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larry myers
11-03-2006, 05:06 PM

I am doing research on Hanging Maw and his relationship to Daniel Boone, Alexander Spotswood the Governor of Virginia and George Washington. I am starting with General Braddocks failure to take Fort Pitt in Pittsburgh in the summer of 1755

I understand Gen Braddock was in charge of the whole operation. Major Washington was in charge of the troops. Daniel Boone was in charge of the Wagon Train of Supplies and Prince Hanging Maw was in charge of the Native Americans who were hired as guides.

General Braddock was killed as well as Robert Spotswood, Alexander Spotswoods son.

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this operation. One interesting note about the name Hanging Maw is the word Maw in Hebrew means Robe as in Hanging Robe. The English word is Mall for enclosure as in Shopping Mall.

I am asking this question because I found a Will of Alexander Spotswood and Washington heirs that names my ggrandfather Jacob F Myers. Hanging Maw although not named seems to play a role in the background. I am from Pittsburgh and my family has been in Pittsburgh since 1750. I would like to get to the bottom of this. That is why the research.

Larry Myers

11-03-2006, 07:26 PM
Welcome Larry. I can't say I know anything helpful, other than that I share your interest in the period. I read about Braddock's defeat in Heckeweller's (sp?) journal. If I remember correctly, he happened upon the field of defeat a few winters later and knew where he was by the crunching of the bones under the snow they were travelling through. I believe it was nighttime and it really freaked the old reverend out.

I think I read in another source that Washington was very frustrated with Braddock's Eruopean methods and was dying to use more Native tactics, adopting a more guerrilla stlye of warfare. It was by fighting Indians and learning and adapting to their style of warfare that he learned the techniques that he later used to defeat the British.

larry myers
11-03-2006, 08:22 PM
There maybe even more of a reason for George Washington to use Native Americans and their style of fighting. The thing I have been studing is Kinship relationships at that time. That is, the population at that time was so small that just about everyone is related to everyone else. I know for sure George Washingtons sister Betty married a Spotswood.

So that is why the Will of Alexander Spotswood has the Washington family in it. The big question is, just why is Jacob F Myers also in it? I do know a Jacob Myers owns about 1/5 of Kentucky in 1785. A million acres or more covered by at least 250 land grants all signed by Patrick Henry a Spotswood relative. In contrast, Daniel Boone has one land grant of about 1000 acres he received May 31 1783. Also, I see a relationship between Hanging Maw and Daniel Boone and maybe the Myers family. At least in some point in History they seem to be friends or partners. I do know there was an issue with Hanging Maw and Jemima Boone on the 14 of July 1776. That is the area I have really zeroed in on in my Myers family studies.

Bill Childs
11-04-2006, 03:07 PM
Interesting stuff.
According to Emett Starr, Hanging Maw was a principal chief of the Cherokee from about 1780 to 1792 and living in S.E. Tennessee/N. Georgia. I did not find where he was prior to that time. Perhaps he was in the Braddock expedition, I never ran across him in that context. Do you have a reference source we can look at?
I thought Daniel Boone was only one of many Teamsters (wagon team drivers) along with John Finly? Wasn't Boone only about 15 or 16 at that time? Is there a source for your information that Daniel Boone was in charge of the Braddock Expedition's supply train?

"Maw" in English is a large, gaping opening, including a mouth. Why look to a Hebrew origin for that word? Is there a basis for reconstructing the refuted 17th & 18th century christians' explanation for the existence of American Indians as one of the 'Lost Tribes of Israel' to account for them not being mentioned in the Bible ?

Daniel Boone's family was originally from E. Pennsylvania, moved to the Yadkin Valley of NC after that French War but removed to central Kentucky before 1780. The Boones were Long Hunters in NC prior to that time so it's theoretically possible they ran into each other, but I didn't find any direct link between them so I couldn't say. Do you have a source that points to this? What is the source of the reference to Jemima Boone and Hanging Maw?

Perhaps it was a typo, otherwise I don't understand how your 'ggrandfather' could have been alive in the 1700's to be mentioned in Spotswood's Will. How does your MYERS line connect to the Jacob F. Myers you cited in your post?

larry myers
11-04-2006, 05:37 PM
First I will talk about the word Maw. The reason for the Hebrew translation is Alexander Spotswood was Jewish. He claims to be a descendent of Charlemagne who lived from 742 to 814. I know that's crazy but that is what he claims. Charlemagne was head of the Carolingina Dynasty. Just about every picture you see of Charlemagne, he has a long hanging robe or hanging maw. To give you an idea of the influnence of Jewish traders, shawnee means scarlet in Hebrew. Hanging Maw is in power exactly 1000 after Charlemagne. Most if not all paintings of Charlemagne done in the 15th and 16th century show him in a hanging shawnee maw.

The Will is a continuing arrangment starting with Alexander Spotswood and his heirs. Alexander Spotswood dies around 1740 but the Will keeps being updated through the Washinton Family then on to Rice family then to the Grundy family then on to the Myers family. The last date is 1854. My Jacob F Myers would be about 5 years old at the time. It's a Fountain Maury land track which tells me it's a Jacob Myers/Patrick Henry 1785 Land Grant. Jacob Myers received over 250 land grants from Patrick Henry worth over 1 million acres. Patrick Henry is related to Alexander Spotswood. These look like purchased land grants from war bonds at about $1 an acre. That is alot of land!!

A Google of Jacob Myers Kentucky land grants, Braddock with Pittsburgh and Fort Pitt plus a Hebrew to English dictionary will source most if not all of what I am saying.


larry myers
11-05-2006, 03:33 AM
One source I found is on a web site called "The Influence of Sephardic Jews and Moors on Southeastern Indian Cultures." It names Alexander Spotswood as a Moroccan Jew. He recruited Sephardic Jews from Holland for their mining and metallurgical expertise. I believe Jacob Myers is part of the Myers, Hays, Mordecai Sephardic Jewish family from Holland and Spain. The Myers family specalized in metal working and were goldsmiths, silversmiths, whitesmiths (tinsmiths) and blacksmiths. Jacob Myers was a blacksmith and built the Slate Creek Iron Works in Kentucky. This same Jacob Myers purchased over 1 million acres of Kentucky land at about a dollar an acre with over 250 land grants signed by Patrick Henry. My source on that is a book called "Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds" by Willard Rouse Jillson. It's at the Pittsburgh Library. Myer Myers is a well known silversmith in New York and worked with Paul Revere through the Hays family. Of course we all know that Patrick Henry and Paul Revere were good frends. I don't think I need a source for that.

larry myers
11-05-2006, 09:53 AM
The Myers family and Royal Blood Native Americans.

Another thing I am looking at and I hope someone can make a comment on. I have been looking into Sacajawea the Indian Guide on the Lewis and Clark trip in 1803/1804. The Grace Hebard Papers at Iowa State contains several photos of Maggie and Barbara Myers, granddaughters of Sacajawea, daughters of Baptiste. I confirmed with the library that the back of the pictures say the same thing as the listing and it does.

Second thing. In the "Journals of Lewis and Ordway" by Quaife, the Baptised name of Sacajawea is Jane. Unless someone can tell me otherwise. Sacajawea daughters must have the last name of Myers through Baptiste. If that is the case, Sacajawea's christian name has to be Jane Myers and her son would have to be Baptiste Myers. The Flordia Catholic Paper published a highlight on Sacajawea saying she was Catholic like many of the Native Americans at the time.

11-05-2006, 11:10 AM
There was aJacob Myers who was associated with the early Boonesborough settlement. At least, a Jacob Myers appears on this list... http://www.fortboonesboroughfoundation.org/settlers.html

larry myers
11-05-2006, 01:23 PM

I have seen that list and yes Jacob Myers is on the list. So is the Rice family in Spotswood's Will and so is the Meriweather's who are connected to Lewis and Clark out of Pittsburgh. The big issue and I have documents everywhere to prove it is that Jacob Myers owns about 1/5 of Kentucky in 1786. Daniel Boone must know him. The next issue is what happened to Jacob Myers?

I believe the Myers family is a very wealthy part Native American family married into Royal Blood Native Americans. The three Royal Blood Native Americans I am looking at is Alliquippa who's village is located on or next to the Myers/Fraser/Powell land grant in Pittsburgh at Turtle Creek. The Widow Myers Tavern is located there in 1769. George Washinging make notes of visiting there October 17 1770.

Hanging Maw who has some sort of relationship with Daniel Boone and George Washington (a Spotswood Relative) at Braddocks defeat in Pittsburgh.

Sacajawea, Baptiste and her two granddaughters Maggie and Barbara by Baptiste who seems to have the last name Myers.

Last the Myers family is married into the Major John Baptiste Olive family of New Madrid through Richard Jones Waters Myers.

larry myers
11-05-2006, 02:27 PM
One more tidbit.

The Carpenter/Moytoy family line has Hanging Maw's son as Thomas Maw who is sometimes called Jacob. Thomas Maw served in Col Morgen Jr's Reg of Cherokee Indians. He had a rank of Lieutentant.

It says:

We think Jacob impersonated the personage of Sequoyah once knowledge of the Cherokees Syllabary became a matter of public record. We know he could read and write English, as well as his wife. He was noted as being "a rather nice looking fellow in his older age" He was also noted for wearing -odd clothing with sashes and ear rings. He was thought to be Arabian decent, perhaps even royality. No Children are documented.

The above statement has Spotswood genes all over it.

larry myers
11-06-2006, 07:18 AM
More on Sacajawea. I seem to have two different reports on Sacajawea and her death. The holders of the Grace R Heberd papers at Iowa State say they have pictures of Sacajawea's funeral dated in the Mid 1880's which makes her almost 100 years old. Then another offical report says she died at Fort Madan in 1812 soon after childbirth of Lisette. Another interesting thing on the report is William Clark adopted both her children Jean Baptiste and Lisette at the time. I have traced William Clark to the Myers family.

I am not sure if Maggie and Barbara daughters of Jean Baptiste have the last name Myers because of the adoption or because Sacajawea's true name is Jane Myers and not Jane Charbonneau.

Actually I have almost the exact same story about Aliquippa. That she died around 1754 and other reports say she died much later around 1785.

Hanging Maw's wife Betey is the same deal. Reports that she died in an attack around 1780. Then other reports that she lived with the Rogers family until 1803 making her 90 year old. The Rogers family is part of the Rogers Clark family who William Clark is from.

I may be missing something here but I think people are trying to hide things. For sure Jacob Myers is hiden. How can a person who owns 1/5 of Kentucky in 1785 simply disappear?

larry myers
11-09-2006, 03:28 PM
Alexander Spotswood the Governor of Virginia's grandson Gen Alexander Spotswood b1746 died sometime in 1823. He has a recorded Will with my ggrandfathers name on it Jacob F Myers. I am wondering if anyone might know this family.

The Will lists the following:

Caroline Grundy Myers sister to William Grundy married to no first name Myers maybe Jacob Myers b 1776.

The Will lists the following children of Caroline with married names

Pheby Myers Dorsey
Elizabeth Myers Adams
Nancy Myers Adams
John G Myers same name as my father and grandfather
William Myers maybe William M Myers b1812
Robert M Myers
Thomas D Myers
FR Myers who I thank is Father Myers a Catholic Priest
Jacob Myers who is dead. I think killed at Battle of Cerro Cordo Mexico 1847

Grandchildren of Caroline Grundy Myers by her son Jacob Myers:

Emeline Myers
Jacob F Myers who I think is my ggrandfather b1845
Susan E Myers Brown
Mary Jane Myers McClain
Caroline Myers Casey
Rebecca A Myers Russell

No wife listed

All from Henderson Co Kentucky.

Bill Childs
11-10-2006, 01:47 PM
I didn't find any of these MYERS (and various spellings) in Henderson Co., or other counties of Ky on the 1850 thru 1880 census.
What are the names and any known dates and locations of your grandparents?

larry myers
11-11-2006, 12:10 PM
My grandparents are John G Myers and Jennie McIntyre both born around 1875. The lived in McKeeport just outside Pittsburgh. His father was Jacob F Myers born around 1845 who appears to be an orphan.

Jennie McIntyres line is well documented in the Pittsburgh Old History book. Her father was Capt William Mcintyre and his Father was Capt Raymond S McIntyre and mother Jane Dunseith. Jane Dunseith's father was Thomas Dunseith and her mother was Jane Powell both born around 1785. All the McIntyres and Dunseiths were Riverboat Captions on the Ohio. Thomas Dunseith was also a keelboat builder in Elizabeth PA around 1800. There is some speculation Jane Powell is also related to the Myers's and related to Mariwether Lewis. Alexander Lewis is buried with Thomas Dunseith and Jane Powell in Pittsburgh. Alexander Lewis has the very first patent in the US. It's a device that keeps Keelboats from tipping over in heavy white rushing water.

Bill Childs
11-11-2006, 11:09 PM
Thank you Larry,
I will work with you on this but there are some factual levees....
Here are some census records.

1850 Allegheny Co., Pa Census; Mifflin Twp;
Household 370:
Peter Myre, 45, m, - , Miner, $175, Germany
Catharine...., 45, f, - , Germany
John.........., 18, m, - , Germany
Catharine...., 15, f, - , Germany
Ruth..........., 13, f, - , Germany
Ellen..........., 11, f, - , Germany
Feby..........., 5, f, - , Germany (match with the 1860 Phoebe)
JACOB........., 3, m, - , Germany***** Age is off 2 yrs? Census? Go Figure.
Margaret......, 1, f, - , Germany

1860 Allegheny Co., Pa Census; Versailles Twp; P.O. McKeesport; 6 June; P.11; household 66:
Peter Myers; 55, m, - , Coal Miner; $1000, $75; Prussia.
Catharine...; 55, f, - , Prussia.
Gertrude....; 23, f, - , Prussia.
Phoebe Jane...; 16, f, - , Penn.
JACOB........; 14; m, - , Penn.*****

1870 Allegheny Co., Pa Census; McKeesport; 9 June; p.58;
Myers, Jacob; 23; m, W, Tinner; $0; $0; Penn.
(boarding in the residence of: Ryan, James, 45, b. Ireland)

1880 Allegheny Co., Pa Census; ED41 McKeesport, 2nd Ward; 12 June; p.33; Household 301:
MYRES, JACOB; w, m, 32, Tinner; Pa, Pa, Pa *****
........., Mary; w, f, 26, Wife; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........., JOHN; w, m, 6, Son; Pa. **** ?? *****
........., Mollie; w, f, 4, Dau.; Pa.
........., WILLIAM; w, m, 1, Son; Pa. *****

On the 1920 Allegheny census for the 6th Ward of McKeesport;
there is a William, 41, "Brother", living in the residence of John (44) and Jennie (43) Myers. This is the only 'three-point-match' for these combinations in Pennsylvania.

The only MYERS variant found which name a John and William as 'sons' in 1880 is listed above. That looks like a match, but there is a contradiction further on which 'begs the question' ...

So... please name one of your aunts or uncles' first names for the solution because there were more than one John and Jennie Myers in 1900 and 1910 Allegheny Co., Pa...
Name one and prove you're serious about tracing your family.

larry myers
11-12-2006, 06:49 AM
Thanks. The last two records are correct. He is staying with a James Ryan and learing the tinner trade. A tinner is a tinsmith. The Myers line usually are goldsmiths silversmith tinsmiths or blacksmiths such as the Slate Creek Jacob Myers in Kentucky. The last census you have is also correct. His wife is Mary Haben. I believe James Ryan maybe a relative my marrage. That is, James Ryan and Hennry Myers arrived together in Mckeesport around 1840 from Baltimore. They had a rather large contract to supply wagons for the government in the Mexico war. It's also in the Old Pittsburgh History Book.

larry myers
11-15-2006, 01:36 PM
Since I haven't heard anything from Bill Childs is several days I am not sure how his input helps. Besides, raw factual information without motivation and additional family paperwork is really trash. I have at least some spotty paperwork that connects me to Alexander Spotswood.

I have heard about Peter and Catherine Myers and their son Jacob who's age is all over the place. In 1860 maybe Feb 5, 1861, they come in to some money and the family moves 10 miles south of Mckeeport. They have about about a 1000 acre plot with 3 other 200 acre plots all along the river. He is more like a mine owner then a minor. His bio is also in the Pittsburgh History Books as born in Germany but because of all the politics in Germany at the time came to Pittsburgh to be a coal minor. In that time frame, "1840-1850, it might be better to have come from Germany then to say your one of the Old Pittsburgh Myers's with Native American Blood. If you did, you would be on your way to Iowa for sure. I had a long talk with the census people and what was recorded is what ever the person who answered the door said. Then 160 years later, what is said is cast into stone. I have pictures of that family and they do not look like my family but one never knows.

There are some other interesting things about the above Peter and Catherine Myers of Pittsburgh but I think I will save that for later.

Other family memebers of John and Jennie would be Dan, Lawrence, Mildred, Rose.

Jennies dad would be Daniel and not William. I made a mistake. I had too many Williams on my mind. Caption Raymond S. McIntyre had two sons. Caption John W McIntyre b 1836 and Caption Daniel McIntyre b about 1845. Both had a daughter named Jennie but 10 years apart. Raymond Mcintyre's wife is Jane Dunseith. Her parents are Thomans Dunseith and Jane Powell. Thomas Dunseith and Jane Powell, Alexander Lewis and 3 other Lewises died Feb 5 1861 of Typhoid Fever. They were all buried together at Versailes Mckeesport Cemetery. As coincidence would have it, records show Abraham Lincoln happened to be in town latter that week. Thomas Dunseith was a keel boat builder and Alexander Lewis holds the very first patent in the US for a device that keeps keel boats from tipping over in white water. Then there is Dunseith ND.

Bill Childs
11-15-2006, 03:41 PM
1920 Allegheny Co., Pa Census; ED211 McKeesport, Ward 6; 2 March; Sheet 9B; household 206:
MYERS, John; Tinner, Shop; m, W, 46, married; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, Jennie; Wife; f, W, 43, married; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, Daniel; son; m, W, 21; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, Mildred; dau; f, W, 19; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, Lawrence; son; m, W, 16; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, Rose; dau; f, W, 14; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, Bryan; son; m, W, 11; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, Woodrow; son, m, W, 7; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, Robert; son, m, W, 5; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, William; Brother; m, W, 41; Pa, Pa, Pa.
MUSTER, Margaret; dau; f, W, 24, married; Pa, Pa, Pa.
.........., William; son-in-law; m, W, 24, married; Pa, Pa, Pa.
.................................................. ............................

1910 Allegheny Co., Pa Census; ED126 McKeesport, Ward 5; 28 April; Sheet 14A; 708 Shaw Ave; household 283:
MYERS, John; Tinner; m, W, 36; marrd 15 yrs; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, Jennie; Wife; f, W, 33; marrd 15; 8 children, 6 living; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, Margaret; dau; f, W, 14; Pa.
........, Daniel; son; 12; Pa.
........, Mildred; dau; 10; Pa.
........, Lawrence; son; 7; Pa.
........, Rose; dau; 5; Pa.
........, Bryan; son; 1 yr 4 months; Pa.
.................................................. .............................

1900 Allegheny Co., Pa; ED420 McKeesport, Ward 3; 2 June; Sheet 2B; 316 Spring St; household 60:
MYERS, John G. M.; Tinner; W, m, Feb 1874, 26, marrd 5 yrs; Pa, Pa, Pa.
........, Jennie D.; Wife; W, f, Aug 1875, 24, m'd 5, 3 childr, 2 living; Pa,Pa,Pa
........, Margaret; dau; W, f, Mar 1896, 4; Pa.
........, Daniel; son; W, m, July 1898, 1; Pa.
.................................................. ..............................

larry myers
11-15-2006, 03:55 PM

Thanks and that is correct. Not one single person is living in that list.

larry myers
11-15-2006, 04:17 PM
The Spotswood players.

Alexander Spotswood Gov of Virginia. First to introduce IRON Making into America

His children from Elizabeth Brayne
John Married Mary Dandridge a cousin to Martha Washington
Anne Catherine
Dorothea Married Nathaniel Dandridge also cousin to Martha Washington
Robert Died at Fort Pitt in Pittsburgh 1755 in Braddocks attack

PATRICK HENRY married Dorothea Spotswood Dandridge granddaughter to Alexander Spotswood and daughter to Gen Alexander Spotswood.

Jacob Myers has over 250 Kentucky Lang Grands totaling 1 million acres purchased with 1 million dollars war bonds all signed by PATRICK HENRY from 1780 to 1790

A Jacob Myers started the Slate Creek IRON Works in Kentucky from a land grant signed by Patrick Henry.

Jacob Myers starts the first scheduled riverboat service from PITTSBURGH to Cincinnati with a stopover in Limestone Kentucky October 23, 1793.

Jacob F Myers along with about 10 other Myers family members are listed in the Gen Alexander Spotswood and Heirs Will last updated 1853. Jacob Myers died and his son Jacob F Myers would be about 8 years old.

George Washington visited the Widow Myers Tavern in Pittsburgh. First in October 17 1770 and later in November 23 1770. He make a note of it in his diary.

I know these are a string of coincidences but then again they may not be. It might be more of a string of KINSHIP.

These are all Google items which takes about 5 min to check out.

larry myers
11-16-2006, 09:44 AM
The next question is:

Is there a documented MYERS family in America that is both wealthy and into metal work and boat building plus might know George Washington, Alexander Spotswood, Patrick Henry and Paul Revere. The answer is a big YES.

They are Dutch Jews from Holland with family members living in France, Spain, Brazil, Sydney Australia. Somehow Alexander Spotswood talked them into moving to Boston, Road Island and the New York City area around 1700.

They are a very wealthy Jewish family with the last names of Myers, Hays and Mordecai. One very well documented member was Myer Myers of New York. He was a Silversmith who worked with Paul Revere through the Hays family of Road Island. Later in the mid 1700, family members spread out to Lancaster, Bedford, Pittsburgh PA. Some went to Kentucky, Richmond and Norfolk Va, Then others went to the Baltimore/Delaware area. The Myers family tended to be metal workers and boat builders. The Hays family were merchants. The Mordecai family, the least wealthy of the group, is mostly located in the South and were into farming cotton and tobacco.

Jacob Myers of Kentucky would both know Patrick Henry through his family connections and have a million dollars to spend on Kentucky land in 1785. The Jacob Myers of Richmond VA would also know how to build the Slate Creek Iron Works in Kentucky because that is his family business. It would be eazy for him to get a Land Grant from Patrick Henry, a Spotswood relative, It would also be eazy to sell the WORKS to the Owings family from Baltimore as these are all family ties.

The Myers family do seem to disappear from the scene after 1820 or so. I think it's because these rather wealthy metal working boat building Myers men had an eye for Royal Blood Native American woman who tended to be Catholic. It would be real tough to be a mixed Native American Catholic with Jewish blood in 1830.

larry myers
11-16-2006, 03:06 PM
More Kinship Between the Players.

Thomas Jeffersons brother Randolph Jefferson is married to Anne Jefferson Lewis daughter of Charles Lewis and Mary Randolph.

Betty Washington, George Washington's sister is married to Fielding Lewis.

This is the same overall Lewis family that Mariweather Lewis belongs to.

Just for fun:

Mordecai Lincoln Sr, Abraham Lincoln's gggrandfather was born 24 Apr 1686 in Norfolk Co Massachusetts.

larry myers
12-01-2006, 07:33 AM

I though I would add more kinship between the players of Lewis and Clark and the Boats of Pittsburgh.

George Washington married to Martha Dandridge her second marrage.
George Washingtons sister Betty Washington marrried to Fielding Lewis related to Meriweather Lewis.

Gov Alexander Spotswood son John Spotswood married to Mary Dandridge cousin to Martha Dandridge, George Washington's wife. Gen Alexander Spotswood son of the above John and Mary Spotswood married to Elizabeth Washington niece to George Washingto.

Gov Patrick Henry married to Dorothea Spotswood his second wife who is the daughter of Gov Alexander Spotswood.

Thomas Jefferson's brother Randolph married to Anne Lewis related to Meriwether Lewis.

Jacob Myers of Kentucky and Pittsburgh related to the Spotswood Family through the Moore and Walker families plus maybe an adoption. Started the first riverboat servce in Pittsburgh October 23 1793.

William Clark childhood friend of Meriwether Lewis 1/2 brother Gen Rogers Clark ordered 7 boats from Jacob Myers to be built in Pittsburgh May 30 1780 and to be billed to Patrick Henry. The boats were used in the Illinois campaign.

Meriwether Lewis related to Fielding Lewis and Anne Lewis stationed in the Army in Pittsburgh with childhood friend William Clark. Became Thomas Jefferson's assistant in 1802.

larry myers
06-30-2007, 10:22 AM
As you know, for the last year or so I have been doing research on the Jacob Myers who owns about one million acres of Kentucky land spread over 200+ land grants signed by Patrick Henry. Most grants were issued around 1785-86 time frame.

I also find a Jacob Myers who built the Slate Creek Iron Works in Kentucky with 5000 acres of land given to him by Patrick Henry.

This is what I have.

I found a record in a Jewish publication dated in the early 1930's that Jacob Myers was with George Washington and Christopher Gist at the head of the Ohio (Pittsburgh) in 1754. Records do show that Surveyors Christopher Gist and George Washington went to the head of the Ohio in the fall of 1753 and stayed to the Spring of 1754. They were working for both the Ohio Company and the Gov of Virginia. The Group visited Queen Alliquippa on December 24 1753.

Some records show that Christopher Gist's great great grandmother is Ann Washington.

Also noted is that Christopher Gist has two brothers named Thomas and Nathan Gist. Thomas Gist is married to Susan Cockey of Baltimore. Susan Cockey is John Cockey Owings aunt. John Cockey Owings of Baltimore purchased the Slate Creek Iron Works from Jacob Myers in the late 1780's.

Surveyor Christopher Gist was with Dr. Thomas Walker in the first explorations of Kentucky. Dr. Thomas Walker is married to Mildred Meriwether. Their son John Walker is married to Elizabeth Moore who is Gov Alexander Spotswood's granddaughter.

Patrick Henry is also married to another one of Gov Alexander Spotswoods granddaughters Dorothea Dandridge. I found a record that the Gist family attended the Wedding October 25 1777. One of the Gist's daughters played the Piano.

Surveyor Jacob Myers's son William Myers is married to Caroline Grundy. The Grundy family lived in Pittsburgh area for a time. Caroline Grundy Myers and her Myers children and grandchildren including my great grandfather Jacob FISHER Myers are listed in General Alexander Spotswood's Intestate Kentucky Court Ordered Will as known heirs to the Spotswood Estate. General Alexander Spotswood is Gov Alexander Spotswood's grandson.

Gov Alexander Spotswood was credited in bring experts in Iron Making to America in the early 1700's.

There is a wealthy Dutch Jewish family called Myers Hays Mordecai clan attached to the Gratz family of Philadelphia and the Gist family of Baltimore. Mordecai Gist was a General under George Washington.

I have a record from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that Jacob Myers started the very first scheduled riverboat service out of Pittsburgh to Kentucky Oct 14 1793. The paper points out that his business partners are the Gratz brothers of Philadelphia. Gen Harry Lighthorse Lee who is Gen Robert E Lees Father took over these boats during the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.

I also have a record that Jacob Myers built 7 boats for Gen Rogers Clark of Pittsburgh in the summer of 1780. The record indicates the boats were paid for by Patrick Henry. In Christopher Gist notes, he points out that he used his family's boat to travel to Kentucky.

Then Miers Fisher was Benjamin Franklin's expert in the Rumseian Society to build the country's first steam boat. Miers Fisher introduced James Femimore Cooper to Ned Myers on the ship "The Sterling". James Fenimore Cooper wrote a story about Ned Myers titled Ned Myers. He also wrote a story Drums Along the Mohawk basing his story on Hanging Maw and Jemima Boone.

Last I found family members that remember a crazy story that the Myers Mcintyre Dunseith Lewis Bruce riverboat family lost the boat company in Pittsburgh during the Civil War because they were related to Gen Robert E Lee. Gen Robert E Lee is the great great grandson of Gov Alexander Spotswood.