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10-23-2006, 07:20 PM
My Routh family members married into the following families:
Beals or Bales
Douglass or Douglas
Thornburg or Thornburgh or Thornbury or Thornbery

I believe there are Blackfoot Saponi roots in the Smith, Massa, Routh and Redpath lines.

Any help is appreciated.

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Bill Childs
10-25-2006, 04:50 PM
Some specific names, dates and locations are needed.

10-25-2006, 10:40 PM
Hello Bill,

Thank you for the reply. Here are some names and dates:

Zacheus Routh b. Dec. 3 , 1717 Piscataway, Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., N.J. d. 1745/1750
Married to
Hanna Hammer abt 1705-1752

Son of Zacheus and Hanna:
Joseph Routh b. 1747 Randolph, N.C., d. May 7, 1837 Jefferon Co0., Tenn.
Married 1765 in Randolph, N.C. to
Mary “Molly” Redfern (Redfearn or Referron Redfairn, Redferren, Redferrin) b. May 4, 1749 Anson, N.C., d. Henry Co., Indiana

Susanna b. Dec 16, 1767 Rowan, N.C., d. Apr 6, 1846 Henry Co., Indiana
Married abt. 1790 to
Levi Leakey b. 1765 Orange Co., N.C.; d. Mar 13, 1808 Knox, Tenn
Edward b. 1770 Rowan, N.C., d. 1844 Knox, Tenn
Married 1794 to
Jane Douglass b. in [city], [county], TN, USA Died: Dec 1864 in [city], Knox, TN, USA
James b. abt. 1774 Randolph, N.C., d. Harrion Co., Ind.
Marriage: 6 Jul 1799 in Knox, [county], TN, USA
Rebecca Gower Born: 29 Mar 1784 in [city], [county], NC, USA Died: 24 Apr 1850 in [city], Harrison, IN, USA Jesse b. Feb 7 1779 Randolph Co., N.C. d. Aug. 24, 1843 Anut, Montgomery, Ind.
Married Nov 4, 1804 to
Jane Douglass Born: 10 Dec 1782 in [city], [county], NC, USA Died: 17 Aug 1837 in Clark, Montgomery, IN,
Martha Birth: 5 Mar 1781 in Chatham Co.,NC Death: 19 Feb 1852 in Martinsville, Clinton Co.,OH
Married Nov 5, 1801
Samuel Moon b. April 17,1781 Randolph, N.C. d. Mar 25 1846 Clark Co., Ohio-
buried Newberry Cemetery, Martinsville. Ohio
John b. Jan 11, 1786 Randolph, N.C d. Martinsville, Clinton Co., Ohio
Married Oct 6, 1806 Jefferson, Tenn to
Jane Moon Born: 28 May 1789 in Deep River, Randolph co, NC, USA Died: 24 Jul 1853 in Martinsville, Clinton, OH, USA
Mary “Polly” b. Mar 5 abt 1789 Deep River, Rowan or Chatham, N.C. d. Feb. 19, 1852 Clinton, Ohio
Married 1804 in Jefferson, Tenn. To
Isham (Isom) Good b. 1780/1785 N.C or Jefferson, Tenn. D. bef 1860 Washington Twp., Randolph Co., Ind.
Isaac b. Jan 8, 1792 Randolph, N.C. D. Oct 16, 1863 Wells, Ind.
Married OCT. 23, 1817 Knox Co., Tenn. To
Sarah Roberts d. Dec. 30, 1856
Jeremiah b. 1784/1796 Randolph, N.C. or Jefferson Co., Tenn. D. 1824 Monroe. Tenn.
Married to Ann Stout
Eleanor T. Routh b. 1769 Randoph Co. N.C. d. Collin Co., Texas
Married 1789 Randolph Co., N.C. to
Simon Adamson, Jr. b. 1763 Bucks, Penn d. Feb 1814 Lawrence, Tenn.
Issac ROUTH b. 3 Aug 1829 in Wayne Co., IN had parents James Henry ROUTH b. 14 Jul 1805 in TN and Mary HOOTEN ROUTH b. 9 Sep 1808 in KY or OH. James Henry's parents were James ROUTH b. est.1875 and Rebecca Gower Routh b. est. 1785.
Simon ADAMSON (Simon ADAMSON4, Ann SKEW3, Johan SKUTE2, Sven SKUTE1) was born 1763 in <,NC>, and died 1870 in ,TN. He married Eleanor ROUTH 1789 in ,Randolph Co.,NC. She was born 1768 in <,Randolph Co.,NC

Larkin ADAMSON was born 14 AUG 1806 in ,Jefferson Co.,TN. He married Nancy F. ROUTH.

10-26-2006, 03:57 AM
Simon ADAMSON (Simon ADAMSON4, Ann SKEW3, Johan SKUTE2, Sven SKUTE1)

I'm surprised to see my old pal Sven Skute in Saponitown.

It may not be news to you, but there was some new work done on Sven Skute in the late 1980s. One piece (with negative bias) was by C.A. Weslager -- who has been mentioned elsewhere on the forum in connection with his work on Indian residents of Delaware. It was an article about the surrender (by Skute) of one of the Swedish forts, to the Dutch expedition sent to the Delaware by Stuyvesant in 1656. It was in Delaware History magazine, maybe around 1987-88.

The other is found in a book by Karl-Gustav Olin from Jakobstad, Finland, and is available only in Swedish. I had helped Karl with some research on this side of the pond, and in 1989 he took me to see the Finnish riverside farmstead where Sven's father had built boats, before young Sven joined the Swedish army, and eventually ended up an officer in New Sweden (on the Delaware). A skute (or "skuth") is a smallish type of sailboat, by the way.

I don't recall that Karl Olin (or Peter Craig) knew that Sven Skute had any surviving line of descendants. But, there are lots of things I don't recall...

11-06-2006, 12:26 PM
In the interest of thoroughness, I'll insert more correct references to the things I half remembered, in the previous post:

The farmstead on which Sven Skute very probably lived (with his mother Gertrud and stepfather Jöns Jönsson, a boat builder) is called Skuthälla, and is in the hamlet of Påras, near Kronoby, Finland.

The evidence of this (and some other, less credible theories about his origin) may be found in Karl-Gustav Olin, Våra första amerikafarare (Jakobstad: Olimex, 1988), pp. 30 ff. This book is well indexed, and has many references to Skute, throughout.

The Weslager article that somewhat unfairly depicts Skute as foolish is titled "A ruse de guerre -- and the fall of New Sweden," in Delaware History (Jan. 1988).

Disregard my previous, inaccurate comment about Skute's descendants (although I don't believe this specific Adamson line had been explored, in the late 1980s). There were many such descendants in America.