granma Nellie where so close in age that they grew up together. She even remembered my Daddys birth up in Crossville Tenn.
When I got on the phone with ggaunti Fay the only way I could jog her memory was to tell her that I was Bobby John Arnette Jr.s daughter... she said "Ohhh yes, I remember your daddy I was there when he was born, you know that your grandma and me grew up together? I miss her terrably."

Well maybe we can collectively discover who Davids parents where ... I was almost surprised that you found the name McFarland in VA, I havent been able to go beyond Tennessee with them. That was my next question and prodject to you.

McFarland and May (on the one side) are stopping points. Mcfarland and McCarty would be the family that goes off Dora's mommas family side. May and Vaughn would be the families that go off of Dora's Daddies side).
************************************************** *
Ok that was confussing. Lets start simpler. Starting with Dora
Dora Ellen (Vaughn) Elkins
Born: 25 May 1886
Place: Congo, Laurel Co, KY
Married: 1909 in Congo, Laurel Co, KY
Died: 5 Nov, 1971
Place: Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Doras Mother: Dora's Father:
Nancy Armelda McCarty Isaac Vaughn
b. 28 May 1848 b. 9 Jun 1850
p. Whitley Co, KY p. Laurel Co. KY
d. 5 Sept 1915 M. 1868 Laurel CO
p. Laurel Co. KY d. 9 April 1918, Laurel Co.
(the first to have the Blackfoot ID written down)
7 children

Nancy Armelda McCarty
Mother: Father:
Margaret McFarland James McCarty
b. 1825 b. abt 1823
p. Tenn p. KY
d. aft 1880 d. aft 1880
p. unknown p. KY

I will leave it here for now.... I will continue with Isaacs parents which go back 2 more generations then stope at oldest Vaughn whos name was John and oldes May whos name was John May Sr.
************************************************** **

05-28-2004, 01:52 PM
Bleh it scrunched all my information together..... If you cannot make that mess out let me know and I will retype it for you.. Didnt know that it was gonna do that to me LOL

Bill Childs
05-29-2004, 09:01 AM
I can separate the two columns of info.
More later,

05-30-2004, 02:29 AM
Just for a quick reference to all who may be interested in family connections I have been able to go back further and found the sur names : Huff (if I hadnt already mentioned that one), Cook which is my direct line, Pleasant and Sizemore.

The Cook comes into the family in 1806 married to Edmond Witt born in WFT est. 1754-1786.

Farther back is Edmon (d) Witt (father of previous Edmond) born WFT est.1727-1756 most likely in Russell Co, VA.

I have been going thru and highlighting in my road atlas all the locations of these counties that are showing up in the family, which include : Whitley Co. KY, Laurel Co. KY, Knox Co. KY, Harlan Co. KY, Lee Co. VA, and Russell Co. VA so far to this point.

All those counties are very close to oneanother, hehe I guess Grandpa wasnt kidding when he said he was just gonna hop over the boarder to visit family. Hehehe


P.S. Bill that information I shared was just to expand on family names incase anyone found a connection in their own family. Dont need to do any research on them right now. Im most interested in gathering more information on my Elkins and Mc Farlands atm =) Which I found that Elkins was a rather large population in Mingo Co. WV.

Bill Childs
05-30-2004, 02:03 PM
We know Sarah MAY married Levi VAUGHN in 1847 Laurel Co.
There are only 2 MAY households in 1850 Laurel Co., Ky.

1) "John May Jr", b.abt 1824 Ky, with wife Hester, b.abt.1827 Ky and children S.(Sarah) Jane, b.abt.1846 Ky and twin sons John and Harrison, b.abt.1848.

2) John May, b.abt.1773 Va, with Jane, b.abt.1800 Tenn, with Hannah, b.abt.1828 Ky; Martha, b.abt.1837 Ky and Edward Loper, b.abt.1812 Ky in the house - Loper could be hired help due to John May's age - but may be a relative of some kind since that was usually the case in the 1850s.

In 1840 Laurel, there was only the elder John MAY household:
1 male 10 to 14. (John Jr with age incorrectly recorded?)
1 male 20 to 29. (this could be Edward Loper)
1 male 60 to 69. (John Sr)
1 female under 5 (Martha)
2 females 5 to 9 (unknowns, both could easily have been married by 1850)
2 females 10 to 14 (Sarah 14, & Hannah 12?)
1 female 30 to 39 (possibly Jane, age 39?)
Another question arises here due to the 1850 census having John Sr "stroked" as "Married within the year" - maybe a mistake, maybe not - there is a 27 yr age difference so Jane could be a second wife OR she may even be his daughter.

In 1830 Laurel, there's still only one MAY household:
1 male 5 to 9.
1 male 10 to 14.
1 male 50 to 59 (John Sr)
2 females under 5. (Sarah 4, & Hannah 2)
1 female 5 to 9.
1 female 20 to 29. (Jane as a 2nd wife, or Jane as a daughter?)

There are NO MAYs in 1820 Laurel Co as we would expect if Sarah were really b.1826 in TENN and we have nothing to contradict that. The census listings for 1830 thru 1850 pretty much prove as a preponderance of the evidence that John May Sr is Sarah's father.

The is only ONE John MAY on the 1820 TENN census index - could be a coincidence but all the ages correspond pretty much except for the oldest female in the house, which probably is his wife. I think this is the John MAY of later Laurel Co., Ky. Not absolute proof, but something to work on.
1820 Dickson Co., Tenn, p.12 (image 5 on Ancestry's census online)
1 male under 10.
1 male 26 to 44. (yes, John Sr should be about 47, but maybe misstated by a couple years, as you know from experience)
3 females under 10.
1 female 10 to 15.
1 female 26 to 44.
1 female 45 and over.

Only a few doors before John May, is a William May, whose household contains:
1 male 10 to 15.
1 male 45 or over (b.bef. 1775).
1 female 45 or over.

William probably is John's older relative - brother? father? uncle?
It does give you another name to work with.
p.s. - believe I've found Margaret McFarland's line, just not enough info yet to figure out which set are her parents.

05-30-2004, 04:30 PM
Richard Haithcock feels Sizemore is a Saponi name, maybe other researchers, too. I know I"e heard that name down here, was it with the Lumbee? I don't remember. Could Witt be a variant of White? Could May be a variant of Mayo? That's another one on Richard's list as Saponi.

Brenda Collins Dillon
05-30-2004, 06:50 PM
Use the search engine on the forum. I have commented before about my COOK/SPENCER lines and that the Cook family is somehow connected to the HUFF family of Greenbrier Co. WV. It may be nothing but worth a look at.

Sizemore is commonly known as Cherokee/Melungeon.

Also MAY was one of the early settlers in Floyd/Pike Co. Kentucky. Many folks came from Russell Co. Va. to Floyd/Pike Co. Kentucky.


05-30-2004, 09:15 PM
Hello Brenda;

I have used this search engine in the past but never yet used it to look for those names that I havent done recent research on. I did use it for Vaughn, Elkins, and McCarty/McFarland Edmowhich I found a name here and a name there. But nothing that would have rang a bell for me.

That is really neat that you have some of those connections too. Lettme tell ya what I have and how the Cook, and Huff enter into my line.

Btw these names that Im about to share are off my Grandmothers Fathers side of the family.

Starting with oldes known ancestor........................

Edmon (d) WITT
b. WFT Est. 1727-1756
d. WFT Est. 1781-1841
Married: Anna WITT (unsure the maiden name)
b. WFT Est. 1736-1759
d. WFT Est. 1781-1847
Had 8 children, my dirrect line is

Anthony WITT
b. 1778 NC
d. 22 Jan 1862 Lee Co. VA
Married: Elizabeth (Betsy) MACE 9 Aug 1800 in Surry Stokes Co NC
b. 1778 NC
d. WFT Est. 1831-1873 Lee Co. VA
Had 7 children, my dirrect line is

Edmond WITT
b. 1810 in Russell Co. VA
d. 31 May 1870 in Lee Co. VA
Married: Annie THOMPSON 22 Dec 1831 Lee Co, VA
b. 27 Nov 1812
d. 11 Aug 1882
Had 11 children, my dirrect line is

Cynthia WITT
b. 24 July 1842 In Harlan Co. KY
d. 3 March 1896
Married: Absalom C. HUFF 23 Dec. 1869 Harlan Co. KY
b. 07 Sept 1848 Harlan Co. KY
d. 11 Dec. 1933
His parents where: Elisha HUFF and Sarah "Sally" CREECH

Parents of Absalom Huff
Elisha HUFF
b. 1825 in VA
d. 21 April 1863 Harlan Co. KY
Married: Sarah "Sally" CREECH 13 Jan 1848 Harlan Co. KY
b. Feb. 1830 in KY
Her parents where Absalom CREECH and Elizabeth BLAIR
Eliza and "Sally" had 8 children, my dirrect line is

Absalom C. HUFF
b. 07 Sept. 1848 in Harlan Co. KY
d. 11 Dec 1933
Married: Cynthia WITT (as noted above) parents Archibald Witt and Rachel Witt
had 5 children, my dirrect line

Mary Jane HUFF
b. 15 March 1876 Harlan Co. KY
d. 23 Dec. 1952 Harlan Co. KY
Married Lewis WHITE 9 Jan 1896 Harlan Co. KY
b. 17 Oct 1872 Harlan Co. KY
d. 2 Dec 1936 Harlan Co. KY
both burried in the White Family Cemetery ( I have 3 large family Cemeteries in KY that I know of right now)
Had 8 children, my dirrect line is

Edward WHITE
b. 15 Sept 1908 Harlan Co. KY
d. 24 Fed 1950 Harlan Co. KY
Married: Bertha Ann ELKINS 20 Dec 1930 Harlan Co. KY
b. 16 Feb 1916 Laurel Co. KY
d. 13 Sept 1998 Stark Co. OH
Had 10 children and 2 more children with 2nd marriage, This is where the two family lines make thier connection Edward and Bertha are my Great Grandparents. Edward died young, he took his own life because he was going blind and could not support the family anymore, we know that he worked in the Mountians but unsure if it was the Logging business or Mining business.

* The COOK enters the line married to Edmond Witt, brother of Anthony Witt my dirrect line. Edmond WITT Jr was born WFT est 1754-1786 and died WFT est 1811-1873 his wife was Sarah COOK married 1806 she was born WFT. Est 1762-1789 and died WFT est. 1811-1879. Same with the last names of PLEASANT and SIZEMORE they are names married into the WITT's and both are Sister in-laws to my ancestor Anthony.
************************************************** **
Back to the Kelly's

b. 14 Oct 1791 Lee Co. VA
d. 1858 Harlan Co. KY
Married : Cynthia PARKER
b. 1796 in VA
d. unknown
had 9 children, my dirrect line is

Rachel KELLY
b. 1818 Harlan Co. KY
d. unknown
Married: Archibald WITT 11 Jan 1837 Harlan Co. KY (son of Anthony WITT and Elizabeth MACE) as mentioned earlier.
b. 1818 Russell Co. VA
d. WFT est 1851-1909
Had 8 Children, and that is where my Cynthia WITT comes in at as mentioned earlier above)

************************************************** *

Starting with :

Alfred WHITE
b. Unknown
d. Unknown
Married: Margaret NO NAME
No information on her
Had 5 Children, My dirrect line is

Eliza White
b. 1849 Russell Co. VA
d. Unknown
Married: John H. Howard (uncertian on last name)~ My biological ancestor ~ who together they had Lewis WHITE (mentioned earlier above) she then married another man named Alexander ESTEP and had 3 more children by him.

The ESTEPS are half Cousins to my bloodline. We have a common ancestor in Eliza which is my g g g grandma on that side of the family..... Only thing that is REALLY wierd is that for some reason her only son my her first marrage kept the WHITE last name (which was hers) and not his Biological Fathers Name.. Will need help to research that further.

05-30-2004, 10:08 PM
Also wanted to mention, so that no confussion took place, when I said in my most recent post that "Edward WHITE and Bertha Ann ELKINS was where the family made its connection" I meant that only for on my grandmas side of the family. The two main lines in the family are off the WHITE (my great grandpa) and Elkins (my great grandma). A few posts earlier I had already expaned some on the Elkins side, starting with Elkins and going further back to the Vaughns, McCartys, Mays, McFarlands, and Craigers.


Great Grandpa WHITE, has the following surnames.. WHITE, HUFF, WITT, KELLY, CREECH, and an unsure surname of HOWARD. Also mentioned that the ESTEPS are half cousins.

Great Grandma ELKINS, has the following surnames... ELKINS, VAUGHN, MAY, McCARTY, McFARLAND, and CRAIGER (CRAGER).

Whats going to be most intersting is when I begin my search for more folks on my Grandfathers side of the family. I say this because many of them also lived in the same counties as my grandmothers side of the family.

Bill Childs
05-31-2004, 12:31 PM

1850 Russell Co., Va census, Dist. 54; p.323A, 12 Nov, at 1425, 1425:
Alford WHITE, 35, m, - , laborer, $0; (born) Scott Co., Va.****
Margaret (ditto), 30, f, - ; Scott Co., Va. (nee: GREEN?)****
James H. (ditto), 6, m, - ; Russell Co., Va.
Laybourn (ditto), 4, m, - ; Russell Co., Va.(also Leeborn & Leborn)
Eliza (ditto), 1, f, - ; Russell Co., Va.****

at 1426, 1426:
James GREEN, 65, m, - , farmer, $0; Scott Co., Va.
Stacy (ditto), 50, f, - ; Scott Co., Va.
William KILGORE, 50, m, - , faremr, $0, Scott Co., Va.
Mary A. ROBERTS, 12, f, - ; Russell Co., Va.

1427, 1427: Alexander COLLINS, 34, Tenn.
1428, 1428; Nathan PERRY, 42, NC.
1429, 1429; Griffin COLLINS, 77, NC.
1430, 1430; Rial COLLINS, 28, Tenn.

1840 Russell Co., Va census, p.31:
James GREEN Sr, 00000001 - 1001001
1 male 50 to 59.
1 female under 5. (Mary Roberts?)
1 female 15 to 19 (Margaret?)
1 female 40 to 49.

James Green Jr lived next door: 00101 - 00010.
1 male 10 to 14.
1 male 20 to 29.
1 female 15 to 19.
.................................................. .
Lewis White, 8, lived with his grandmother Margaret White, 60, in 1880 Harlan Co., Ky. (census: Dist. 47, p.510B)
WHITE, Marget; Head, 60, widowed, Ky.
(ditto), Louisa; dau, 25, Ky.
(ditto), William, son, 20, Ky.
(ditto), Harrison, son, 18, Ky.
(ditto), Mary, dau, 16, Ky.
(ditto), Lewis, Grandson, 8, Ky.

Next door:
WHITE, Leeborn; 26, Ky. (age incorrect)
(ditto), Rodey; wife, 24, Ky.
(ditto), Marget; dau, 4, Ky.
(ditto), Jane; dau, 2, Ky.
.................................................. .
1870 Harland Co., Ky census, Dist.4, Coon Fork P.O.; 16 August, p.25A, at 4, 4:
WHITE, Margaret; 47, $0, $50, Va.
(ditto), Leborn; 22, Va.
(ditto), Eliza; 20, Va.****
(ditto), Mary; 17, Va.
(ditto), Harrison; 7, Va.
(ditto), Chisy, 8 (female), Va.
(some of these kids' ages are all screwed up.)

a Nelson White, 16, is living 8 houses away with Henry B. Creech, 34 and Elizabeth Creech, 30.
.................................................. ....
None of them were found in 1860.

05-31-2004, 08:05 PM
Ok, I have just been in contact with relatives who have the most information concerning the MAY side of the family. There are currently 4 researchers who have been working at unravleing the MAY Mystery. Here is what I have learned:

John MAY Sr. is thought to have had 3 wifes (tis why he shows up in the latter records soo much older then his children and wife (s).

We do have a name for one of his wifes: Jane REAMS, they married 4th Sept 1841 (noted in the Laurel Co, KY Marriage records.

The quote you uncovered "Married within the year" located in those census records was in fact his daughter Mary, who got married that year.

Then there are John MAY Sr.'s children and Grandchildren

#1.John MAY Jr. : b. Dec 1824 KY
Married: Hester HAZLEWOOD 1st Jan 1874 in Clay Co. KY
their children included:....................

John MAY and his twin Harrison : b. 7th Aug 1848
Harrison Married: Elizabeth HAZLEWOOD, 1st Jan. 1874 in Clay Co.

Thomas: b. Nov. 1851

Martha Jane: b. 3rd May 1854

Elizabeth (Lizie) and her twin: born 17 Oct 1855 (her twin died at birth and was given No Name in the records)

Adaline: b. Feb. 1859

Susan: b. Sept. 1862

George: b. June 1865
Married: Rebecca THOMAS (b. Jan. 1874) marriage date 29 April 1890. They later moved to Oregon after 1910 but the children stayed in KY, afterwards George moved back to KY.

Sarah Jane: b. abt 1864
Married: William 23 Jan. 1873
Sarah died 4th Oct 1920 in Rockcastle KY

Rebecca: b. 14th Sept 1852
Married: Adonijah ROBERTSON

Minerva: b. 6th July 1858 died shortly after birth.

#2 Hannah born abt. 1829

#3 Mary (Polly) born abt. 1833
Married: William H. PARSLEY 6th Feb 1848

#4 Nancy: born abt 1831
Married: Mark DEES 28 Feb. 1850

#5 Martha Jane: born 26 Nov 1838
Married: Luke Lee HODGE 2 Aug 1855
Martha died 14 Feb 1915 in Rockcastle KY

Btw that Edward Soper / Loper is from Maryland but with no luck as to the connection between him and the Mays.

The 1st appearance of John MAY Sr. shows up in Clay Co. census 1830.

I just aquired a copy of some old records and have access to Johns MAY Sr.s will.

MORE ABOUT JOHN MAY SR. ****************************

John MAY Sr. was born in ROCKINGHAM Co. VA
His Parents where John and Jane MAY
He died 25th March 1855 at the age of 80.

There are MAY families in Rockingham VA , even a John MAY but the ages do not match up.

**Because the British burned the records of Virginia in war time, there is not any census records in that area 1870, it has all been reconstructed thru tax record/recipts and other recorded types**

My MAYs records are part of those records that where burned up.
But like I said after years of researching this is what we know.


05-31-2004, 08:30 PM
Sorry I left out one of his other Wifes names: Jane MAY (unsure about maiden name yet.

Bill Childs
06-01-2004, 12:32 PM
Okay, I'm ready to pull the trigger on Margaret McFarland altho I would like to get at least one more piece of data or coincidence to give me a little bit more of a "warm, fuzzy feeling" about her but there is some meat here for you to chew on so check it out. While I haven't verified the "run-outs" on the lines before 1750, I don't think the following will embarass me :)

In genealogy.com's Genealogy Library, is World Family Tree Volume 11, tree # 2684 (among hundreds)
In there, is the only Margaret McFarland I've found and I'm fairly well convinced that this is your Margaret b.abt. 1825/26 Tenn and whose father, at least, d. in Whitley Co., Ky.
Her DOB 17 June 1827 Jefferson Co., Tenn., matches closely the census ages for Margaret McFarland McCarty b.1825/26.

Her siblings: (all dates are "about" unless specific dates listed)
Alexander, b.1810.
James, b.20 Jun 1812 Tenn m'd Lavina Wilson, b.1809 Jeff.Co.Tn.
Robert, b.1814, Tn - (his widow Sarah "Sally" is on 1850 Whitley Co., Ky, census p.411A - Margaret's uncle or her father's cousin, Duncan, b.abt. 1775 Va., is on p. 403B)
Benjamin, b.1816.
John, b.23 Nov 1818.
Elizabeth, b.1820.
Caroline, b.1821.
Mary, b.1824.
These are one set of the Whitley Co., Ky McFarland's.

Their parents:
Benjamin McFarland, b.24 Jan 1786, prob. Bedford Co., Va., d.1830 prob Whitley Co., Ky. (he had a brother James, b.1794 who I believe to be the James on the 1830 and '40 Whitley Co., Ky census)

(Definite statements of relatedness are from Tree # 2684)

He's the son of Benjamin, b. 16 Apr 1747 Bedford Co., Va, d.9 Mar 1823 Jefferson Co., Tenn., and Mary BLACKBURN (Brenda Collins Dillon and I have one of these), b.1 Jul 1758 Va., d.16 Oct 1820 Jeff. Co., Tenn. - Benj. b.1747 and Mary Blackburn were married 14 Oct 1777 in Bedford Co., Va. Benj. b.1747 is son of John McFarland b.1708 Scotland, d.1784 Va, and Mary Montgomery, b.1712 Scotland, d.1782 Va.
Some members of this McFarland line were in GREEN CO., OH as early as 1804.

Benj., b.1786, m'd abt. 1805 Jeff. Co., Tenn, Margaret "Peggy" McFarland, b.27 May 1787 Jefferson Co., Tenn, d.1829 Jeff.Co., Tenn., dau of Col. Robert McFarland II, b. 15 Mar 1759 ORANGE CO., NC, d. 20 May 1839 Jefferson Co., Tenn. Col. Robert m'd 7 Jan 1778 Tenn., Margaret McNutt, b.23 Dec 1759 Tenn ("said" to have been the first "white" child born south of the French Broad River in Tenn), d. 1803/04 (she's the dau of George McNutt and Unknown wife). Col. Robert was the son of Robert McFarland, b.1730 Scotland, d.1798 prob. Va., and Esther HOUSTON, b.1719 prob. PA (Techteach has Houston NDNs from PA) , d.1762, dau of John Houston b.1699, d.1755 and Mary Crawford, b.1695, d.1719.

For further documentation (as well as much speculation), go to genealogy.com's "McFarland Family Genealogy Forum" and in the "Search this forum" block on the top left above the message postings, type in "jefferson co tn" and click go, and read the postings that are listed - Margaret is not mentioned, but the rest of these guys and gals are.