This timeline, authored by Frankie Blackburn and myself, was put together in 1997 and has been a basic tool in research for early Collins men. We have always maintained that it may be used for personal use by not to be sold or placed in publication of any book without permission from us.

 Brenda & Frankie


<-----1742-1790----> TIMELINE for COLLINS in NC, TN,VA. Ky 1742 Orange Co VA 27 Jan 1742 Thursday the xxviith day of January MDCCXLIII "Alexander Machartoon, John Bowling, Manicassa, Capt. Tom, Isaac, Harry, Blind Tom, Foolish Jack, Charles Griffin, John Collins, Little Jack. Indians being brought before the court by precept under the hands and seals of Wm Russell & Edward Spencer, Gent. for terrifying one Lawrence Strother & on suspicion of stealing hoggs........" The above put up security individually. It was ordered that their guns be taken from them till they are ready to depart out of this county, "they having declared their intentions to the Court to depart this colony within a week" (Orange Co..VA Order Book 3

 1741-1743. 309) Orange Co Va Microfilm Reel 31, Va State Archives. **See 12 May 1742, Orange Co..Va, reference to "about twenty-six of the Saponi Indians that inhabit on "Colonel Spotswood's land. Charles Griffin had been a white man who taught school in the Saponi Indian town at Fort Christiana from January 1715 NS to the spring of 1718.

{My grandmother was a Spencer; lines goes back to a Thomas Spencer Sr of Augusta County ,Va. Thomas Sr; Thomas Jr; James; Washington; John Jones; to Lavernia Spencer} { My research turned up the the above case could have had something to do with an Indian cermoney where the earth is scorched and a feast takes place to celebrate the comming of the planting season. Also my feeling that this land that Governor Spotswood's plantation was on was probably Indian land to begin with and the Indians were doing to them what seemed natural.} {1747 Old Thomas sold his land on Pumunkey River and moved to the Flatt River area near the border of NC/Va. They probably had dealings on both sides of the border}

1750 Tax List Granville Co. NC Thomas Collins Sr . Samuel Collins ( all three lived on the Flatt River ) John Collins {this is who I believe is Meredith's father or grandfather I have no ages on these guys only tax records}

1755 Flatt River near Va/NC border (became Orange Co NC ) Thomas Collins mulatto Samuel Collins mulatto John Collins mulatto

1771 Botetourt Co Va Tax List John Collins Samuel Collins Charles Collins George Collins

 1771 Montgomery Co Va (Wm. Herberts Company) Charles Collins John Collins (4 tithables) Samuel Collins (2 tithables)

1772 Montgomery Co Va George Collins John Collins (4 tithables) Samuel Collins

1773 Montgomery Co Va David Collins Elisha Collins Ambrose Collins Indian Land Samuel Collins Indian Land (2 tithables) John Collins Lewis Collins John Collins Jr George Collins Indian Land Charles Collins Indian Land

{ Before much of the land was split up into smaller counties; George, David, & Lewis are found living on Indian land. This land was actually in what is today Tennessee but they thought they were living in Virginia. I believe that Meredith is not listed because he was still living in his father's household; born 1760 he would have only been 13 years old. }

1776 Fincastle-Momtgomery Co. Christianburg,Va.-signed entry list for RevWar under Capt. James McDaniel George Collins Lewis Collins David Collins Meredith Collins { Meredith Collins was probably son of John Collins Sr. who was son of old Thomas of Orange Co. NC then to Pittslyvania Co. VA came from Louisa Co. VA ( Montgomery Co. militia 1780's by Kegly) Benjamin Sexton Charles Sexton David Collins George Collins * Meredith Collins ( enlisted 1776 at age 16, makes him in his 20's) Lewis Collins (son of John) Elisha Collins (refused to take Oath of Allegiance 1777) John Sexton William Bowlin William Riddle( son of Moses){daughter of old Thomas married Moses Riddle; Moses listed on Pittsylvania Co.

1767 Titlables as "INDIAN" (Pittsylvania Co. Va) John Riddle ( son of Moses) Samuel Collins John Collins (Probably a Jr.) 1747 ( Louisa Co. VA Wills and Deeds)

1747 * Thomas Collins sells 184 acres of land on the south side of the Pamunkey River on Turkey Run Creek to John Dowell for 25lbs.

1750 Tax List Granville Co. NC {These next names is believed to be the mixed Saponi Indian bloodline; kin to those kicked out of Orange County, Va. in the above court record dated 1742;living on Flatt River} William Bowling 1 Title James Bowling 1 Title ( Lived on the Flatt River) Gideon Bunch 2 Titles * Thomas Collins Sr. 1 title ( Lived on the Flatt River) Samuel Collins 1 title * John Collins 1 title ( Lived on the Flatt River) ( Son of Thomas) Thomas Gibson with titles Charles and George Lived on Flatt River near VA border

1755 Tax List ( In 1752 this area became Orange Co. NC) Gideon Bunch 1 Title ( Mulatto) Mieajer Bunch 1 Title ( Mulatto) * Thomas Collins 3 Titles ( Mulatto) Samuel Collins 3 Titles ( Mulatto) * John Collins 1 Title ( Mulatto) Moses Riddle 1 Title and wife Mary ( Mulattoes) Thomas Gibson 3 Title ( Mulatto) Charles Gibson 1 Title ( Mulatto) George Gibson 1 Title ( Mulatto) Mager Gibson 1 Title ( Mulatto) Lewis Collins son of John Sr. was living in Granger Co. when he filed for Rev. war pension, applied in Hawkins Co. TN (s.2142) Grange Co. TN

Tax List 1810 Lewis Collins 10 yrs old Free Person of Color Griffin Collins 11 yrs old Free Person of Color Joseph Collins 9 yrs old Free Person of Color Dowel Collins 5 yrs old Free Person of Color Vardy Collins was in Ashe Co. NC in 1800 listed as head of household with 4 other Free Persons of Color.Meaning 4 children. Vardy according to tax records was the son of Samuel Born 1734 was a Mulatto, taxable in Orange Co. NC,with 2 Black Titles( probably Vardy and Valentine "Vol" Collins) ( T&C Box 1 Archives Raleigh NC) Samuel was listed as the Head of Wilkes Co. ( area that became Ashe in 1790) 1 male 21-60 and 1 female

1787 state census. Valentine ( Vol) Collins listed in 1800 Ashe Co. NC census as Head with 6 other Free Persons of Color.

1777 Caswell Co NC - St James District Charles Collins Martin Collins Middleton Collins Paul Collins 1777 Montgomery Co Va Oath of Allegiance Capt Cox's Company 30 Sept 1777 John Collins 2 Sept Samuel Collins 30 Nov Those that refused in Capt Ozburns Company Elisha Collins, of Cox's Company

1778 25 Sept List of Fines set by Court Martial Elisha Collens John Collens 1780's Mitilia list -Momtgomery Co. Va.{ Captain Osburn & Cox} David Collins George Collins Meredith Collins Elisha Collins ( refused to take Oath of Allegiance1777) Samuel Collins John Collins ( probably a Jr.)

1782 Montgomery Co Va Tax list tithes slaves horses cattle land Ambrose Collins 1 0 1 1 Yes Daniel Collins 1 0 4 9 Yes David Collins 1 0 0 2 Yes George Collins 1 0 0 4 Yes John Collins 1 0 1 2 Yes Lewis Collins 1 0 1 2 Yes Martin Collins 1 0 1 0 Millinton Collins 1 0 1 0 1782 NC ARCHIVES LEMOIR PAPERS UNC LIBRARY Samuel Collins 100ac of land,3 horses,6 head cattle

1783 Montgomery Co Va Millinton Collins 5-10-1783 80 acres Big Reed Island Pine & Snake Cr[in modern Carroll Co] & New River Grants 29-325 1784 NE part of Wilkes Co. NC George Collins Samuel Collins Ambrose Collins { Meredith entered into relation about this time frame ; first wife unknown......2 children Bradley b. 1787 NC and a female possibly Amy}

1786 NE part of Wilkes Co. NC George Collins Samuel Collins Ambrose Collins

1787 Wilkes Co NC 9 Apr 1787, Wm Morris entered 100 acres on south side New River, Transferred to Vardy Collins # 68

1787 Montgomery Co Va Tax List John Collins Sr John Collins Jr Lewis Collins David Collins

1787 NC STATE CENSUS Ambrose Collins 1m 21-60,2m under 21,2 f George Collins 1 m 21-60,3munder 21,3 f Samuel Collins 1m 21-60, 1f 1788 NE part of Wilkes Co. NC George Collins Ambrose Collins Volentine Collins Martin Collins

1789 NE Part of Wilkes Co. NC Samuel Collins ( 0 poll means he was under 16 yrs) Volentine Collins (1 poll) Benjamin Collins (1 Poll....first appearance)

1790 FEDERAL CENSUS (1st in USA) Ambrose Collins 1m ov 16,1m und 16,2f George Collins 1m ov 16,3m und 16,3f David Collins 3m ov16,2m und 16, 6f Vardy Collins 1m ov 16,1 m und 16, 4f Volentine Collins 1, ov 16, 2f Martin Collins 1m ov 16, 3m und 16, 4 f David Collins 3 2 6 Hardy Collins 1 3 1 Vol Collins 1 2 Ambrose Collins 1 1 2 George Collins 1 2 4 Martin Collins 1 3 4 1790 Wilkes Co. Dist. 4 Ambrose Collins 1 poll Volentine Collins 1 poll Elisha Collins 1 poll

1791 Wilkes Co. NC Volentine Collins

1792 Wilkes Co. NC George Collins 1 poll Volentine Collins 1 poll Vardy Collins 1 poll 1792 Wilkes Co. NC dist 13 Volentine Collins 1 poll Elisha Collins 1 poll Vardy Collins 1 poll Lewis Collins 1 poll 1793 Wythe Co, VA (formed 1793 from the lower western part of Montgomery Co...

1793 List for New River District Lewis Collins Benjamin Collins Absolem Collins Joseph Collins ohn Collins Sr John Collins Jr Mahlon Collins Millitent Collins David Collins Jonathan Collins 1794 Wilkes Co. NC Dist 13 Volentine Collins 1 poll Elisha Collins 1 poll Vardy Collins 1 poll 1795 Wilkes Co NC dist 13 Verdie Collins 1 poll Lewis Collins 1 poll 1795 Wilkes Co NC Tax List District 8 Griffin Collins

 ***** David Collins Valentine Collins District 12 Verdie Collins Lewis Collins { About this timeframe Meredith married Margaret "Polly" Holloway, his second spouse, mother of John W, Edward, Archibald, James, Reuben, William, and another female unnamed. Where they are living is yet unknown} Vardy Collins entered 50 acres south side South Fork New River #

1812 Ambrose Collins entered 100 acres on Oba (Obeds?) Creek #1913 1796 Wilkes Co NC Tax List District 4 David Collins Valentine Collins 1796 Wilkes Co. Dist 13 Lemoir Papers UNC Library Vardie Collins 100 ac 1 poll Lewis Collins 0 ac 1 poll Meridia Collins ( Meredith) 0 ac 1 poll{ this part of Wilkes Co later became Allaghany Co. NC . Three of the four Collins are there. George settled in Peach Bottom in what is today Grayson Co. in 1767. I have not ruled George out as the father of Meredith} David Collins 100 ac 1 poll Volentine Collins 0 ac 1 poll Griffith Collins 0 ac 1 poll { This guy is the line of the co host of our web site. She believes Griffin & Meredith are brothers. Griffin signed the marriage bond for my John W. and Lydia Toner when they married in Grainger Co. 1821. Possible.....wish I could prove.}

1797 Wilkes Co. NC dist 13 Verdie Collins 0 ac 1 poll Volentine Collins 50 ac 1 poll AAron Collins 0 ac 1 poll dist 4 Thomas Collins 70 ac 1 poll { Meredith shows up in Russell Co.Va. on a personal property tax list from 1799 1809. Can't find any deeds for property he owned} 1800 Ashe Co NC Census Thomas Collins fpc Vadery (Vardy?) Collins fpc Valentine Collins fpc Ambrose Collins fpc 1800 Ashe Co NC Land Entries & Other Collins Vardy Collins Married Margaret Gibson{went to Hancock Co. TN} Volintin Collins 8-21-1800 50 ac Ambrose Collins 5-1-1800 200 acres, 11-24-1803 300 acres Aaron Collins 9-23-1802 (John Maxwell; contains Aarons claim) Elisha Collins 3-8-1802 150 ac, 5-10-1803 150 ac, 11-8-1803 200 ac David Collins {went to Hancock Co. TN; later to Russell Co. Va} Griffeth Collins * 11-14-1800 150 ac, 1-01-1801 60 ac Grisey Collins (Griffin ?) Lewis Collins { went to Hancock Co. TN; later to Russell Co. Va} Thomas Collins 3-9-1801 50 ac, 10-7-1802 100 ac, 2-10-1803 100 ac 1800 Ashe Co NC Census Vardy Collins Thomas Collins Valentine Collins Ambrose Collins

1800 Grayson Co Va Tax List George Collins 1 wm over 21 Paul Collins 1 wm over 21 Jacob Collins 1 wm over 21 Jonathan Collins 1 wm over 21, 1 horse Malin Collins 2 wm over 21, 5 horses John Collins 1 wm over 21, 2 horses Milliner Collins 2 wm over 21, 1 horse Benjamin Collins 2 wm over 21, 2 horses Moses Collins 1 wm over 21

1802 Montgomery Co Va Millenton and Avy Collins of Grayson Co Va sold 80 acres on Big Reed Island to James Bobbit for 34 pds. DB 1-480 22 Feb 1802 { email from a Maryl Thompson who believes Milliton & Meredith were brothers ; s/o George Sr. no proof} 1809 Grayson Co Va George Collins testified in a land dispute in Grayson Co ,land on Peach Bottom Creek, that he settled on the land in 1767 (Chalkleys Chronicles of the Scotch Irish Vol 2 page 143)

1810 NC FEDERAL CENSUS Ashe Co. NC E. Collins 3m0-10, 1m 16-26,1f10-16,1f 26-45,1f ov45 A.Collins 1m 0-10, 1m ov45,2f 0-10,1f 10-16,1f 26-45 J.Collins 1m 16-26,2f 0-10, 1f 26-45 T.Collins 4m 0-10,1m26-45,1f 26-45>