FREDERICK S. TRENT of Russell county Virginia, married Agatha HARPER , and settled at Gilbert's Creek, in Wyoming County, West Virginia.

#1HUMPHREY TRENT born 1806, married 1) Martha SMITH( June 11, 1825) born 1810, daughter of Thomas and Coley Smith.

Children by 1) Smith Trent born 1828 , Elizah Trent born 1829, Alex Trent born 1830, and Eldon Trent born 1832.

Humphrey married 2) Arminta Collins

Children by 2) Victoria Trent ( mar Albert Toler), Sampson Trent, Melvia Trent, female who mar Frank Hatfield, female who mar U.P.Christian, female who married George Dietrick

#2 ELI TRENT born 1809 married Mahala ELKINS born 1814

Children) Mary J. Trent 1832, Eliza Trent  1834, Margaret Trent 1836, Elizabeth Trent 1838, Frances Trent 1840, William Trent 1842, RhodyTrent 1844, Sarah Trent 1847, Floyd Trent 1849

#3FREDRICK TRENT JR. born 1811 married 1) susan CLINE, daughter of Peter Cline

Children by 1) Fleming Trent 1841, Johnson Trent 1842, Patty Trent1844, Molly Trent 1846, Smith Trent 1848, Harman Trent , Peter Trent, Allie Trent,

Frederick Trent Jr married 2) Allafair Lambert,  daughter of Jesse Lambert Sr.

Children by 2) Abe Trent, Hannah Trent, Charley Trent, Wm Floyd Trent, Arvard V. Trent, Ellen Trent, Harriett Trent, Lucinda J. Trent

#4 SUSAN TRENT born 1815 married Anderson Hatfield , son of Valentine Hatfield

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