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screaming eagle
07-11-2002, 04:32 PM
osiyo,anybody interested in virginia indian surnames?like cherokee,crotan,pamunkey,tutelo,etc.have some interest info on morris family,lockley,holmes,banks,key,deliver,scott,dudl ey,golman,kidd,bluefoot,goss,wilson,wood,etc. for amaster list of names go to www.amonsoquath.org (http://www.amonsoquath.org) there is tons of interesting info. seeya

07-11-2002, 09:56 PM
Has all the controversy with the Amonsoquath resolved itself? There was quite a hoopla awhile back. You know how these things whip around the internet.

screaming eagle
07-26-2002, 04:53 PM
the answer is no,this will have to play it self out it will likely take 6months to 3 years but it will.a person who was on the council,but realeased has started there own tribe using the same name as the one that has been around for hundreds of years.they were in a position of trust over money grants etc.which they kept almost bankrupting the tribe.this woman who now has her own agenda,and wants gambling which true amonsoquath do not or bia services.she is claiming to be chief or uses various titles.however she also is trying to get tribal land for her plans where ever she can.it is likely she has gaming people behind her if you know what i mean.if you want to really know the truth check out both amonsoquath sites thoroughly and you be the judge.thry are likely the ones who have been running amuck! as true amonsoquath are a peaceful people now days.one last thing but most important,it has come to my attention that i have offended some of you with either a statement or a opinion.my intention is never to hurt any one i realize there are two sides to every story,and many sides to a rock.iam of the eastern tribal mix touching all the major tribal mixes in virginia,and don't love any of my tribal blood lines over the other.let us all pass the peace pipe and what will be be the will of our creator. please forgive my typing nonskills also,be well bye for now.

09-14-2002, 06:28 PM
I went to the site and it seems to be just a search engine. I am very interested in the Morris and Wood families (which are also tied into the Shiflett and Bruce families). Could you be more specific about locating this information?


09-14-2002, 11:08 PM
Clen, I just sent Screaming Eagle a message letting him know you're asking a question, he hasn't been around in a while.

S.E., sorry I missed this thread earlier. I do that sometimes. I know there are a lot of reputable Amonsoquath who have been tarnished by the actions of a few charlatans. Glad we've connected with one of the real people.

screaming eagle
09-16-2002, 01:03 PM
greetings, i hope all is well with everyone and their families,i have been enjoying the forum more as a spectator latley.its always great to see people pursuing their native roots,so many of us are related in one way or another.sorry about the amonsoquath web address i shared for sir name purposes,the site was sold to a foreign company without tribal knowledge.as you may know there is another group using the same name.i am a morris decendant of old virginia tidewater area,king&queen,middlesex,gloucster,and near by counties.morris family is tied in with many old virginia families like the bolling,bowling,morrison,mitchell,scott,bland,and thousands of others,which i will send any one who is interested,they are one the new website which will be up soon.for those who want info let me know and ill send it to you.bruce family is also one of our names.most tidewater indian decendants are of mixed indian decent,pamunkey/powhatan,tutelo,cherokee,blackfoot,delaware,and many sioun tribes.you may see sirnames you know to be also from another tribe in virginia,or n.c.,however many groups started in va or nc.if you need any specifics let me know.myggggrandmother was elizabeth key she married a squire morris,their daugther chistine morris is my gggrandmom,she married daniel lockley and their daughter was alice virginia lockley.my lockley,holmes,mitchell,lines are said to be old croatan/melungeon/tuscaora indians.let me know if i can help anyone. sincerly screaming eagle.

09-16-2002, 04:49 PM
Screaming Eagle--The surnames in my family are (among others): Wood/Woods, Bland, Morris, Powell, Shiflett (various spellings). These names are from the eastern Blue Ridge area, basically from the piedmont to what is now Shenendoah Park-- and includes Shenendoah. There were also families by the name of Standup and Goins in this same farming area that I''m pretty sure are related but researchers are looking the other way because they were identified as mulatto.


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09-16-2002, 06:12 PM
hello clen 99, goin is also in the mix as far as my family goes.morris people i understand can still be found among the buffalo ridge cherokee even today.my morris claim cherokee as their main tribe,some goss family go cherokee/blackfoot,but all claiming powhatan,pamunkey,piankatank,or tidewater groups.bland,morris,(goin,goins,going,goings,)and similar spellings are families known to be powhatan/matoaka/pocahontas decendants,not to hard to link if you connect to goin,wood, gibson,collins in va.yes they did get to the blue ridge area as well.what are your morris family first names? archer bland ring any bells?george or charles morris?remember these people traveled to were ever life could be better,some married into other tribes and triracial communities,thus some of the same sir names are found in tribes through out the u.s.these are usually very old common european sir names from old virginia.some of my other old family names are banks,johnson,griffin,collins,harris,gresham,holme s,lockley/locklie,locklea,robinson,redmon/redman,davis,cook,mitchell,white,bluefoot,kidd,key/keys,keyes,scott,langston,jordan,burt on,and many more.let i have tracked my family back to 1500 s,and in this country back to cheif powhatans village,wasnt easy beacause very few people were listed as indian.most of my indian family are listed as mulatto,tan,colored,tawny,black,white,portagees,gu ineas,crotans etc.most carried free cards,and were severly pleckerwooded! who im sure you know who that is.it makes me angry to even say his name.if you dont know ill let some one else fill you in.alot of the family left some to nc, or tenn,fl,ga,sc,tx,and some to ok,joining cherokeenation,easternband,or even the choctaw,as living on there land made you part of there nation.wel bye for now. sincerly screaming eagle.

09-16-2002, 10:20 PM
Is it just me or is this page looking funny, scrolling horizontally about 20 inches? Hard to read.

Lee, that's a very interesting thought tying the prevelance or old English surnames to the exodus of east coast Indians to more westerly tribes. Makes sense. If you're going to talk about Goins, we'll have to get Sapon1 over here.

09-16-2002, 10:45 PM
Linda--You're right. The page has gone whacko--happened sometime today because I was on about 5:30 and by the time I looked again at 6:30 the page had magically widened!

I don't know where I read this now, but there is a line of King in western VA on my father's mother's side and that a branch of this line went to Oklahoma and married into the Indian community 'out there.' Our branch had seperated before they left, but I noted it to show my aunt that while perhaps not directly NA in this line, members of the family were not completely adverse to Native cultures. She was very surprised when I shared this note with her.

08-17-2010, 12:45 PM
Hello Screaming Eagle.
My mom and I are working on locating our decendants. we have gotten as far as 1860. Now we keep hitting brick walls. The family legend, is that at one point we were apart of the Buffalo Ridge Cherokee along the blue ridge moutains in Nelson County, VA. Our Family's last name is Harris.
These are the family memebers:
Rev.Clinton Henry Harris DOB August 1,1891 DOD January 6,1953

Born in Nelson County to Stanley and Lou Harris <dob app 1860>

Rachel S.Harris DOB June 12 1891 DOD July 25,1967
Born in Nelson County to Polina and William A. Harris

Sisters Cammary Harris
Jessie Harris
Ethel Harris
Atlanta Harris
Brother Stanley Harris
John L Harris
Wife - Toni
Children - Son Worcester
Worcester's wife Doris
Children Doris and Wisteria
William Harris
Yancey Harris

The children of Rachel and Clinton:

Albert Willliam Harris - Anna Mae's father

Dorothy Gladys Harris Cooper) Arthur and James cooper

Prince Galvin Harris - Cecil father - died

Charles Edward Harris no children

Arthur Spurgeon Harris father of Joyce Carol and Brenda

Pearl Harris( Banks, Miller) Michele Banks mother Chicago

Willie Mae Harris ( Rose, Lewis) - Gail and Lydia's mother

According to my dad's birth certificate he was born in Nelson county
Like Granddaddy and Granny Harris.

The little towns in Nelson County are Shipman, RockFish and Lovington.

08-17-2010, 04:53 PM

I believe the Buffalo Ridge Cherokee are now known as the United Cherokee Indian Tribe of Virginia and are based in Amherst and Appomattox COs,VA. Their website is:


08-17-2010, 05:28 PM

I believe the Buffalo Ridge Cherokee are now known as the United Cherokee Indian Tribe of Virginia and are based in Amherst and Appomattox COs,VA. Their website is:


Oh wow Thank you so very much. We have been on a search for the Harris Family in Nelson County Virginia for quite a while.
I truely thank you for your assistance!
Kelly Harney