Meredith Collins 1760-1841


Descendants of Meridith Collins

Generation No. 1

1.  MERIDITH1 COLLINS was born 1760 in Va., and died 1841 in Pike Co. KY.  He met (1) UNNAMED Bef. 1786 in NC/VA.    He met (2) MARGARET HOLLOWAY 1795 in NC/VA.  She was born 1765 in Va., and died 1812 in Floyd Co. Kentucky.  He met (3) MILLY JOHNSON Aft. 1815 in Pike Co. Ky.  She was born Bet. 1780 - 1790.



Meredith Collins appears to have been involved in three relationships of which no marriage records have been found,  altho his first wife is yet unknown, the second Mary Holloway and third Millie Johnson. The first wife was mother  of first female and Bradley both born in NC.

By the time they appear in Russell Co. Va the family has added two more unknown sons to the family. These sons are later identified as John W. Collins and Edward Collins


Collins living in areas of Russell Co. Va.1787-1819


1787-1796    No Collins found.

1797 Mar 11  Isaac Colns 1002      Lower District

1798 Apr 25  Isaac Colns 1003      Lower District

1799-1800    No Collins found.

1801         Marady Collins 1000   Upper District

1802         Valentine Colns 1001  Lower District

1803         no Collins found.

1804 May 15  Meredith Collins 1001 Upper District

1805         James Collins 1001    Lower District

1806         James Collins 1000    Lower District

1806         Meredith Collins 1001 Upper District

1807         Meredith Collins 2002 Upper District

1807         James Collins 1001    Lower District

1808         Taxes were not collected.

1809           "                       "

1810         James Collins 1001    Lower District (South District)

1811 James Collins 1002    Lower District

1812 Mar 19  Henry Collens 1001    Lower District

1812 Apr  1  James Collings 1001   Lower District

1813 line 25 James Collins 1001    Lower District

1813 line 57 Henry Collens 1001    Lower district

1814         James Collens 1001    Lower District

1815 Apr 10 Griffeth Collens 30032 Lower District

1815 Apr 10  Doury Collins 10031   Lower District

1815 Apr 27  James Collins 10025   Lower District

1816 Feb 15  Bradley Collins 1001  Lower District

1816 May 13  James Collins 1001    Lower District

1817 May  6  James Collens 1003    Lower District

1817 May  6  Bradley Collens 1001  Lower District

1818 Apr 22  Thomas Collins 1000   Upper District

1818 Mar  3  Bradley Collins 1001  Lower District

1818 Apr 16  James Colins 1002     Lower District

1818 Apr 16 George Collins jr 1000 Lower District

1818 Apr 16 George Collins Sr 1001 Lower District

1819 Apr  3  Bradley Collins 1001  Lower District

1819 Apr 10  James Collins 1002    Lower District

1819 May  3  Isaac Collens 1002    Lower District


 While in Russell Co. Archibald, James, William and a daughter and Rubeon are born. The family move to Shelby Creek south of what is today Pikeville,Ky., then named Floyd Co. KY.  After the death of "Polly"(1812) Meredith took a common law wife, believed to be of Indian bloodline,Milly Johnson. The last child was born of her.(Levi Merdy Johnson Collins)


 1776:Meredith,age 16 years, fought in the RevWar under Capt. James McDaniels in Fincastle-Montgomery Virginia. I have a record showing that Meredith, David,Lewis and George Collins all entered the RevWar on the same day and in the same district.Meredith applied for pension in Pike Co. KY however must have died before it's approval.


Meredith Collins has been accepted by DAR as a recognized patriot.  The

Society has two long form applications on him.Referances made of the following:

#1Both applications refer to Pike County, Kentucky Court Order Book A, p.161.

#2 reference on the applications which reads: "p.84

Fincastle-Montgomery Counties, Virginia Revolutionary War Records Book

Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Christiansburg, Virginia 24073."

#3Mary Kegley, "Adventures on Western Waters"

#4Mary Kegley,"Soldiers of Fincastle County, Virginia"

Hazel F. Kreinheder

Minority and Ethnic Genealogist, DAR Washington DC

HKreinheder@dar.org (Kreinheder, Hazel)


1838:Meredith was placed by court in guardianship of Richard P. Robinsonin . He was listed in court records as being "poor" and census records show he was in the Robinson household at time of census 1840Pike Co KY.


Pike Co. Court records showes several entries of Meredith taking his sons to court stating they were stealing his land. Court records show the sons agreed to take care of the aging father but father refused to live with any of them.The annals of Floyd Co Kentucky gives these records:

Charles C. Wells's Annals of Floyd County.


On page 41, Deed Book A, entry

number 29, there is this: "Jan. 1818: Indenture from William James Mayo,

Guardian, to the heirs of William Morgan, deceased, to Meredith Collins in

the amount of $24.00 for 30 acres on Shelby Creek."


On page 180, under the

June Term, Monday, the 21st day of June, 1819, there is this: "Meradith

Collins, Anguish Daggs and John Owen are exempted from paying County levies

in the future." There are also several references to "Meriday Collins." It

is likely that this is the same person.


On page 29, Deed Book A, there is

this: "May 1816: Indenture to Richard Damron from Meriday Collins in the

amount of $100.00 for 50 acres on Shelby Creek."


On page 233, Deed Book B,

there is this: "August, 1819: ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT between Muriday Collins

and William Tackett to form a partnership to try for Salt Water." There is

also one reference to a Margaret Collins.


On page 9, Deed Book A, entry

number 16, there is this: "Nov. 1809: ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT for Dissolution

of Marriage between Daniel Bence, Jr. and Mary, his wife, with Daniel Wolf,

the father of Mary Bence, of Surry County, N.C., acting as trustee for Mary

Bence. Daniel Wolf agrees to raise Lewis Bence, the child of Daniel and

Mary Bence. WITNESS: William J. Mayo, Richard Collins and Margaret Collins.


Meredith was listed on origional microfilm in 1810 as Mullato and 1820 as fpc ;  also 1830  with 2 slaves appearing to be Millie Johnson and their son.. He is also listed on many early records with his named spelled "Meridia" pronouced mur-i-day.

It is my belief Meridia was of mixed bloodline and in traceing him life backward I have reason to believe he was connection to the Occaneechi-Saponi Tribe of Virginia/North Carolina.Some researchers say he is descendant of Chief  Mahennip's Band of Saponi

  Children of MERIDITH COLLINS and UNNAMED are:

2.                i.    BRADLEY2 COLLINS, b. 1786, NC; d. Aft. 1844, Appanoose Co. ,IA.

                  ii.    AMY COLLINS, b. 1788, NC.



3.              iii.    JOHN W.2 COLLINS, b. 1797, Va/Tenn(calculated by census record); d. Aft. 1870, disappears off census,McDowell Co. WV.

4.              iv.    ARCHIBALD COLLINS, b. 1800, Russell Co. Va.; d. 1886, Roane  Co. WV.

5.               v.    EDWARD COLLINS, b. 1801, Russell Co. Va.; d. 1879, War Eagle, Mingo Co. WV.

6.              vi.    JAMES COLLINS, b. 1804, Russell Co. Va..

                vii.    FEMALE COLLINS, b. 1805.

7.            viii.    WILLIAM COLLINS, b. 1806, Russell Co. Va.; d. 1896, Nicholas Co. WV.

                 ix.    RUBEN COLLINS, b. 1808.


8.               x.    MERDY LEVI  JOHNSON2 COLLINS, b. 1815, Pike Co. KY; d. Aft. 1890, Lincoln Co. WV.

  Generation No. 2

  2.  BRADLEY2 COLLINS (MERIDITH1) was born 1786 in NC, and died Aft. 1844 in Appanoose Co. ,IA.  He married (1) JANE RAY 1817 in Orange Co. NC.    He married (2) CATHERINE BARNEY July 28, 1831 in Clay Co. Ky.    He married (3) BETSY GRIFFIN February 16, 1833 in Clay Co. Ky.    He married (4) ELIZABETH LUNSFORD September 05, 1836 in Clay Co. KY. 


  Children of BRADLEY COLLINS and JANE RAY are:

9.                i.    ANDREW3 COLLINS, b. 1811, Russell Co. Virginia.

                  ii.    JOHN COLLINS.

                 iii.    HIRAM COLLINS.

  Note: I am sure there were more children.


3.  JOHN W.2 COLLINS (MERIDITH1) was born 1797 in Va/Tenn(calculated by census record), and died Aft. 1870 in disappears off census,McDowell Co. WV.  He married (1) MARY ROARK/O'ROARK.  She was born Abt. 1812 in Harlan Co. KY, and died Aft. 1870 in McDowell Co. WV.  He married (2) LYDIA TONER/TONEY 1821 in Grainger Co. Tennessee. 


Notes for JOHN W. COLLINS:

John W. Collins was born between 1796-1800 according to census reports. He is thought to be the son of Meredith and Polly Holloway. He was married to an unknown first wife as the names of the children from first marriage was found in the family bible of his son Richard's  (by second marriage)wife.A marriage record found in Grainger County Tennessee 1812 between John W. Collins and Lydia Toner is believed to be the  first marriage. The bond was signed by Griffin Collins, believed to be the brother of Meredith Collins.The children of John & Lydia match those found in the family bible.  According to census reports he resided at Dick's Creek ( we believe in KY) near the Tug Fork of Big Sandy River.


Notes for MARY ROARK:

Mary Roark is believed to be the daughter of John Roark of Harlan County Kentucky . Mary is found in several court records of Harlan & Clay Co. Kentucky. She appears to have had several children out of wedlock . (See Raork file on home page)


Children of JOHN COLLINS and MARY ROARK are:

                   i.    ALFRED3 COLLINS, b. 1853.

10.             ii.    ARNETTA COLLINS, b. 1855, Tazewell Co. Va..

11.            iii.    RICHARD COLLINS, b. 1858, McDowell Co. WV; d. 1943, Nicholas Co. WVa..




                 iv.    JOHN3 COLLINS.

                  v.    WILLIAM COLLINS.

                 vi.    CECIL COLLINS.

                vii.    BENJAMIN COLLINS.

               viii.    JACOB COLLINS.

                 ix.    MARGARET COLLINS.

                  x.    IRA COLLINS.

  4.  ARCHIBALD2 COLLINS (MERIDITH1) was born 1800 in Russell Co. Va., and died 1886 in Roane  Co. WV.  He married MARGARET COATS 1824 in Pike Co KY.  She was born 1800 in Va., and died 1882 in Roane Co. WV.



Notes:  Archibald was listed as a taxpayer with no land and one

        horse in the 1823 first tax list of Pike Co., KY.  Arch and Peggy moved

        from Kentucky in the early 1840s to Logan Co., [W]VA.  Apparently most of

        his brothers and sisters left KY at about this time, probably after their

        father's estate was settled.  Then, in 1856, Archibald moved on to the

        Middle fork of Big Sandy Creek, Roane Co., VA (Now WV).  He received a

        grant of 150 acres of land from the state of Virginia (Roane Co. Deed

        Book 9, p.125).  The area where they settled is now known as Collins

        Branch.  He apparently spent the rest of his life there.

        According to Family Recollections by Marilyn Jarvis the Collins were

        leather craftsmen, making boots, leggings, shoes and operating a tannery.



                   i.    MATILDA3 COLLINS, b. 1839, Pike Co. Ky.

                  ii.    ELIZA JANE COLLINS, b. 1828, Pike Co. KY; m. WALTER GEORGE; b. 1826, Roane Co. WV.

12.            iii.    JOHN WESLEY COLLINS, b. 1833, Pike Co. KY; d. 1907, Nicholas Co. WV.

                 iv.    LUCINDA COLLINS, b. 1834.

                  v.    RESSEE COLLINS, b. 1836.

                 vi.    EUROKIA "YORKIE" COLLINS, b. 1844.

                vii.    EUVA JENNY COLLINS, b. 1845.

13.          viii.    HENRY NEWBERRY COLLINS, b. 1848, Jackson Co. WV; d. 1929, Birch River ,WV.

                 ix.    WASHINGTON COLLINS, b. 1851.


  5.  EDWARD2 COLLINS (MERIDITH1) was born 1801 in Russell Co. Va., and died 1879 in War Eagle, Mingo Co. WV.  He married (1) POLLY BLACKBURN BRYANT.    He married (2) ANNA JUSTICE 1834 in Pike Co. KY, daughter of SIMEON JUSTICE and KIZZIE SALSBURY.  She was born 1816 in KY, and died 1891 in Pike Co. KY.


1860 Pike Co. KY census showes that children : # 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 are listed as TAYLOR and on later census the names are changed to COLLINS.



                   i.    EDWARD3 COLLINSJR., b. 1833.

                  ii.    ISHAM COLLINS.

  Children of EDWARD COLLINS and ANNA JUSTICE are:

                 iii.    NANCY3 COLLINS, b. 1833.

                 iv.    ARMINTA COLLINS, b. 1838; m. JAMES ROBERTS.

                  v.    WILLIAM COLLINS, b. 1840.

14.            vi.    JOHN WILEY COLLINS, b. 1843, Va.; d. 1923, Nicholas Co. WV.

                vii.    L TAYLOR COLLINS, b. 1846.

               viii.    SARVILDA TAYLOR COLLINS, b. 1848, Virginia.

                 ix.    JACK TAYLOR COLLINS, b. 1849, Virginia.

                  x.    MARY TAYLOR COLLINS, b. 1850, Virginia; m. CAP HATFIELD.

15.            xi.    HIRAM TAYLOR COLLINS, b. 1855, Knox Creek,Tazewell Co. Virginia; d. 1933, Buckhannon Co. Va..

  6.  JAMES2 COLLINS (MERIDITH1) was born 1804 in Russell Co. Va..  He married (2) SUSAN HOLLOWAY 1824 in Pike Co. Ky.  She was born 1810, and died 1833.  He married (3) UNKNOWN Bef. 1849. 



                   i.    SETH D.3 COLLINS, b. 1826.

                  ii.    MARGARET COLLINS, b. 1828.

                 iii.    SUSANNA COLLINS, b. 1833.

  NOTE: Research showes a second marriage so possibly more children.

        Children of JAMES COLLINS and UNKNOWN are:

                 iv.    VIRGINIA3 COLLINS, b. 1849.

                  v.    MARY COLLINS, b. 1854.

                 vi.    WILLIAM COLLINS, b. 1857.

  7.  WILLIAM2 COLLINS (MERIDITH1) was born 1806 in Russell Co. Va., and died 1896 in Nicholas Co. WV.  He married (1) MARY MULLINS 1829 in Pike Co KY, daughter of WILLIAM MULLINS and MARY.  She was born 1811 in KY, and died 1860 in KY.  He married (2) MARYANN HATFIELD 1860 in Logan Co. Va, daughter of JOSEPH HATFIELD and NANCY EVANS. 

        Children of WILLIAM COLLINS and MARY MULLINS are:

16.              i.    WILLIAM3 COLLINS, b. 1830, Pike Co. KY; d. 1905, Nicholas Co. WV.

                  ii.    LUCINDA COLLINS, b. 1832; m. ISSAC LAMBERT.

                 iii.    PRICY COLLINS, b. 1834; d. 1850, Pike Co KY.



Pricy Collins at age 16 became pregrant out of wedlock. Her father being  a strong

primitive Baptist minister came down hard on her. She was so emotionally disturbed that she hung herself.


                 iv.    MATILDA COLLINS, b. 1836, Russell Co. Va.; d. 1920, Todd Co. MN; m. JACOB CLINE, 1852, Logan Co. WV.

17.             v.    LOUISA COLLINS, b. 1839, Russell Co. Va.; d. 1881, McDowell Co. WV.

                 vi.    JOHN COLLINS, b. 1843, Tazewell Co Va; d. 1880, McDowell Co. WV.

                vii.    ARVID COLLINS, b. 1846, Tazewell Co Va.; m. SARAH MULLINS.

               viii.    FLOYD COLLINS, b. 1850.

18.            ix.    ARMINDA COLLINS, b. 1852, Pike Co KY; d. 1926, Wyoming Co. Va.

                  x.    SAMPSON COLLINS, b. 1854, Pike Co KY; d. 1942, Lewis Co. Wash.; m. FLORANCE MAINARD, 1880, Logan Co. WV.




19.            xi.    SAMUEL3 COLLINS, b. 1861, Pike Co KY; d. 1937, Multnomah Co.,Oregon.

20.           xii.    TOBIAS ARCHIBALD COLLINS, b. 1864, Pike Co KY; d. 1914, Lewis Co. Wash..

21.          xiii.    NANCY JANE COLLINS, b. 1865, Pike Co KY; d. 1918, Nicholas Co. WV.

22.          xiv.    AARON COLLINS, b. 1868, Pike Co KY; d. 1924, Cassia Co ID.

                xv.    LEVI ANCEL COLLINS, b. 1872, Pike Co KY; d. 1897, NIcholas Co. WV.

23.          xvi.    LOUEMMA M COLLINS, b. 1874, Pike Co KY; d. 1968, NIcholas Co. WV.



8.  MERDY LEVI  JOHNSON2 COLLINS (MERIDITH1) was born 1815 in Pike Co. KY, and died Aft. 1890 in Lincoln Co. WV.  He married NANCY JOHNSON 1836 in Pike Co. Kentucky.  She was born 1815 in Scott Co. Virginia, and died Aft. 1884 in Lincoln Co. WV.



AKA Levi Collins



According to family tradition Nancy was Cherokee, her father born in Tennessee, and her mother born in Kentucky.

Framily tradition tells that Nancy used to ride a bull from Hart's Creek , along the Drawdy Creek to Charleston where she bought salt.



                   i.    MINBY3 COLLINS, b. 1837; d. 1856.

                  ii.    DEBBY COLLINS, b. 1840; m. JOSHUA WELLS.

                 iii.    WILLIAM P. COLLINS, b. 1841; d. Aft. 1915; m. SUSEY.



William Collins son of Levi along with his two brothers,Fransis & James, and father Levi joined the 34th Battalion, Virginia Calvary. They were on the Jones-Imbroden raid into WV, and pro-

tected LEE durning his retreat from Gettsburg. Levi was promoted to Captain and commanded about 40 men,  at Rheastown, Tenn. in October 1863.

Fransis was shot in the forearm and captured at Rheastown, Tennessee in October 1863  He was imprisioned in Camp Chase at Columbus, Ohio

Brother James L. Polk Collins died of fever at Hart's Creek, WV in 1863.

 In early 1864 Levi was shot through the knee. After the war William P. Collins moved to Kentucky and recieved a pension beginning in 1915.


                 iv.    FRANSIS MARION COLLINS, b. 1842; d. 1925; m. MARY TOMBLIN.

                  v.    THERESA COLLINS, b. 1844.

                 vi.    JAMES L.POLK COLLINS, b. 1846; d. 1863, Hart's Creek, WV  (fever).



James L Polk Collins , went by the name of Polk Collins. He entered the Civil war with his father and two brothers in 1861 or 1862. ( see William) Near the end of the war Polk caught the fever and died 1863 at Hart's Creek. He was probably buried there and that is probably why Levi and Nancy settled in the same area in 1866.


                vii.    PRESTON COLLINS, b. 1850; m. MARGARET THOMPSON.

24.          viii.    JOHNSON LEWIS COLLINS, b. 1852; d. 1918.

                 ix.    RICHARD J COLLINS, b. 1853; m. SARAH ANN LUCAS.

                  x.    JANE COLLINS, b. 1856; m. OSCAR LAMBERT.


Generation No. 3

  9.  ANDREW3 COLLINS (BRADLEY2, MERIDITH1) was born 1811 in Russell Co. Virginia.  He married BETSY SIZEMORE 1830. 

        Children of ANDREW COLLINS and BETSY SIZEMORE are:

                   i.    LEWIS4 COLLINS, b. 1837, Clay Co. Kentucky.

                  ii.    SAMSON COLLINS, b. 1841, Chariton Co.MO.

                 iii.    ARCHIBALD DAVID COLLINS, b. 1844, Chariton Co., Mo; m. LAVINA.


  10.  ARNETTA3 COLLINS (JOHN W.2, MERIDITH1) was born 1855 in Tazewell Co. Va..


Children of ARNETTA COLLINS are:

25.              i.    RICHARD4 COLLINS, b. 1864, KY; d. Jodie,WV Fayette Co..

                  ii.    CHRISTINE COLLINS, b. 1878.


  11.  RICHARD3 COLLINS (JOHN W.2, MERIDITH1) was born 1858 in McDowell Co. WV, and died 1943 in Nicholas Co. WVa..  He married FIDELLA DOWNTAIN DONELLSON January 27, 1884 in Nicholas Co. WVa., daughter of JAMES/HENRY DONELLSON and CATHERINE TAYLOR.  She was born December 29, 1865 in Nicholas Co. WV, and died 1936 in Nicholas Co. WV.



Richard Collins my ggrandfather was born in 1858 McDowell Co. WV. He lived with his mother, father John W. and brother, Alfred,and sister Arnetta. at a place called Dick's Creek.It is possible they lived on the WV/KY border with land in both states. Dick's Fork is a steam close to Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River where William Collins s/o Meredith Collins , owned and operated a gristmill. William Collins married 1. Mary Mullins, and 2, MaryAnn Hatfield.  William moved to Nicholas Co. WV and a few years later Richard went to live with his uncle.It was in Nicholas Co. Grandpa Richard meet and married Fidella Donnelson my ggrandmother.



GGrandma Fidella was raised as a Donnelson but as her children grew older she told them her father was really a  Milam from Craigville, WV. Rumors in the family her father was Andrew Milam from Craigsville area.



26.              i.    ALVIN LLOYD4 COLLINS, b. 1885, Cherry Bottoms, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1987, Nicholas Co. WV.

27.             ii.    SHERMAN ARTHUR COLLINS, b. 1887, Beaver, Nicholas Co.; d. 1973, Tisedale,Canada.

28.            iii.    MELVIN CLARK COLLINS, b. July 13, 1889, Beaver, Nicholas Co. WV; d. January 29, 1922, Webster Co. WV.

29.            iv.    VERGIE MAY COLLINS, b. 1891, Beaver, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1971, Fenwick,Nicholas Co. WV.

30.             v.    ERVIN WALKER COLLINS, b. May 21, 1893, Cherry Bottoms, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1964, Fenwick Mountain,Nicholas Co. WV.

31.            vi.    ALTA LEO COLLINS, b. 1897, Nicholas Co. WV.

32.           vii.    GOLDIE ENA COLLINS, b. 1899, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1930, Logan Co. WV.

33.          viii.    EUVA ALICE COLLINS, b. 1902, Richwood, WV Nicholas Co.; d. 1994, Richwood, WV Nicholas Co..

34.            ix.    ELMER HARLAN COLLINS, b. 1904, Fenwick WV, Nicholas Co.; d. 1978.

35.             x.    CLERANCE OSCAR COLLINS, b. 1907, Fenwick, WV,Nicholas Co.; d. 1999, Nicholas Co. WV.

36.            xi.    ORETTA COLLINS, b. 1909, Fenwick,WVNicholas Co.; d. 1985.


  12.  JOHN WESLEY3 COLLINS (ARCHIBALD2, MERIDITH1) was born 1833 in Pike Co. KY, and died 1907 in Nicholas Co. WV.  He married (1) FANNY CADLE 1861 in Roan Co. WC.    He married (2) LYDIA RIFFE 1873 in Nicholas Co. WV, daughter of GABRIEL RIFFE and MARTHA EVANS.  She was born 1849 in McDowell Co. WV, and died 1938 in Montesano,Washington.


Children of JOHN COLLINS and FANNY CADLE are:

                   i.    JAMES RUSSELL4 COLLINS, b. 1863, Roane Co. WV; m. MELINDA SUSAN GOFF.

                  ii.    WILLIAM JASPER COLLINS, b. 1866, Roane  Co. WV; m. NANCY WILSON.


        Children of JOHN COLLINS and LYDIA RIFFE are:

                 iii.    JOHN BUNYON4 COLLINS, b. 1875.

                 iv.    EILOT C. COLLINS, b. 1877.

                  v.    GEORGE W. COLLINS, b. 1880.

                 vi.    SARAH MARGARET COLLINS, b. 1881.

                vii.    LAVERNA COLLINS, b. 1883.

               viii.    WILLIAM LEE COLLINS.

                 ix.    CASANDER COLLINS.

                  x.    RUTH VIRGINIA COLLINS, b. 1892.

                 xi.    FLOYD COLLINS, b. 1896.

                xii.    BETTIE COLLINS.


  13.  HENRY NEWBERRY3 COLLINS (ARCHIBALD2, MERIDITH1) was born 1848 in Jackson Co. WV, and died 1929 in Birch River ,WV.  He married (1) ALICE UPTON.  She was born 1849, and died 1896.  He married (2) SUSAN FRAME 1897 in Nicholas Co. WV.  She was born 1872.

        Children of HENRY COLLINS and ALICE UPTON are:

                   i.    YORKEY ALICE4 COLLINS, b. 1873.

                  ii.    GARY E. COLLINS, b. 1875.

                 iii.    ALMA COLLINS.

                 iv.    WAITMAN T. COLLINS, b. 1878.

                  v.    MARGARET COLLINS, b. 1881.

                 vi.    WILLIAM CARY COLLINS, b. 1892.


        Children of HENRY COLLINS and SUSAN FRAME are:

                vii.    EXIE MAXINE4 COLLINS.

               viii.    JOSEPH COLLINS.

                 ix.    LUCINDA COLLINS.

                  x.    JOHN COLLINS.


  14.  JOHN WILEY3 COLLINS (EDWARD2, MERIDITH1) was born 1843 in Va., and died 1923 in Nicholas Co. WV.  He married DICEY MULLINS 1866 in Louisa KY.  She was born 1849, and died 1920 in nicholas Co. WV.



                   i.    ISHAM4 COLLINS, b. 1868, Pike Co. KY; d. 1939, Nicholas Co. WV; m. AMAMDA WHITT SMITH, 1888.

                  ii.    HIRAM COLLINS, b. 1871, WV; d. 1942, Nicholas Co. WV; m. (1) SAMATHA JACKSON; m. (2) NANCY PIERSON, 1889.

                 iii.    FRANCES COLLINS, b. 1872; m. CASSADOR GADD, 1893.

                 iv.    ANNIE COLLINS, b. 1877, BuckannonCo. WV; d. 1899, Nicholas Co. WV; m. ALFRED BAKER, 1896.

                  v.    ABRAHAM COLLINS, b. 1878, Lincoln Co. WV; d. 1963; m. MAGGIE SPINKS, 1902.

                 vi.    JACOB COLLINS, b. 1883, Lincoln Co. WV; m. MARTHA HOLMS, 1906.

                vii.    VIOLA COLLINS, b. 1886; d. 1965, NIcholas Co. WV; m. WILLIAM, 1899.

               viii.    WALTER COLLINS, b. 1888; d. 1933, Buchannon Co. Virginia; m. LILLIE WOODALL.

                 ix.    VICTORIA COLLINS, b. 1891, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1972, Lewisburg,Greenbrier Co. WV; m. JOHN Q. WOODALL, 1913.

                  x.    ROSANNA COLLINS, b. 1891, Nicholas Co. WV.

                 xi.    ARABELLA COLLINS, b. 1893, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1986, NIcholas Co. WV; m. (1) AC GARTEN; m. (2) DAVID TRIMBLE, 1912.


  15.  HIRAM TAYLOR3 COLLINS (EDWARD2, MERIDITH1) was born 1855 in Knox Creek,Tazewell Co. Virginia, and died 1933 in Buckhannon Co. Va..  He married KIZZAH JUSTICE 1879 in Buchannon Co. Virginia, daughter of JAMES JUSTICE and ELIZABETH DAVIS.  She was born 1861 in Virginia, and died 1906 in Birch River, Nicholas Co. WV.



                   i.    LETTIE LOUISE4 COLLINS, b. 1880, Hurley,Buchanon Co. Virginia; d. 1967, Greenville, Pa; m. GENERAL HENDRICKS WOLFORD, 1906.

                  ii.    JOHNNY EDWARD COLLINS, b. 1883, Hurley,Buchanon Co. Virginia; d. BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV; m. FLORA FRAME.

                 iii.    GEORGE COLLINS, b. 1885, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1885, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV.

                 iv.    JAMES RILEY COLLINS, b. 1887, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1964, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV; m. VIOLA MAY COLLINS.

                  v.    PAULINE MAE COLLINS, b. 1890, Hurley , Buchanon Co. Virginia; d. 1949, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV; m. LANTIE HUGHES.

                 vi.    WILLIAM HARMON COLLINS, b. 1893, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1965, Uniontown,Pa; m. GERTRUDE BOWEN.

                vii.    ASHVILLE HARVEY COLLINS, b. 1895, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1974, Chittanooga,New York; m. ERTHA ROSE.

               viii.    CLARA ADA COLLINS, b. 1898, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1994, Summersville,Nicholas Co. WV; m. IRA WARD FACEMIRE, 1921, Nicholas Co. WV.

                 ix.    SYTHA VADA COLLINS, b. 1901, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1972, Covington, Virginia; m. FRANKLIN FISHER.

                  x.    ARMINTA M. COLLINS, b. 1903, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1986, Weston,Wva.; m. ERNEST WARD FACEMIRE.

                 xi.    LEFTRIDGE COLLINS, b. 1906, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1906, BirchRiver,Nicholas Co. WV.


  16.  WILLIAM3 COLLINS (WILLIAM2, MERIDITH1) was born 1830 in Pike Co. KY, and died 1905 in Nicholas Co. WV.  He married NANCY LAMBERT 1851 in Tazewell County,Virginia, daughter of PHILLIP SR. and REBECCA MORGAN.  She was born 1830 in Tazewell Co. Va., and died 1897 in Nicholas Co. WV.



37.              i.    LOUISA JANE4 COLLINS, b. 1853, Pike Co. KY; d. 1937, Mosseyrock, Lewis Co. Wash..

                  ii.    REBECCA COLLINS, b. 1856.

                 iii.    JOHN COLLINS, b. 1858.

                 iv.    EMILY COLLINS, b. 1859.

38.             v.    WILLIAM FLOYD COLLINS, b. February 22, 1864, McDowell Co. VA/WV; d. August 16, 1948, Odell, Crawford Co. Ark.

                 vi.    HIRAM LAMBERT COLLINS, b. 1865.

                vii.    NANCY COLLINS, b. 1867.

               viii.    PHILLIP COLLINS, b. 1873.

                 ix.    LILLY COLLINS, b. 1876.

                  x.    JAMES MULLINS COLLINS, b. 1878.


  17.  LOUISA3 COLLINS (WILLIAM2, MERIDITH1) was born 1839 in Russell Co. Va., and died 1881 in McDowell Co. WV.  She married HIRAM A. LAMBERT 1866 in Logan Co. WV, son of PHILLIP LAMBERT and REBECCA MORGAN.  He was born 1838 in Tazewell Co. Va., and died 1928 in Randle,Washington.



39.              i.    AMANDA4 LAMBERT, b. 1879, McDowell Co. WV; d. 1933, Randell ,Washington.


  18.  ARMINDA3 COLLINS (WILLIAM2, MERIDITH1) was born 1852 in Pike Co KY, and died 1926 in Wyoming Co. Va.  She married HUMPHRY TRENT 1874 in Logan Co. WV, son of FREDRICK TRENT and AGATHA HARPER. 



                   i.    LAURA JANE4 TRENT, b. 1875.

                  ii.    SAMPSON TRENT, b. 1876.

                 iii.    JOHN MELVIN TRENT, b. 1877.

                 iv.    HOWARD ANCEL TRENT, b. 1879.

                  v.    LEONA TRENT, b. 1880.

                 vi.    VIOLA TRENT, b. 1882.

                vii.    ANNA TRENT, b. 1885.

               viii.    SAMANTHA TRENT, b. 1886.


  19.  SAMUEL3 COLLINS (WILLIAM2, MERIDITH1) was born 1861 in Pike Co KY, and died 1937 in Multnomah Co.,Oregon.  He married NEBRASKA CUTLIP 1891 in Webster Co. WV. 



                   i.    LUCRETIA ROSE4 COLLINS, b. 1892, Webster Co. WVa.; d. 1980.

                  ii.    THOMAS COLLINS.

                 iii.    GERTRUDE LEONE COLLINS, b. 1896; d. 1988.

40.            iv.    WILLIAM HOBART COLLINS, b. 1898, WV; d. January 28, 1984, Multnomah Co Or..

                  v.    HERMAN ELMA COLLINS, b. 1899.

                 vi.    EULA IRENE COLLINS, b. 1899, WVa.; d. 1988, Portland, Oregon; m. RUSSELL WOODYARD CONLEY, February 28, 1928, Portland, Oregon.


  20.  TOBIAS ARCHIBALD3 COLLINS (WILLIAM2, MERIDITH1) was born 1864 in Pike Co KY, and died 1914 in Lewis Co. Wash..  He married REBECCA HOLCOMB 1899 in NIcholas Co. WV. 



                   i.    LAWRENCE E.4 COLLINS, b. 1900.

                  ii.    ZELLA LOREEN COLLINS, b. 1901.

                 iii.    EDWARD REGINALD COLLINS, b. 1902.

                 iv.    ROY ORA COLLINS, b. 1912.


  21.  NANCY JANE3 COLLINS (WILLIAM2, MERIDITH1) was born 1865 in Pike Co KY, and died 1918 in Nicholas Co. WV.  She married THOMAS BLANKENSHIP 1883 in Logan Co. Va.  He died 1918 in NIcholas Co. WV.



                   i.    GROVER CLEVELAND4 BLANKENSHIP, b. 1884.

                  ii.    WILLIE ROSCOE BLANKENSHIP, b. 1886, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1886, Nicholas Co. WV.

                 iii.    LOUISA BLANKENSHIP, b. 1887, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1967; m. PARIS ANDERSON HERALD.


  22.  AARON3 COLLINS (WILLIAM2, MERIDITH1) was born 1868 in Pike Co KY, and died 1924 in Cassia Co ID.  He married MARGARET SHEPHERD 1888 in NIcholas Co. WV. 



                   i.    LEVI HARRISON4 COLLINS, b. 1890, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1972, Multnomah Co Or.; m. ELEANOR WALTERS, Pierce Co. Wa..

                  ii.    EDWARD H. COLLINS, b. 1892, Cassia, ID; d. 1961.

                 iii.    ERBA COLLINS, b. 1894, Cassia Co. Id.; d. 1986; m. FRED SORENSON.

                 iv.    MARY NYDA COLLINS, b. 1896.

                  v.    ALICE ADA COLLINS, b. 1898, Cassia Co. Id.; d. 1954; m. RONALD ARCHIBALD ROSS.

                 vi.    MYRTLE COLLINS, b. 1901.

                vii.    MARIAN COLLINS, b. 1901.

               viii.    HENRY CLAY COLLINS, b. 1904.

                 ix.    ROXIE COLLINS, b. 1907.

                  x.    GEORGE ALBERT COLLINS, b. 1910.


  23.  LOUEMMA M3 COLLINS (WILLIAM2, MERIDITH1) was born 1874 in Pike Co KY, and died 1968 in NIcholas Co. WV.  She married THOMAS WILSON 1893 in NIcholas Co. WV. 



                   i.    ELSIE4 WILSON.

                  ii.    LOUEMMA WILSON.

                 iii.    EULALIA WILSON.


  24.  JOHNSON LEWIS3 COLLINS (MERDY LEVI  JOHNSON2, MERIDITH1) was born 1852, and died 1918.  He married PRICY (MULLINS) ROBERTS. 



                   i.    EDWARD4 COLLINS, b. 1879.

                  ii.    ALICE COLLINS, b. 1881.

41.            iii.    ANTHONY COLLINS, b. 1886.

                 iv.    LOUISA COLLINS, b. 1887.

                  v.    TOLBERT COLLINS, b. 1893.

  Generation No. 4

  25.  RICHARD4 COLLINS (ARNETTA3, JOHN W.2, MERIDITH1) was born 1864 in KY, and died in Jodie,WV Fayette Co..  He married MARGARETTE BLANKENSHIP.  She was born 1893 in KY.



AQccording to Bessie Santee Collins McClung  there is no marker for Richard Collins at the Simms Cenetary in Swiss, WVa. 1998 vist found no Collins markers there.



According to Bessie Santee Collins McClung Margarette is probably buried in Ohio. She was listed on Pike Co. census of 1920


42.              i.    ARNETTA LUCINDA5 COLLINS, d. Ohio.

                  ii.    MARGARET COLLINS, m. ________HOLT.

                 iii.    RICHARD ALVIN COLLINS.

43.            iv.    VICTORIA COLLINS, d. Plant City Fl..

44.             v.    MARIE COLLINS, b. 1908; d. 1971.

                 vi.    NETTLESTON COLLINS, b. 1911.

                vii.    ROSCOE M COLLINS, b. 1914.

45.          viii.    VIVIAN COLLINS, b. 1914.

                 ix.    EDNA COLLINS, b. 1918.

                  x.    WILLIE H. COLLINS, b. December 09, 1919, Pike Co KY; d. November 23, 1970, Ansted,WVa.; m. (1) BESSIE BEATRICE SANTEE; m. (2) BARBARA MASON, Texas.



This marriage didn't last long. We have no information on their son Barry Collins

  My line followes Richard Collins ,son of John W. Collins & Mary Roark.   ( great grandparents )

              Ervin Walker Collins  SR son of Richard & Fidella Donellson Collins ( grandparents )

              Ervin Walker Collins Jr. & Zelma Z. Bennett-Godfrey   ( parents )