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The Life and Adventures

The Famous Hunter and Trapper of White Top Mountain
Early History of Southwestern Virginia
Sufferings of the Pioneers, Etc., Etc.

By Charles B. Coale
For Thirty-three years editor of the Abingdon Virginian.


This book, except that portion of it illustrating he life and adventures of Wilburn Waters, the great hermit hunter and trapper, comprises a series of articles written for a weekly newspaper, partly for pastime, and partly to preserve for the use of the future historian a few facts connected with the early settlement of Southwestern virginia, and which otherwise might have been lost. These facts, together with attempted descriptions of various localities, and all that the book contains, have the merit at lease of being true. Being thus hastily thrown together, without revision or systematic arrangement, the author's only apology is, that it reappears in this form at the urgent solicitation of a great number of persons who read the articles as they appeared in the "Abingdon Virginian," and who thought them worthy of preservation.

With no further apology or explanation, this little volume of "multifarious small things" is thrown into the tide of current literature, not without hope that it may afford a few hours' pleasant pastime at the fireside of the mountaineer, and some of its facts form the nucleus of a much more comprehensive work by an abler pen, embodying the history of our own beautiful Southwest Virginia.


Chapter I. -- Description of White Top Mountain, near Which, Forty-five Years Ago, Wilburn Waters Selected the Spot for his Cabin, and Where, Except at Short Intervals, He Has Ever Since Resided

Chapter II -- Birth, Parentage, Nativity, and Early Orphanage of Wilburn Waters

Chapter III - The Indian Nature Developed--Lying Out There Months--First Schooling--His Great Strength and Activity.

Chapter IV -- His First Wolf-Hunting

Chapter V - Adventure with A Wounded Buck

Chapter VI - Experience at A Camp-Meeting With a New Hat

Chapter VII - In a Close Place With a Large Wounded Bear

Chapter VIII - An Exciting Wolf-Hunt In Black Mountain

Chapter IX - Four Bears in One Tree

Chapter X - Fight With a Bear on the Brink of A Precipice

Chapter XI - A Bear Hunt in the Iron Mountain

Chapter XII - An Adventure With a Mad Wolf

Chapter XIII - Adventure With a Four-Pronged Buck in the Holston

Chapter XIV - Another Adventure with a Wounded Buck

Chapter XV - Amusing Adventures with Bears

Chapter XVI - First White Settler in Southwestern Virginia

Chapter XVII - The Abingdon of Modern Times

Chapter XVIII - The Brief History of Washington County, Its Organization, Etc.

Chapter XIX - General Campbell's Adventure with a Daring Tory

Chapter XX - Southwestern Virginia - Its Topography and Resources

Chapter XXI - The Soils of Washington County - Products - Ancient and Modern Mode of Farming

Chapter XXII - A Brief History of the Saltworks of Southwestern Virginia - Their Management, Revenues, Etc.

Chapter XXIII - A Jaunt into Tazewell County, With A Description of Some of Its Romantic Scenes and Natural Curiosities

Chapter XXIV - An Indian Incursion at Abingdon and Incidents in Pioneer Life

Chapter XXV - A Race for Life -- Indian Depredations of the Holston

Chapter XXVI - A Thrilling Narrative of Katy Sage, the Lost Child of Grayson

Chapter XXVII - The Abductor of Katy Sage -- The Horse-Thief's Revenge.

Chapter XXVIII - The Pioneers of Castle's Woods and Troubles With the Indians

Chapter XXIX - Troubles of the Early Settlers

Chapter XXX - The Battle of Long Island Flats

Chapter XXXI - Remarkable Incidents in Pioneer Life

Chapter XXXII - A Singular Incident in the Life of Hon. William C. Preston

Chapter XXXIII- Massacre and captivity of the pioneers of Abb's Valley

Chapter XXXIV - The Massacre of Archibald Scott and His Children, and the Captivity of His Wife

Chapter XXXV - Brief History of Two Colleges

Chapter XXXVI - Incidents of the War

Chapter XXXVII - The Streams and Springs of Washington County

Chapter XXXVIII - Story of a Haunted Ball Room

Chapter XXXIX - Monticello and Its Surroundings

Chapter XL - Baron Teu Beuf, The French Nobleman who Settled in Russell County Near the Close of the Last Century.

Chapter XLI - The Natural Bridge of Scott

Chapter XLII - Brief History of Religious Organizations in Southwestern Virginia, and The First Ministers--Memoirs of Rev. Charles Cummings

Chapter XLIII - The Introduction of Methodism into Southwestern Virginia, with the Names of the First Ministers of that Denomination.

Chapter XLIV - The First Baptist Church in the Holston Settlements, and its Pioneer Ministers

Chapter XLV - Brief Description of Caney Valley

Chapter XLVI - History of the Weeping Willow

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