I have been doing genealogy/family history for over 30 years. Over these 30 years I have met many people and even found a few new cousins I didn't know I had. I would like to take this time to mention many of those people that have helped me over the years. Please forgive if I have forgotten anybody. Thanks for caring and sharing.

Zelma Bennett mother, she got me interested in family research while searching for her natural parents. She was adopted.

Pearl Collins aunt who shared stories about my father's side of the family.

Archetta Spencer Bailey..... my first cousin who shared much on the Collins /Spencer lines

Clarence great uncle who had a real talent of telling stories.

Eula Collins Conley.......a true historian of the Collins line.

Betty Scott....... also from the Meredith Collins line.

Virginia Dale Hutsell .......from the Spencer line. Virginia has shared pictures, documents and always been there not only to share information but just be a friend.

Jean Ring and her brother Dale Bennett

Fidella Nash Shoulders

William Martin...........cousin through the Williams line. Wm and I first met in the genealogy chat rooms on AOL. He encouraged me to start a website and always had time to work with me. Without his help this website would not be.

Frankie Blackburn......another Collins descendant. We both feel that our lines connect but have never found the link. Wm (above) Frankie, and I put up the first Appalachian Mountain Families website and started the yahoo groups list ( appalachianfamily) which today has over 800 members.

Linda Carter......has shared her knowledge of Native Americans and helped me in my journey to find the truth of my heritage.

Glenda Breakman

Louise Vore

Rhoda Robertson

Shirley Bobert

Brent Kennedy

Jack Goins....... author, researcher of the Melungeon People. Jack has shared much with me over the years and I am honored to call him my friend.

Mary Ann Merritt

Joan Hackworth

Carole Plymale.......It took 28 years , almost 12 years after my mother passed away,  to find Carole. Carole is from my mother's natural line. Mother searched for years and found very little. Carole filled in so much of Mother's Perry, Lyons, Fisher, and Marks lines and I found a cousin.

Tom Stephenson

Garry Burns

Karen Kessler

Govind Sanyal

Millie Sinnett

Penny Furgenson

Richard Haithcock

Rodney Veitschegger, Bowling Green, KY