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08-01-2002, 05:30 AM
My grandmother had told us she was Blackfoot. Somewhere, I heard/found that the Blackfoot Indians lived in NY, and her branch of the tree has quite a long list of ancestors coming from there. But then I read here that there were also Blackfoot in West Virginia. My grandmother's family lived in Lewis County, WV, since 1770. How would I find out if she or any of her ancestors were actually Blackfoot?
This is for genealogy research, and I'm just trying to prove/disprove a tale. I have a list of names I can post that appear to be dead-ends in that area (i.e., no documentation).

Thanks for any assistance and information.

08-01-2002, 03:15 PM
Hello, well you've just joined the crowd! Most of us on this forum are looking for something in written form, ie census etc. that would state Blackfoot or something very close to it , but alas I do not think that in my direct line that I will ever find it, when the family history gets passed down it's because there is or was no venue to confindently state what our oral history has been. Perhaps if some one ever locates such a record others maybe able to tye in directly to that line ratifying the term and the oral history. For many of us it is our oral history and our identity no matter from what degree of blood quantun there may be.
A very intersting quirk of fate since the early colonials have tried to wipe us out, (evidence: ever see a formal group with our history), I think that blood quantum is no longer an issue with us, rather the issue is giving voice to our ancestors that never could openly speak of who they are and were.
So glad that you are here, consider your families oral history the truth. Best to All Tom.

08-01-2002, 11:15 PM
Did you see the article on the "Other Blackfoot" off the main page? That's most of what my theory is on it.

Welcome, and thanks, Tom, for helping to keep the lights on. It's great.

What names are there in your family, Sandy, and where in NY and WV were they?

08-02-2002, 05:40 AM
Thanks for the welcome! Well, I called my brother lastnight and asked how he heard this information about Grandma. He says that SHE told him her own mother was Blackfoot. I looked in my paperwork and saw that her mother was Rosa Bell Rohrbough m. to Oliver James Alkire. I don't think she's the one, but I think it's Oliver J. Alkires mother, Sarah Curtis, daughter of John Curtis and Prudence Cutright. My idea is based on the theory that there are few birth/death records for the Native Americans. I have very little information on Sarah Curtis and her father - no birth dates or locations. John Curtis married Prudence Cutright in Lewis County, 15 May 1817, and that's all I have for them. The Cutright line & various branches of that, I have coming out of Ulster County, Orange County and other places in NY, right before they showed up in WV. The NY lines were showing up in NY as early as the 1650's, leaving there around 1768. As for the Rohrbough line, 99% of them came straight out of Germany or Switzerland, made a very short stop in Pennsylvania, then on to WV. I'm currently reading some history books on WV, with the hopes of finding some information about the Native Americans in that area. I also have a trip planned to WV at the end of this month, in which I intend to visit the libraries in Lewis County. If I find anything concrete that may be of help to anyone here, I'll certainly share it.

Brenda Collins Dillon
08-02-2002, 09:19 AM
Welcome Sandy from another hillbilly from West Virginia. My people were mostly from Nicholas/Greenbrier Co. however I do have a few that comes from Lewis County.
One line is Shoulders/Prince. The line goes back to John W. Shoulders and Nisa Reder which I have always suspected a native line somewhere as their son Amos Ritter Shoulders was a local herb doctor and medicine man. This is not my natural line but that of my stepfather. Daddy had a reddish tone to his skin color.
Another line is my mother's Marks Line but I haven't done a lot of research there.

Have you checked into the Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants Library in Horner,West Virginia? They have a huge collection of materials and the folks there are very friendly. Anybody visiting the area in search of any history on the area that would be a good source of material. They also have their own website. http://www.rootsweb.com/~hcpd/

Good luck and glad to see you here on the forum.

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08-02-2002, 09:26 AM
Curtis, eh? That's on the list as associated with Nanticoke. This is apparently Nanticoke/Maryland/Blackfoot month. The ancestors seem to be tickling lots of people's typing fingers to be surfing the net on this group and finding there way here or the Blackfoot yahoo group.

Anyway, I'm working now with some Maryland Blackfoot descendants and doing some conjecture about Siouan Blackfoot merging into the mixed Nanticoke population in the coastal/mountainous region along the DE/MD/PA border. Sounds lovely. Still very remote in parts. There was a Blackfoot Town in around there from 1747 to 1785.

Lewis County is near Elkins, WV, where there was a roadside marker about the "Blackfoot of the Seneca," who I've surmised were likely some of the Siouan Saponi/Tutelo people who'd been with the Seneca in Sunbury, PA. Some of that group is documented as ending up in that part of WV. (The famous Chief Logan's father was the head honcho in Sunbury.)

I'm told everyone in the town of Parsons, WV has the Blackfoot ID in their families. Let me know before you go to WV, there are some people I can put you in touch with.

Most of the historic data on possible blackfoot (Saponi Tutelo) in NY puts them there from around 1730's, though I believe most were first in PA. The Cayuga adopted the Tutelo in 1743 I believe.

09-10-2002, 06:29 PM
Is there a Blackfoot ID in her line?

11-01-2002, 02:22 PM
My grandmother always simply said she was "blackfoot". I am from Raliegh Cnty, but she was from the dawes,area,I cant rember what county that is but not far from Elkin..
her family name was Tingler,but all my family this century claimed to be native West Virgians..........so beofre that I dont know where they were from, and lack of birth records prevent me from going any further, there are none even for my grandmother as she like most "country folks" was born at home...

11-01-2002, 08:33 PM
I wanted to add this link as to the history of most west virginia tribes..this was post 1600's and doesnt includes ancients, such as adena and hopewell(moundbiulders)http://www.wvculture.org/history/indland.html#tribes