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Brenda Collins Dillon
01-15-2004, 12:45 PM
Crystal said April 2001: Brenda, you definitely caught my eye on something which is tying into another project of mine. OK..here goes. Newsome (Newsoms) you listed on the marriage certs. Newsomes was one of the surnames that was part of the original "Free Town" of Brunswick County. They were all listed as FPC. Freetown was another one of these "settlements" that stayed after the closing of Ft. Christanna. They are another prominant Saponi name. Here we have proof of yet another Collins marrying into another Saponi name. To me, this is showing clanship. They never married outside of our circle. We have already established the fact that the Collins is a definite Saponi name in WVA and KY. This now shows that more of the tribe than what I originally thought migrated west. WHY????

I found two deeds where Meredith Collins sold to Harrison Newsome his land on Shelby Creek, land on Craney Creek, land on John's Creek all in Pike Co. Kentucky 1827. I don't think it included the land on Shelby Creek that included the Collins farm house as the household is in tact on 1830 census and 1840 census it listed members of Meredith's family but Meredith had already been placed in the guardianship of Richard P. Robinson and was listed in his household on Robinson Creek.

Harrison Newsome was born in Rowan Co. NC and most people believe his father was Lewis Newsome but no proof. Harrison Newsome died on Robinson Creek, Pike Co. Kentucky.

It almost looks like the Collins, Newsome, and Robinson families knew each other before migerating to Kentucky, possibly all related. Does anybody have any thoughts?

01-15-2004, 07:41 PM
Dear Brenda,
The only Newsome family I know is from England, as we had an exchange student stay with us a few years back, her last name is Newsome.

On another note the Collins surname is found on the original Plecker's Bulletin aka "Plecker's Hit List".


Brenda Collins Dillon
01-15-2004, 08:26 PM
Deborah, I found a website that had the Newsome family including the Harrison Newsome I speak of and the line orignated in England so what your saying doesn't surprise me. Somebody meet up with an Indian maiden??

Yes, Collins was one of the many names on Plecker's list.

Have you found anything on your Patterson's yet. I am still at a dead end.

Brenda Collins Dillon
04-28-2004, 10:16 AM
While surfing I stumbled onto this website.


They have the site set up so you can NOT copy and paste so in brief it is a page about Harrison Newsome b. 1775 NC.

If you remember I have said before that Harrison Newsome purchased the Collins farm on Shelby creek in Pike co. Kentucky.

This site says that Harrison Newsome purchased the property from "Indians" giving them money, dogs, and trinkets to satisfy them and that they left on good terms. The information is said to be taken from the Stewert Roberts Book.

I have tried to get in touch with the host of the site and I am now waiting for her reply. I have copies of two deeds 1) between Meredith and Harrison Newson for the Shelby Creek property and 2) for the John's Creek property. Both signed with an X and written in Meredith Collins. ( Meredith took his sons to court accusing them of stealing his property......one son was named Meredith Levi Collins)

Interesting...and even more questions.

04-28-2004, 09:51 PM
How strong do you think this evidence is? If it's documented that the Collins owned the land before Newsome did, and now there's this document saying the previous owners were Indians, would that clinch it?

Somehow, it's confusing. Maybe it's that word "trinkets." It says he paid them in "money, dogs, guns and trinkets." It's hard to imagine somebody taking trickets for real estate and then turning around and filing a domestic lawsuit. But maybe that's just because we don't know how much money was involved. In a way it's kind of evocative of people in a transition. Like you've got an old grandma who wants some trinkets, while her savvy grandson is making sure he's getting fair market value in hard currency.

Brenda Collins Dillon
04-29-2004, 06:56 AM

I emailed the host of this website and have not had a reply. According to the site the information comes from a book but I have not been able to find if it is still in print. If you noticed from the site she has EVERYTHING copyrighted and we can not copy and paste. I went as far as checking her family tree and calling information for her parents name and got a lady that told me that there were three people in the area with the same name. The host of the site just happened to be her neighbor. ( I figured somebody is pointing me in this direction or I would not have found her) The neighbor gave her my message and she responded but when I wrote back with questions I recieved no reply.

I have to dig out those two deeds. (much of my stuff is still packed up from the move) I know the year was 1838 but don't know if the sell of the property was before Meredith taking his sons to court. I did look at the tax and census reports for 1810 and 1820 Floyd Co. KY. 1810 Meredith is listed (mullato) there is NO Harrison Newsome. 1820 Meredith is listed (free person of color) and Harrison showes up on the census for the first time.

The GENWEB Newsome forum tells about Harrison Newsom(e) b. 1775 residing in Rowan Co. NC before settling in Kentucky. He had two wives...both at the same time. It sounds by the reading that the families knew about each other. There was no will and the Kinney woman took the estate to court and was awarded 32 acres of land for her part in the relationship.

Linda, how do I get in touch with Crystal... .she has Newsom(e)

CORRECTION: two deeds dated 1827 which must have been for property owned by Meredith Collins but not including the Collins farmhouse and property surrounding it as the Collins household is still in tack 1830 and 1840. Meredith died in 1841. Harrison Newsome ended up with the Collins farmhouse in the end. I need to find somebody that can do some more searching in the Pike Co. court records.


Bill Childs
04-29-2004, 03:08 PM
I don't think that everyone would regard this as proof, but it is strongly weighted evidence that Lewis Newsom was Harrison Newsom's father, or at least his uncle.

Lewis Newsom is the only Newsom in 1790 Rowan Co., NC and ennumerated 1-3-4-0-0 (p.310) on the 1790 census.
(the 3 males under 16 would be William, Harrison & Davenport Newsom.)

William Kinney, 1-5-4-0-0, is one of his neighbors.
Didn't find any Collins or Robinsons there then.

1800 Rowan Co NC census:
Lewis Newsom, 00201 - 01101 - 0 - 6.
Henry Newsom, 11101 - 11210 - 0 - 0.
William Newsom, 00100 - 00100 - 0 - 0.

1810 Rowan Co NC census, all p.82.
Harrison Newsom, 21010 - 20100 - 0 - 0.
William Newsom, 10100 - 00100 - 0 - 0.
Davenport Newsom, 40010 - 10100 - 0 - 0.

You've accounted for Harrison Newsom on the 1820 Ky census.
Some early marriages and implied family relationships in early Pike Co., Ky:
Hartwell Newsom + Jeanie Mullins; May 5, 1825 Pike Co., Ky.
William Collins + Polly Mullins, d/o Wm, on Mar 22, 1829, Pike Co.
Booker Mullins+Polly NEWSOM, d/o Harrison; Dec 3, 1829 Pike Co.
Harrison Newsom + Mary Hall, d/o Sam; Feb 11, 1834 Pike Co.
(this may be Harrison Jr., as there are a spat of Newsom girls, "daughter of Harrison", getting married in the 1850s and later, and a Harrison Newsom land survey of 200 acres on Shelby Creek on Dec 21, 1850 Pike Co., indicating there were two Harrison Newsom's.)
Elisha Damron + Sarah Elswick, d/o Polly Kinney & Harrison Newsom; Jan 23, 1845, Pike Co.
Is Polly Kinney the "other" relationship? and is she the dau of the William Kinney who was Lewis Newsom's neighbor in 1790?

There were some other Mullins/Newsom marriages in the 1830s and several more in the 1850s in Pike Co.

Now, is William Collins' brother in law Booker Mullins? and is Booker Mullins the son in law of Harrison Newsom?

Brenda Collins Dillon
04-29-2004, 09:28 PM
Bill, Here is what I do have. Notice the Newsome and Roberts names tie into the Collins family. William and his brother Edward were probably the most educated of the Collins children. Edward was a justice of the peace in Tazewell co. Va. William was a minister of the Primitive Baptist church. He was suppose to be very strict and ruled with a iron fist. His daughter hung herself because she was pregrant out of wedlock and couldn't face her own father. He was also a farmer, blacksmit, silversmith, operated a water mill on Tug Fork of Big Sandy and floated logs down river.

Harrison Newsome married while still in NC and brought his family west. Yes, the Kinney woman was the other relationship. I guess the court reconized it as a marriage as she sued Newsome's estate after his death and recieved 32 acres of land. I think that 32 acres may have included the Collins farm. Boy, wish I was a fly in the Pike Co. court of records......

William Collins born 1806 (s/o Meredith Collins) married
1) Mary Mullens d/o
1. WILLIAM HARRISON1 MULLINS was born Bet. 1775 - 1794 in VA ?, and died Aft. 1843 in PIKE CO., KY (POSSIBLY). He married (1) MARY ROBERTS WFT Est. 1782-1833 in VA OR KY. She was born WFT Est. 1758-1800, and died WFT Est. 1797-1883 in FLOYD CO., KY (POSSIBLY). He married (2) BETSY ROBERTS September 07, 1818 in FLOYD CO KY, daughter of SR. JAMES and NANCY UNKOWN. She was born WFT Est. 1774-1801, and died WFT Est. 1823-1891.

3. MARY2 MULLINS (WILLIAM HARRISON1) was born WFT Est. 1797-1818 in KENTUCKY, and died Bet. 1859 - 1860 in PIKE CO, KY. She married SR. COLLINS WILLIAM March 22, 1829 in PIKE CO., KY, son of MEREDITH COLLINS and POLLY HOLLOWAY. He was born April 13, 1806 in RUSSELL CO., VA, and died March 30, 1896 in NICHOLAS CO., CRAIGSVILLE, W VA.

NOTE : By this union were 10 children

2) Maryann Hatfield

NOTE: By this union there were 8 children;) ;)

05-09-2004, 04:12 PM
Just some food for thought.

Harrison was a prominant skin trader. One tradition that we keep noticing, escpecially with VA traders is that they passed on last names as family names. Eppes, Green, Poythress, Littleberry(Eppes family name), Hardyman, Byrd, etc. These were all traders with the piedmont tribes so it makes sense that your Harrison Newsom ends up in Rowan Co. Maybe you should start checking VA records instead.

09-02-2015, 04:44 PM
Newsome is a name I am starting to see amongst DNA cousins. One DNA cousin in particular I recently learned about (Robinson) shares a 33cM segment with my mother and uncle and 10-12cM with my sister and I.

Looking at her info, her Newsome line comes out of NC. Lines they marry into come out of Mecklenburg VA. Some are in TN and KY after that, later, by the early 1800s, they are all in Ohio. Some go from a census classification of "White" to "Free Person of Color".

Other names on the line are Day, Smith, Hightower, Stewart, Whetsel, Scot, and Barnhill. The Day and Smith names make me think they are tied to our Indiana Jones-Smith line. Although this person shows no match to our first cousin on our Indiana Smith line. She is not a match to the our Parrish group of cousins either.

Her admixture results on 23andMe are 51% European, 45% Sub-Saharan African, 3% Native American/Asian, 1% unknown.

This seems like a textbook Saponi/tri-racial descendant. Going to try and learn more of the specific genealogy to see if it matches any of what Brenda and Bill shared here.