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Ed Yancey
02-02-2006, 01:22 PM
Bill, my family comes out of Halifax County, Va. in the Red Bank-High Plains area. Evidently there were some connections still living there through early 1900's til possibly 1940's or later. Some family members remember going back there to visit relatives and described staying in homes of "Indians" although by now some of these who were in Mecklenburg County, Va had assimilated into local community and only suffered discrimination from strangers. This is interesting as they were very dark compared to their neighbors carrying full NA traits. My great-grandfather was listed with a B in the 1900 census and then someone wrote over it with a M or W. I think a W since his wife who was very dark and the children also were listed as W and at the time of listing attending school. That would have been the Shiney Rock School and I have a picture of the students and teacher about this time. Even in this black and white copy you can pick out all the "Indian" boys. The early names that would take us back to early 1800's are Glasscock, Hite, Smith, Fitts, Elliott, and possibly Ross. Have you or anyone out there found anything that would connedt them with the High Plains Sappony in Halifax County, Virginia. ED Yancey

Bill Childs
02-03-2006, 09:24 AM
If you give us specific names, about when they were born and the location you found them, maybe Dreaminghawk or someone else may know if any relatives are still in the High Plains area. If your's were there as late as the 1940s, it's probable that relatives are still there.

Ed Yancey
02-03-2006, 03:39 PM
Bill, thanks for reply. My mama's 1st cousins remembered going back in that area to visit relatives who were "Indian." Mama was born in 1922 and Uncle Ed's children were about that time. Uncle Ed Fitt's 1st wife (their mother) actualy left him for her own safety and went back there. She then married her first husbands uncle named William Elliott. William Elliott was brother of Amelia Ann Elliott born 1861. Amelia was my ggrandmother. Amelia Ann Elliott married James Edward Fitts born 1850. They were both born in Halifax County, Va. We know Amelia carried NA traits from eyewitnesses and especially my Grandmother who was their first born in 1889. All my grandmother's siblings carried the NA lineage in appearance and even suffered prejudice and mockery as they grew up later in Mecklenburg County. The 1900 census even shows a B beside James Edwards name but the enumerator then wrote over it with a W as well as putting W by Amelia shown in the census as Permelia and the children. This gentleman was a Mr. Overby who evidently knew them well and though law required the first entry he refused to carry it through. When it says at school for the children that would have been the old Shiney Rock school(a white school) in the Union Chapel community. ;G Grandfather Fitts carried the mail on horseback and farmed and made wooden coffins. He died of pneumonia from clothes freezing on him delivering mail.
GGrandma Amelia would tell the children they were Cherokee-Muskegan from the West. Amelia's parents were William Albert Elliott and Martha Adelain Glasscock. Martha was supposed to be Native American as well. Her father or grandfather was known as the Shell Man. I have a piece of pottery she or her mother was supposed to have made. William Albert and Martha were married in Oxford NC (Granville County) Dec 1860. Martha's parents were Thomas Glasscock 1815 and Elizabeth(Betsy)____? My grandmother always talked about a Betsy Ross, maybe Thomas's wife? Thomas mother or grandmother was Polly Glasscock. James Edward Fitts father was possibly a John Fitts and mother ______Smith? His grandmother could have been Mary Fitts whom he helped apply for a pension of some kind. We are fortunate to have pictures of Martha Glasscock, Amelia Ann Elliott Fitts and all of my grandmother's family. Thank's again Ed

07-20-2006, 01:28 PM

The Cherokee part of your story is similar to the following. “H. L. Martin, of Person Co wrote in heritage of Person County that he was a descendant of Green Martin, Sa-mi-u-sdi, as he was called before he took the name “Green” from Baptist missionary Green Rogers, was reportedly a full-blooded Cherokee who had drifted into Person County after his family had been forced to move with other Cherokees to land west of the Mississippi. Green had stayed behind to take his sick sister to his father’s people in VA, but in 1850 Green discovered an Indian community in Person Co where he settled and later married an Indian woman. His wife, Nancy, was the daughter of Colonel William Epps and Nancy Stuart, the largest landowners in the community. Epps was Cherokee and his wife was from the old Powhatan Confederacy located near Jamestown, Va. Green Martin and Harriet had seven children whose descendants make up a large portion of the Indian population in present day Person Co.” from American Indians in North Carolina: Geographic Interpretation by Thomas E. Ross p191.

If Green really was Cherokee I don’t see how his father’s people would be in VA, unless his father or grandfather had been one of the Virginian Indian traders with the Cherokee, but then he wouldn’t have been full-blooded. The story sounded similar so I thought I’d pass it along.

08-05-2006, 04:39 PM
Peace Y'all

If the line in that Person County book holds up, my (limited) understanding of Paul Heinegg points to Nancy Stewart (b. 1804) who married William Epps (b. 1801 from Halifax VA), and

Nancy parents were Thomas Stewart (born 1742) and Sarah Drummond. Nancy's sister Mavel married Byrd Shepherd.

So this would be High Plains, aka Person County Indians?


Bill Childs
08-07-2006, 03:12 PM
James Fitts on the 1850 Halifax Co., Va Census; Southern District; 7 Sept; p.82; household 349:
Mary FITZ, 60, f, W, no occupation; $0, Va.
Fanny......, 23, f, W, Va.
Mary........, 18, f, W, Va.
JAMES......, 8/12, m, W, Va.

1870 Halifax Co., Va Census; Hyco Twp; 8 Aug; p.53; household 392:
FITZ, Mary, 87, f, W, Keeping House, $0, Va.
......, Francis, 36, f, W, Va.
......, JAMES, 20, m, W, Farm Laborer, Va.
......, Nathaniel, 3, m, W, Va.

1880 Halifax Co., Va Census; ED120 Red Bank; 12 June; p.13; household 121:
FITTS, Fannie; W, f, 52, Keeping house, $0, Va.
........, JAMES; W, m, 28, Son, Laborer, Va.
........, Nathan; W, m, 13, Son, Laborer, Va.

Nathaniel moved to Granville Co., NC at about the same time Amelia and her kids did.

I think this is William Elliott on the 1850 Halifax Co., Va Census; Southern District; 8 Oct; p.100; household 639:
Reuben ELLIOTT; 35, m, W, Planter; $0, Va.
Jane, 30, f, W, Va.
Martha, 12, f, W, Va.
WILLIAM, 10, m, W, Va.
James, 8, m, W, Va.
John, 6, m, W, Va.
Sally, 4, f, W, Va.
Ruth, 2, f, W, Va.
Susan, 1, f, W, Va.