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12-06-2005, 08:29 AM
Hello All. I've been looking for the origins of these particular ancestors since the 1960's. Sure hope you can help me.

My gg gf was Phillip Hoggett (va spellings) b ca 1823-24 IN, d 1907 Wright CO. MO. He was known to be half or more Native American.

Census states Phillips fahter was b in NC and his mother in IN. We "think" his father is Elisha Hoggett from Guilford CO. NC. He was b 1801 Guilford CO. NC no death date. In Washington CO, IN 1823 Elisha married Elenor Duffield. No dates for her. Either Elisha or Elenor had to be Native American for Phillip to be half or more.

Phillip married 2nd wife Elizabeth Gormley b ca 1822-24 in IL. d. sometime between 1870 - 80 Wright CO. MO. Census says her father was born in Ireland and her mother in IN.

Their daughter Lucy Hoggett is my great grandmother. B 1862-64 IL. d 1938 Hopkins CO. KY. She married Thomas Buntin b ca mid 1870's in Wright CO. MO Thomas was b 1856-7 in Hopkins CO. KY. d 1835 Hopkins CO. KY. By 1900 Tom and Lucy wer living in Hopkins CO. KY with several children.

My mother knew my my g grandmother well. Lucy didn't talk much about her "Indian side" as was common in those days. But she did state several times that both her mother and father had some Indian blood. So where did Phillip get his Indian blood, his mother or father?

Thomas' father and my gg gf was William Henderson Buntin (various spellings) b Halifax CO. VA 1817 "on the banks of Hyco Creek". He was also known to have "some" Native blood. Wm H's father was William Buntin b (estimated guess) ca 1780's or early 90's b VA. His wife was Sarah/Sally Jones. No dates for her, but census of Wm H says his mother was b in VA. She may have been William the elder's second wife. There is a marriage date for a William Buntin and Sally Jones in Person CO. NC 1808.

Circa 1827 the family moved to Person CO. NC. Wm SR died ca 1832, Sally d ca 1837. Most of the children were farmed out and later moved to IN and from there to Hopkins CO. KY. William SR's oldest son John b ca 1811 remained in Person CO where he and his wife took in his three youngest siblings. By 1838-39 John joined his younger brother Wm H in Hopkins CO. KY.

These two families have been a huge brick wall for decades that none of us in all this time have been able to knock down. Any help or info no matter how small would be much appreciated.


12-06-2005, 06:46 PM
Person co, NC, the place my lines stayed, is akin to the bermuda triangle or a black hole in that all these mixed lines passed through. You can join the group of Person/Old Orange/Old Granville/Bute descendant of the Jones' ;-) (We all seem to have one of those Jones lines.) Use the search feature to see what's already here about them. I'm not familiar with the Buntin line but that sure looks a lot like Burton and they were part of the same group. Don't rule that out, these folks weren't much on spellin'

12-06-2005, 07:20 PM
Jones is considered by many to be an important Saponi surname. Of course, it's common as dirt, but it does occur a lot in families acknowledged to be Saponi.

12-06-2005, 09:25 PM
Thank you Dreaminghawk and Linda for your posts. Yes, I know Person CO is a quaqmire for genealogy. Everyone from my great uncle and distant cousins in five states have all been stopped at the very same place... the parents of Wm Buntin SR and Sally Jones. We can't even find where they are buried.

Is the Erwin/Irwin surname a Saponi name? One of Wm Sr's daughters claims her mother was Elizabeth Irwin and not the Sarah/Sally Jones her youngest brother Samuel quoted on his three marriage certificates. I did actually find where an Elizabeth Erwin went by the name of her stepfather which was Jones in Person co. or Halifax, VA. Unfortunately my computer crased and I lost that information.

Thanks for referring me to the Person/Old Orange site. I belong to the Person CO mailing list but didn't know there was a site for
combination of the two.

Also in the partial diary my gg gf William Henderson Buntin left, he speaks of his "Uncle John Whitlow". Can you tell me if Whitlows are intermarried with the Buntin or Jones families.

Thanks for your imput, I really do appreciate it.

Bill Childs
12-06-2005, 11:41 PM
Hi, Carolyn,
I'll take this one piece at a time.

William Duffield is the only Duffield in 1820 Wash. Co., Ind., p.203.
He's aged 45 and over (born before 1765).
He has 3 females in his household:
1 aged 10 to 15. (Elenor?)
1 aged 16 to 25.(Mary Ann?)
1 aged 45 and over.

per Ind. State Library Marriage Record database:
Elenor Duffield m'd Elisha Hoggatt on 2 Nov 1823.
Mary Ann Duffield m'd John C. Evans on 10 Mar 1824.

Elisha Hoggatt's 1830 wife per census is in her 20's, so Elenor was probably (?) born closer to 1805 - the younger of the two cited above.

(John Evans lived next door in Floyd Co., Ind, and he appears to be the John Evans whose wife was in her 30's in 1830.)

In 1810, the only William Duffield that fits the above 'profile', is the William Duffield, age 45 plus, on the 1810 Dublin, Bedford Co., Penn census. He's not found in 1830.

There may be another solution to the Duffield question, but this is the only one I could find that 'fits' at all.

Phillip Hogget is 45 plus, as is his presumed wife, on the 1820 Wash. Co., Ind Census, p.224.
He's in his 60's on the 1830 Wash. Co. Census, p.325.

"Uncle John Whitlow"
The only Whitlow in 1820 Halifax Va (none in Person Co., NC then or 1830), is Washington WHITLOW, b. abt. 1788 Halifax Co., Va, d. 1873 Halifax Va; m'd 18 May 1815 Halifax Va Susanna Betsey CHILDREY, b. 1790 Halifax, Va; d. 1860 same; prob. dau of William Childrey, b.? and Ann HENSON, b.1753 Charlotte, Va.
Washington Whitlow is probably the son of Henry Whitlow, b. 1760 Halifax Va and Judith PARKER, b. 1769 Halifax, Va.

A Washington Whitlow, b.abt. 1809, who I presume to be related to the elder one, lived in Hyco Twp, Halifax Co., Va., per that 1870 census. I'm still looking for any connections to the other lines.
more later,

12-07-2005, 07:56 AM
Bill, thank you so much! You have given me new clues to look for and I appreciate it so much.

Also I found an unproven post on Genealogy.com (Hoggatt surname) that Elenor Duffield was b in 1801, still in Washington CO. IN.

I have found a William Duffield on the 1830 census in Putnam CO. IN. I have no information to go with that though.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you again, you are a wealth of information and thanks once again.

Bill Childs
12-07-2005, 02:04 PM
Something else to 'chew on'.

There were 2 Bunton/Bunten's in 1820 Halifax Co., Va, Meadsville:

p.63: William Bunton:
2 males under 10 (is one of these Wm.Henderson Bunton?)
1 male 26 to 44.
1 female under 10.
1 female 16 to 25.
6 Slaves.

p.87: William Bunten:
1 male 10 to 15.
1 male 45 or over.
1 female 45 or over.

There is no Bunton/Bunten etc, in 1810 Person Co, NC.

The Bondsman for William Bunten and Sally Jones's Marriage Bond in Person Co., NC, on 1 September 1808, was Henry Gray.

Other Person Co., NC Marriage Bonds for which Henry Gray was the Bondsman:

Nancy JONES + Paraman WILKINS, 17 Aug 1807.
Lucy JONES + Joseph WILKINS, 13 Feb 1809.
Elizabeth JONES + Richard CERNAL (prob. "Carnal"), 9 Oct 1811.
Lucey JONES + John SEAMANS, 24 Nov 1813.

Henry GRAY, b. abt. 1775 Halifax Co., Va, m'd Elizabeth TURNER.
(No record of this marriage in Person NC nor Halifax Va.)
I'm wondering if she was a Jones widow and these girls were her kids, because I can find no Jones related to this Gray line.
Of course, they may have been orphaned, but with that many kids, they were usually sent to different families.

An interesting "One World Tree" has Henry as the son of Alexander GRAY, b.1735 Scotland (detailed info listed), d.1791 Halifax Co., Va; m'd abt. 1760 Kg.Geo. Co., Va, Elizabeth FITZHUGH, b.1740 Kg.Geo. Co., Va; d. 1823 Halifax Co., Va.
Her father & mother's lines are BEVERLY & BYRD (Essex Va), BLAND (Accomack Va), RANDOLPH & ISHAM (Henrico Va).

That tree has Henry's nephew John Henry Gray, b.1792 Burke Co. (his father's family lived in 1800 Person Co), NC, d. 1871 Kemper, Ms., m'd abt. 1824 Lincoln Co., Tenn, Diana MULLINS, "b.SC", d/o Stephen MULLINS (d.Tenn) and Mary GARRETT, d/o of an OWSLEY (sometimes OWL), who was d/o a WEST, all from Va.
Stephen's mother was a SULLIVANT, d/o a PLEASANTS, d/o a HAYES. These surnames have a lot of Native components altho I can't say if these particular people were.

Henry Gray isn't on 1800 Person NC census - he was probably in Halifax Co., Va.

The 1810 Person Co., NC Census, p.129:
Henry Gray = 00010 - 20110 - 3 - 0.
household contains:
1 male 26 to 44.
2 females under 10.
1 female 16 to 25.
1 female 26 to 44.
3 Other Free Persons.
0 Slaves.

I didn't find him in 1820 Person NC Census, either.

That same "One World Tree" lists Henry's sisters:
Elizabeth, b.1777 Halifax Va, m'd Charles CUMBO, b.1790 Halifax
Sally, b.abt. 1781 Halifax Va, m'd 1) abt. 1805 Charles LEGATE and 2) 1812, Jas. LATHAM in Williamson City, Tenn.
Mary, b.abt. 1796 Halifax Va, m'd Charles KILGORE and moved to Scott and Russell Co's, Va.


12-11-2005, 06:52 PM
Hi Bill and thanks once again for your research on my behalf.

The two Buntens mentioned in the 1820 Halifax CO census are not mine. The first William Bunten owned slaves but my William
Buntin was dirt poor and according to Wm Henderson's partial diary they "had nothing." The second one doesn't seem likely either as it shows only one male between 10-15 years of age and there should have been at least three in my Wm's family. Darn it, they looked so promising too.

The Washington Whitlow you found sounds interesting and I will certainly be doing some checking to see if I can find a connection to my Buntin or Jones family. You have provided more than enough info for me to get a good start.

I have been searching intermittenly all weekend for a Jones - Gray connection that would fit the dates I have. I haven't been successful except that Henry Gray signed the marriage bond for William and Sally as you noted. I will continue to search for them and I think you are on the right track when you mentioned that Gray could have married a Jones widow.

Did you find a connection with the surname Erwin/Irwin to the name Jones? I will look in my files and send you the connection I found. Again, thank you so much for your interest and work on my lines.

Grace Newton
12-11-2005, 08:17 PM
My son-in-law, Jeffrey Jarrells, family has many Native American legends. One of his great grandmothers was a Jones and it's noted in the records that she was "part Indian". Jeff's father's family came from Pulaski Co, Va.

Eliza Anne JONES b:10 Oct 1865, Franklin Co VA;
d:27 Sep 1961, Hiwassee, Pulaski Co VA;
buried Smith, family Cemetery;
child of Shelor JONES and Nancy Ann TRAIL (Trale);
[Note: native American].

Eliza Jones married Hubbard Preston JARRELLS b:23 Apr 1860, Pulaski Co
VA; d:10 Jul 1938, Pulaski Co VA;
buried Smith, family Cemetery;

Hubbard Preston Jarrells was the son of Joseph and Elizabeth (maiden name unknow) Jarrells

Eliza Jones might be part of your Jones family. I've just started researching Jeff's family so my knowledge is limited. I know his grandmother also was supposed to be part Native American. Her name was Dorcas May MCGLOTHLIN
BORN: 2 Oct 1916 Pulaski Co VA
DIED: 27 Apr 1984 Fredericksburg Co VA
FATHER: William MCGLOTHLIN b:____.
MOTHER: Minnie SOUTHERLAND b: ____; living 2 Oct 1916, Pulaski Co VA.

Dorcus was married to "Hooker" James Preston JARRELLS
BORN: 19 Dec 1912 Pulaski Co VA
MARR: before 19(private)
DIED: 11 Sep 1967 Pulaski Co VA
BURIED: Trail Cem, Hiwassee, Pulaski Co VA

Jeff's family is full of Indian blood tales but they haven't found actual written proof. They'd like to know for sure and I've been looking for them. Anyone here have information on the Native American ties in the Jarrells with and "s" family?

Thanks in advance.

12-20-2005, 06:12 PM
Hi Grace and thanks for posting your son in law's info. They don't seem to match my info especially the dates but there could be some useful names as I get further into the Jones family. Thanks for answering and good luck in your search.

12-20-2005, 06:45 PM
Fro Bill Childs.... Bill I have found a little bit of info about the surnames Jones and Irwin interconnection. Virginia County Records by "Crizien"? Vol 8, p 32.

I can't make out the spelling as this is from an old handwritten letter and then copied poorly at that.

Bedford Morris, Warrick CO. VA. His will dated 8 May, 1774, probated 8 April 1779. names his wife: Frances, daughter Elizabeth (Jones) Irwin, son, John (Jones) Irwin. So looks like a Frances Jones was widowed perhaps and married a Bedford and the children may have gone by his last name Irwin.

Interestingly enough the daughters of my gg gf William Buntin had names of Marthey ELIZABETH and SARAH FRANCES. The oldest son of his father Wm Sr was named John.

To refresh your memory one of my gg gf's sisters, Lucy A Buntin Frye's death certificate says her mother's name was Elizabeth Irwin/Irvin (hard to make out) but their youngest brother said Sally Jones was his mother. So we're either looking at two different mothers for the family or Sally Jones and a Elizabeth Irwin were one in the same. I don't know if the above Elizabeth is the correct one that married my ggg gf Wm Buntin Sr or not however.

I am picking at straws here but this forty year + brick wall needs to be knocked down for we are all weary of chasing pipe dreams but just can't seem to give up on it. Thanks for any help from you or anyone else on here.