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I am your host, Brenda Collins DillonWELCOME

My family lines are deeply rooted in the mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky. They are a mixture of White, Black, Indian, and Melungeon. My search has gone from the State of Washington, in the West,  to Virginia and North Carolina in the East. I married a man from Massachusetts,  so my children are descendants of the Sampson & Standish & Alden lines off the Mayflower.  

Bloodlines are important but there are also those  lines that are not related by blood but have raised us and left inside us the morals , and characteristics that make us who we are today. My mother was adopted when she was two days old and raised by a wonderful loving couple that had no other children. My stepfather was orphaned at six weeks and tossed from one family member to another until he was old enough or big enough to work. I was a child without a daddy until my mother married and that gentle man raised me as his own. Yes, these lines are not blood kin , but just as important.





The material on these pages are an ongoing research. I have tried where at all possible to verify and state sources, but I am human, and human s make mistakes. The material is placed here and may be copied and used for your own personal use HOWEVER, it is NOT to be copied and used on other websites nor published in a book without the permission of the author. Since a lot of my material has been shared with me, by permission of others,  perhaps  it would be best to LINK to my information.