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05-30-2002, 05:06 PM
This information was sent to me by, I think either the Trullingers or Donna or perhaps Marvin Oaks. The packet reads that Marvin put it together.

David Collins b. ca. 1750? VA[my noted update (Bertie County, N.C.)
Marr. 1 Oct. 1772 in Rowan County N.C.
Thompsey Posting
they resided in N.C., VA, TN, and Indiana

they had:

1. Aaron born 1773 Rowan Co. N.C.
who married Mary Black/Blakly/Blackeley ( or Overton?)

2. David Jr. born 1774 Rowan Co. N.C.
who married mary Dodson on 6 Feb 1801

3. Levi born 1784 Rowan Co. N.C.
who married Mary ?

4. Soloman born 1787 Grayson Co. VA
who married Deliliah Nichols

5. Isiah born 1758 Wilkes Co. N.C.
married Elizabeth Betsy Mason on 20 Nov 1805

6. Hiram born 1793 Wilkes Co. N.C.
married Rebecca

notes says David 1750 had at least 5 daughters names unknown at time of compilation of data. ( note new info. I think has been added to this since way back then)

__________________________________________________ _____________

Aaron Collins born 1773 Rowan Co. N.C.and Mary ? had the following children:

1. David born 1799 Grainger Co. TN/ Wilkes Co. N.C.
married Juriah Day

2. Female?

3. Stephan born 1800
married Mary Lang 21 Aug 1827 Martinsville Morgan Co. Indiana

4. Solomon born 1806
married Lucinda Blakely 24 Apr 1827 Martinsville Morgan Co. Indiana

5. Harmon born 1807
married America ?

6. Isaac born 1808
married Susan Blakely

7. Female

8. Aaron born 1811
married Anna Collins 6 Jan 1832

9. Jesse born 1813

__________________________________________________ _____________

David collins born 1799 Wilkes Co. N.C. and Juriah Day had the following kids:

1. Daniel born 1825 Grainger Co. TN
married Susan Collins

2. Aaron born 1828 Grainger Co. TN
married Margaret Turnbull

3. Leonard "Toddy" or "Toady" born 1833 Morgan Co. Indiana
married Milley Collins daughter of Isiah Jr. 1808

4. Bethia born 1841 Missouri
married Hiram Jones

5. Ruhaney born 1823 KY (probably Knox or Bell Co.)
married Andrew Tabor/Taber
__________________________________________________ _____________

Leonard "Toddy" Collins born 1833 Morgan Co. Indiana and Milley Collins had these children:

1. Andrew born 1855 MO
2. Margarette born 1857 MO
3. James Franklin born 1859 MO
4. Leroy born 1862 MO (he became a doctor)
5. Emilia born 1865 MO
6. Annis born 1869 MO
7. John "Toddy" Jefferson born 1872 MO
married Ruth Armilda Johnson
8. Badie born 1876 MO
married 1st Mindy Collins and then 2nd married Georgia Davis
__________________________________________________ ____________

*This is my direct line.*

John "Toddy" Jefferson Collins born 9 Nov 1872 and Ruth Armilda
Johnson had the following:

1. Leonard C. born 1899 MO
2. Ruby born 1903 MO
married George A. Woodworth
3. Collis born 6 Sept. 1908 Willowsprings Howell Co. MO (my Papa)
married Lorena Pearl Rothgeb 14 May 1925
4. Gracie D. born 1911 MO
5. Mae born 1915 MO
6. Homer (my dad knows his birth date I think)
__________________________________________________ _______________

Isiah Collins born 10 Mar.1788 Wilkes Co. N.C and Elizabeth "Betsy" Mason had the following:

1. Milla born 1806 Knox Co. KY
married 1st John Jones, 2nd William Jones, 3rd ? Smith 18 Jan. 1826
Martinsville Morgan Co. Indiana

2. Isiah Jr. born 1808 Knox Co. KY
married Mary Overton

3. Lexington born 1809 Knox Co. KY
married Orpha Gibson

4. Phoebe born 1814 Knox Co. KY
married William Jones 18 Feb 1830 Martinsville Morgan Co. Indiana

5. David C. born 1815 Knox Co. KY
married Nancy Spurlock

6. William born 11 Sept 1820 Knox Co. KY
married Mary Pierce

7. Mary born 1824 Knox Co. KY
married 1st William Turnbull, 2nd David Parsons

8. Louisa Jane born 1825 Knox Co. KY
married Washington Riley

9.Franklin born 1826 Knox Co. KY
married Rebecca Collins

10. Elizabeth born 13 Aug 1830 Knox Co. KY
married ?

11. Nancy born 1837 Morgan Co. Indiana
married James W. Capps

12. Ephriam born 1833 Knox Co. KY
married Minerva Turnbull
__________________________________________________ __________

Isiah Collins Jr. born 1808 Knox Co. KY and Mary Overton had the following:

1. Isaac born 1830 Morgan Co. Indiana
married 1st Elizabeth ? , 2nd Estella Turnbull

2. Cornelius born 1833 Morgan Co. Indiana
married Dosia Ann Barton

3. Milley born 1835 Morgan Co. Indian
married Leonard "Toddy" Collins

4. Margaret born 1838 Howell Co. MO

5. Robertson born 1842 Howell Co. MO
married Sarah Barton

6. Mary Ann born 1844 Howell Co. MO
married Aaron Collins - born 1846

7. David A. born 1845-1847 Howell Co. MO

8. John J. born 1848 Howell Co. MO

9. Emily Isamanda born 18 Feb. 1851 Willow Springs Howell Co MO
married 1st John W. Welsh 3 Jan 1867, 2nd William Jones they died in Oklahoma

Brenda Collins Dillon
05-30-2002, 07:47 PM
Hello Scott,

>>>>9.Franklin born 1826 Knox Co. KY
married Rebecca Collins>>>>>

Do you have any idea who Rebecca Collins was?

Have you seen the stricking resemblence between Jessie Collins son of franklin and my Richard Collins?

Meredith had two daughters of which niether have been verified. I do have a letter in my files that connects three of the grandsons of David 1750 with Bradley, Meredith's first son so I know that these Collins knew each other. Knox, Clay and Pike County Ky was divided from Floyd county, Kentucky. Meredith is listed on tax records in Russell co. Va. 1799 to 1809 and by 1810 he is listed in Floyd county, Kentucky. Durning those early years before the county division there were 45 Collins families living in that same area. There has to be a link somewhere and it is probably stearing us in the face.

Life is a Rainbow made up of Many Different Colors.....

05-30-2002, 11:41 PM
Yes I think you are right. i know that Floyd County KY was another county where many of the other branches were. I will keep loading up the info. as I dig it out. I have a thick binder that I will put on here a section at a time so stay tuned. I will see if there are any other mentions of Rebecca. The picture I think I have seen and yes they are very much alike. Also the one of William Collins in the Appalachian quarterly and the picture of "Zayer" Isiah Collins 1832 son of hiram Collins 1807. That picture is in the Collins II book page 8. It is getting late here and I have to go for now but I will look through things again for Rebecca and Floyd County KY info.

06-03-2002, 08:59 PM
James R Collins (Jimmy) born 21 Feb 1905 Dora MO
married 23 Nov 1927 Marshall TX Polly Anna Ecton born 18 Apr 1910 Dora MO
they had:

1. James H born 5 Aug 1932 Wilson, Ark.
married 28 Mar 1952 Texas City, TX 1st Ronna Floyd 2nd Myrtle Sutton

2. Patsy R born 8 Aug 1934 Walnut Ridge Ark.
married 26 Jan 1952 Texarkana Ark. Junius Green

3. Anna Sue born 31 Aug 1936 Walnut Ridge Ark.
married 31 Mar 1956 Deer Park, TX Bill Miller

4. Billy R born 28 Jul 1938 ?

5. Doris A born 5 Jan 1942 New Boston TX
married Harold Parisher

6. Linda L born 26 Jun 1944 Highlands TX
married 22 Aug 1964 Houston TX Paul Adams
__________________________________________________ ____________________________________

James H Collins born 8 Aug 1932 Wilson Ark. and Donna Jean Floyd born 6 Dec 1933
Donna Jean. Floyds parents were Elmer Floyd and Mable Ayers

they had the following:

1. Deborah J born 29 Jul 1954 Ellington Airforce Base Houston TX

2. Michael L born 18 Jun 1957 Fitzsimons Army Hospital Denver, Colorado
married Susan Fletcher

3. Sandra G born 10 Sept 1958 St. Marys Denver Colorado
married 13 Sept 1977 Lamargue TX
__________________________________________________ ________________________________

Jinius Ray Green born 7 Aug 1933 Hallsville TX and Patsy Ruth Collins born 3 Aug 1934
Jinius's parents were John Holison Green and Lizzie Elizabeth Mitchell
Jinius and Patsy had the following:

1. Jimmy Ray born 21 Sept 1953 Pasadena TX
married 10 Nov 1973 Longview TX Judy Ann Kornegay

2. Daniel Wayne born 18 Jul 1955

__________________________________________________ ________________________________

Billy Gene (Bill) Miller born 9 Dec 1932 Marquez TX and Anne Sue Collins born 8 Aug 1936
Bill's parents are Herman Miller and Mae Terris

Bill and Anne Sue had the following:

1. Melinda Sue born 11 Feb 1957 Pasadena TX
married William Preston Wilcox

2. Billy Gene born 6 Dec 1959 Pasadena TX
married Lou Ann Ferguson

3. James Herman born 8 Feb 1961 Pasadena TX

4. Tammy Lynn born 3 Aug 1965 Pasadena TX
married John Clayton Beard

__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Harold G Parisher born 3 Mar 1935 Cherokee TX and Doris Ann Collins
Harold G Parisher's parents were Lee Allen Parisher and Clara Agnes Cauness

Harold and Doris had the following:

1. Laurie Ann born 15 Oct 1960 Pasadena TX
married 16 Aug 1985 Houston TX Michael Wayne Bamburg

2. Kelly Jean born 28 Oct 1965 Houston TX
married 14 Feb 1995 Houston TX James Andrew Martin

3. Harold G born 18 Mar 1969 Houston TX

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

Paul S Adams born 14 May 1945 Houston TX and Linda Lou Collins born 26 Jun 1944 Highlands TX
Paul's parents Junis Cooper Adams and Mildred L Stover

Paul and Linda had the following:

1. Paul David born 16 Jan 1965 Pasadena TX
married 16 Sept 1995 Tomball TX Hieryl Jane Wise

2. Ricky Glen born 5 May 1968 Galena Park TX
married 28 Jul 1994 Conroe TX Wendy Kavanda

3. Tina Sue born 1 April 1973 Houston TX
married 14 Nov 1993 Tomball TX Stacey Duane Crawford

__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Benjamin Collins born 11 Aug 1909 Dora MO and Edith Coy born 1 Nov 1913 Shannon Ark.
Son of John Obediah Collins and Rhoda Alice Bird
Benjamin and Edith had the following:

1. Bobby born 16 Mar 1932 Walnut Ridge Ark.
married 14 Sept 1954 Walnut Ridge Ark. Alice Willene Derr

2. Alice Bernice born 10 Jan 1934 Egypt Ark.
married Chester Derr

3. Woodrow Sherman born 24 Nov 1936 Egypt Ark.
married Linda Drake

4. Billy Ray born 10 Jan 1939 Egypt Ark.
married Carol Roper

5. Johnny Roy born 15 Sept 1952 Walnut Ridge Ark.
married Susie Derrick

__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Hobert Collins born 23 Oct 1911 Dora MO and Louise Wilburn born 27 Jun 1914
Hobert son of John Obediah Collins and Rhoda Alice Bird. Louise Wilburn daughter of John Wilburn and Alta Smith

Hobert and Louise had the following:

1. Marcelle born 3 Nov 1931 Walnut Ridge Ark.
married 9 Aug 1948 Marvin Hills

2. Hobert J (Sonny) born 19 Jun 1937

3. Freddy born 29 April 1940 Walnut Ridge Ark.
married 2 Feb 1965 Ft. Smith Ark.

4. Darany born 13 April 1946 Walnut Ridge Ark.
married Judy Baltz

5. Richard Dean born 19 Jun 1948 Walnut Ridge Ark.

6. Beverly born 20 Mar 1950 Walnut Ridge Ark.
married 12 Jul 1968 Ricky Lakey

7. Kathy
married Junior Bartlett

__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Mong Prater born 5 Apr 1908 Dora MO and Mable Collins born 17 Feb 1913 Dora MO
Mong's parents are Arch Prater and Ellen Mayberry
Mable's parents are John Obediah Collins and Rhoda Alice Bird

Mong and Mable had the following:

1. Horace born 18 Feb 1930 Walnut Ridge Ark.
married Cynthia Evelyn Garrison

2. Forest E born 3 Feb 1932 Leponto Ark

3. Junior Ler born 22 Feb 1933 Leponto Ark.
married Dorothy Mae Stansbury

4. Max Dale born 25 Oct 1935 Leponto Ark
married Wanda Kent

5. Alice Marie born 14 Feb 1937 Leponto Ark.

6. Ellen Mae born 17 Jun 1941 Leponto Ark.
married Tony Powell

7. Joyce born 18 Jan 1943 Leponto Ark.
married Billy C Lowe

8. James Ray born 8 May 1946 Leponto Ark.
married Bonnie Marie Long

9. Linda born 11 Jan 1949 Leponto Ark.
married Billy Hollbrook

10. Ricky born 3 May 1952 Leponto Ark.

11. Evelyn born 24 Aug 1953 Leponto Ark.
married David C Duvall
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

James M. Franklin Collins born 31 Jul 1808 MO and Margaret "Maggie" Mitts born 1852
they had the following:

1. Caben "Callie" born 1880 Pamona Howell Co. MO
married 25 Aug 1897 Sarah Johnson

2. Samuel Henry Andrew born 3 Jun 1881 Howell Co. MO
married 10 Sept 1899Silom Springs Howell Co. MO Martha Jane Raby

3. Dora M born Feb 1882 Pamona Howell Co MO
married 28 Aug 18 97 West Plains Howell Co MO

4. Charles born March 1883 Pamona Howell Co MO
married Anna Herbrand

5. Jesse W born 29 Mar 1884 Pamona Howell Co MO
married 14 Mar 1905 Birdtown MO Stella Collins

6. Eddie born June 1886 Pamona Howell Co MO

7. Cora born Sept. 1887 Pamona Howell Co MO
married 21 Jul 1901 West Plains Howell Co MO Sirene Johnson

8. Florence born 3 May 1889 Pamona Howell Co MO
married 19 Aug 1908 Crawford Johnson

9. Leonard H. born June 1890 Pamona Howell Co MO
married 3 Sept 1909 Dora Gilbert

10. Randle Randal "Ranal" born July 1892 Pamona Howell Co MO
Married 7 Jul 1912 Bertha D Johnson

11. George born Jan 1898 MO

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

Samuel Henry Collins born 3 Jun 1881 Howell Co MO and Martha Jane Raby born 15 Sept 1882 Ft. Smith Area Sebastion Ark
Samuel's parent are James Franklin Collins and Margaret "Maggie" Mitts
Martha Jane's parents are Peter Jefferson Raby and Eliza Jane Trail

Samuel and Martha had the following:

1. Lillie Hepsy
married Oct 1917 Gainsville Ozark Co MO Lewis Monroe Johnson

2. Luther Garfield 6 Jun 1902 MO
married 18 Jan 1923 Pawhuska Osage Co OK

3. Ethel Edna born 12 Dec 1905 Dora MO
married 3 Oct 1921 Pawhuska Osage Co OK Homer Lee Mayfield

4. La La Mae born 18 Nov 1907
married 18 Jan 1923 Osage Co OK Sidney Earl Swift

5. Isaac Nelson born 4 Jul 1910 MO
married 8 May 1937 Independence KS Myrtle Cole

6. Ray Edward born 4 Nov 1912 MO
married 30 April 1931 Barnsdale Osage Co OK Eitath Bell Cato

7. Willie Otis born 17 Jun 1915 Dora MO
married 13 Nov 1931 Bartlesvilles Washington Co OK

8. Cecil Lee born 1918

9. Manuel Andrew born 28 April 1921 Narnsdall "Bigheart" Osage Co OK
married 18 Mar 1937 Ethel Maia Cole

10. James Franklin born 20 May 1926 Barnsdall Osage Co OK
married 15 Aug 1944 Tulsa OK Lola Maxine Rockwell

__________________________________________________ ________________________________

06-08-2002, 10:12 PM
Hi all,
I thought I would just jump right in. Hiram Collins (David and Thompsie Collins' youngest son) is my direct line. Here is what I have on him:
Hiram b. abt 1793 in Va or NC d. June 10, 1857 Morgan Co. Indiana, occupation teacher/farmer married Rebecca (last name unknown possibly she is a Collins) b. No. Carolina died bet. 1850-57 Morgan Co. Indiana Bur. Highland Cem. Morgan Co. Indiana (not mentioned in Hiram's will of 1857)
1.Ramson b. 1812 in Kentucky m. Susannah Powell Oct. 24, 1833
2. Nancy Jane b. abt 1820 in Kentucky d. before 1863 in Morgan Co. Indiana m. William Tacket Sept. 26, 1840 in Indiana
3. Alice "Ally" b. 1822 in Kentucky m. John Wesley Creed Aug. 26, 1840 in Indiana ***my 2nd great-grandparents
4. Anderson b. 1827 in Indiana m. Elizabeth Creed May 22, 1850 in Indiana (I believe Elizabeth is a sister of Wesley)
5. Rebecca b. 1830 in Indiana m. Ephraim Crank Mar. 27, 1851 Morgan Co. Indiana
6. Thomas Valentine b. 1833 in Indiana
7. John H or K b. 1835 in Indiana
8. Perneta b. ? m. William Hains June 13 1847 in Morgan Co. Indiana
9. Mary "Polly" b. 1814 in Tennessee m. John Richardson May 12, 1854
10. George Hasting b. 1829
11. Newell
I got the children's names from the 1850 census and Hiram's will. I think Newell might be the oldest because he was the only son left land.
I have a question to throw out to all relatives of David. I have found a researcher who has researched our Collins line back to England????? Could it be that the Indian line is coming from the wife side. The researcher I am refer to, has David's father as John Collins b 1698 wife Martha Dempsey. I believe Dempsey is a Saponi surname? Love to hear any comments.


06-18-2002, 10:52 AM
Just for the record for evryone to see this was posted on "Share History Research" under "Texas Saponi" dated 04-17-2001 03:35pm by me under Shardy. If there is any doubt as to my thanks or sincerity to giving credit were credit is due then here is past proofs.

I know of the information that there was a John Collins who had come to the Saponi and acted as translator for them and that this may have been how the name was first recieved as a type of honorary thing. Also I am aware that a teacher named Griffin was sent to the Saponi to teach them and that several of my relatives became teachers due to this. The info. on John the interprator and Griffin was come by through Brenda Collins Dillion and Frankie Blackburn. The information about how many teachers I had in my family comes from the Trullingers of Missouri. These three sources along with information obtained by Heriberto Airy Dixon and Christopher Scott Everett, Donna Tower, Dorothy Wren, and Richard Haithcock have been my most volumanous sources. I have also done some research as well and have relied on the source materials from scores of books. I would like to take an oppurtunity to thank them all for all the work they have done over the years and let everyone know that these folks have done so much for the history of our people outside the state of North Carolina

06-18-2002, 10:57 AM
John Collins research back to England. I think that is a possibilty, the scenerio may well be so since we have information regarding the translator. The main focus that needs to be done as Brenda has so well put it is to find out which John Collins is which and how they tie together.

12-22-2003, 10:21 PM
My great grandmother, Emily I Collins married John Milton Oaks. I got almost all my information on the Oaks from Marvin many years ago, but I have lost touch with him. Do you happen to know how to get in touch with him now? The last address I have for him is in Foley, Alabama.

12-25-2003, 11:35 AM
Are there 2 Emily Collins here? I am running into conflicting information about her. Cottontop lists a Emily Isamenda Collins born in 1851 married to a John Welsh and a William Jones. I am quite sure my Emily I Collins married John Milton Oaks and was born in 1865 or 67. I have also seen great variances in her time of death. I had always been told she died in 1930; my distant cousin, Col Marvin Oaks says she is buried in Durant OK and that her tombstone shows dates of 1865 to 1930. I have seen listings on Ancestry Family Tree that show her as Emily Isamenda and Asamenda and Emily G. One rather well documented entry says she died in 1949 in Bend, OR. Can anyone help me out here?:confused:

Brenda Collins Dillon
12-25-2003, 04:34 PM

Several years ago a couple of us Collins cousins wrote the "Collins Strory" which was published in the Appalachian Quarterly out of Wise Co. Virginia. I have it saved on my computer and could send it as an attachment if you would like the article. It has the lines of Griffin Collins, Meredith Collins and David 1750 plus it mentions dozens of other Collins.

I also have a well documented file on the BASS/Tucker lines: Descendants of Humphrey Basse
( 159 pages Researched by John C. Bass who died 2002) This line
connects with the Nasemond Indian Tribe.

Generation No. 3

5. JOHN4 BASSE (NATHANIEL3, HUMPHREY2, WILLIAM1) was born September 7, 1616 in Middlesex Parrish, London, England, and died April 2, 1699 in Norfolk, Nansemond, Virginia. He married KEZIAH ELIZABETH TUCKER August 14, 1638 in Nasemond Indian Tribe, Virginia, daughter of ROBIN THE ELDER. She was born 1618 in Nansemond Indian Tribe, Virginia, and died December 4, 1676 in Norfolk, Nansemond, Virginia.

Notes for JOHN BASSE:
John Basse came as an infant with his mother and father to the New World of Virginia. Jamestown was founded in 1607, nine years before John was born. According to genealogist, Alyene Prenn, the story related to her by Justin Bass, at the time Chief of the Nanesemond Tribe, was that John was the only survivor at Basse's Choice of the Good Friday massacre in 1622. John's father, Nathaniel had returned to England as presumably had his mother since she died in England in 1630. John was rescued from the carnage by Nasemond Indians and was taken to raise by them. John married a Nansemond Indian girl with the unusal name, for an Indian, of Keziah Elizabeth Tucker. Keziah's father's name was Robin the Elder. He was the "King", or Chief (Weroance) of the Nansemonds. Keziah took the name Elizabeth at her baptism, a not unusual occurrence at the time.

Anybody wishing these two files please email me at

01-03-2004, 11:31 PM
The information I have from Col Oaks, states that Leonard and Milley's daughter was named Emily I, not Emilia; also that she was born in 1865 and died in Durant, OK in 1930.
Does anyone have any information on Milley Collins? I understand she was a 4th cousin of Leonard but I do not have any other info on her.

04-29-2008, 06:17 PM
Bumping this forward for reference on Collins. (my direct line)

Ga-Nc Collins
04-29-2008, 08:35 PM
This line was very close to the bunch family. The same Bunch family that was listed with the Collins in the Louisa county court records.